Arsenal to challenge Chelsea for transfer that could seal EPL title?

I would love for this Arsenal transfer to happen as not only would it provide the Gunners with a player that I believe would seriously enhance our chances of winning the Premier League this season, it would also really get under the skin of the serial Wenger and Arsenal taunter Jose Mourinho.

According to a report in The Express, the Chelsea manager is palanning to try again to sign the England international centre back John Stones from Everton. Mourinho was knocked back a fair few times by the Toffees in the summer and his aggressive approach to the transfer managed to really annoy Everton and their manager Roberto Martinez.

That is one reason why I think that Wenger and Arsenal could have more success with a bid in January. Another is that Chelsea are not the attractive option they were in the summer and their manager’s idea of blaming everyone but himself for their problems is hardly going to entice a young player to want to sign for them.

Wenger on the other hand is well respected and loved by the players he works with and with Arsenal looking good for a title challenge, is this the perfect moment for us to go for the transfer of this player who could turn out to be one of the best defenders in the world?

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  1. as much as we all would love for it to happen, i don’t see it happening. Wenger has Gabriel and Chambers that he’s grooming to play CB. we all know Stones will be a great addition to our squad but i think if Wenger will sign this Jan it wont be a CB or’ll be someone to replace Cazorla/Coq.
    Be realistic,i even have doubts if he’ll sign this Jan (Wilshere/Rosicky).
    But i will like Wanyama to be bought (we’ll need him against barca to replace Coq) or Rabiot on loan then if he perfoems well,try to sign him in the summer

      1. In the winter window i think ideally we should go for either William Carvalho or Victor Wanyama. This is the only signing i think we NEED at the moment.
        In the summer we can sell a lot of players we don’t use anymore like and replace them with:
        Debuchy: Jeninson
        Ospina: Szczesny
        Flamini, Arteta, Rosicky: Rabiot
        Sanogo: **WC Striker**

        We should keep hold of Campbell and Welbeck for 1 more year and see how they do.

    1. Mert is retiring soon, I don’t see the problem with buying Stones considering he could partner Chambers in the future when Koscielny and Gabi are no longer starters.

  2. Well we then need to get rid of someone.
    Not Kos
    Either Mert, Gabs or Chambers.

    It would need to be mert

  3. Simple buy stones and loan chambers he’s no where near ready for first team football yet. Mert I can’t see playing regular next season anyway, kosc achilles injury seems to come quite frequent aswell.

    Stones n gab future partnership il take that

    1. Everton are actually interested in Chambers,
      Especially if they end up selling Stone.

      Personally, I would rather we signed a DM and a striker,
      What with Welbeck having another set back.

        1. Isco rumours have resurfaced… he’s the perfect Cazorla replacement… we were interested in him the season he joined Real.. just saying….

  4. Hahahaha……..why would stones want to go to a Future championship Team and be under the Tutorship of a Bad-mouthed man? LmFaO

    1. Hears a thought IF Chelsea were to be relegated, they would loose all there squad wouldn’t they except John Terry eh eh eh CB

  5. If history is any guide, Arsenal will sign nobody in January. Arsenal signed only Cech all summer, what makes you think they will sign anybody in January?

    Arsenal are within reach of the title and one or two key signings could make the difference. Sadly, Wenger is sure to disappoint all Gunners again next month!

    If Wenger complains about injuries in Feb,Mar, and April he can only blame himself!

  6. Mourinho is a classic narcississt.

    Every speech/press briefing is the same.

    1. I am great and it is a shame my players and the world cannot recognize my awesomeness.
    2. Referees are to blame.
    3. Everyone is against me because, as I have said, I am awesome.
    4. My players are to blame.
    5. The pitch is to blame.
    6. My players are betraying me again because they can’t stand my awesomeness
    7. Wenger specializes in losing.
    8. I cannot abandon Chelsea because they deserve my awesomeness.
    9. The players (the ones I hand-picked) cannot maintain the awesomeness.
    10. Chelsea were really the better team in all these losses.
    11. Did I mention the referees or is that excuse getting old?
    12. Is anyone buying any of this??

    1. His awesomeness be like ” I am a chelsea fan, if the club wants to sack me they can sack me but I am a chelsea fan and referees are afraid to give decisions for chelsea”

    2. 13. Fabregas is a double agent.
      14. The only team I want to beat is Arsenal, even if it means we Wrestle them to the ground.
      15. I don’t care if other teams beat us.
      16. Someone stole the bus after we beat Arsenal and I suspect Wenger drove off with his players while we were celebrating with Mike Dean.
      17. John Terry is missing Eva’s gental/genitall touches, and is now himself out of touch. In fact,he hardly ever touches the ball anymore.
      18. I knew how we could beat Arsenal by watching a Rugby World Cup match. Costa was sitting next to me eating Popcorn.

  7. Yah! You guys have said something interesting. Honestly speaking, Arsenal assistant captain – Rhinosacker is good and great in all of his defensive jobs. But he’s speed is not up to Champions League high profile quality game speed. And I am sure the Boss knows this Rhino’s shortcoming than we do.

    Arsenal have the sufficient quality Gunners on ground that includes those injury returnees to win the Barclays Premier League and even win the FA also this season. And I trust them they can and will. But the problem is, how do we get pass Barca to reach the 1/4 finals of the Ucl?

    And on top of Rhino’s lacking Ucl pace, we don’t have a proper Ucl DMF of Coquelin caliber. Flamini is a top quality for BPL& FA Cup titles charge. But his age is making me to panic of his manning the Gunners defensive holding midfield role against the speedy Barca’s pouncers in Feb Ucl clash at the Ems in Feb next year. One might argued that, did he not hold the Gunners defensive base successfully against Olympiakos in Athens? Well, that was Olympiakos. But this will be Barcelona whose class is miles up off Olympiakos.

    I think there is this Leicester’s good but unherald DMF Kante who the Untold Arsenal rated very highly in one of their articles today. I don’t think he will cost Arsenal a big amount of money to sign him if the Boss wants him. And I have recommended DMF John Mikel Obi to the Boss to sign him on a loan deal with the intention to make the deal permanent latter in my comment that I posted on this website yesternight.

    The 6 ft 2 in Obi 29 years in April next year is good to hold Arsenal DMF position in the Ucl game against Barca because he has Ucl experience and shouldn’t cost Arsenal big money to sign, I should believe. Yes, CB John Stones, why not? If Arsenal will agree to pay Everton’s selling price. But Honestly we need a Fast CB & DM specifically for the Barca Ucl match and thereafter.

  8. This article and comments made there under reflects the success made by the sports media in turning fans into idiots with no brain of their own. As it stands fans think to win the league or finish in this or that position you have to buy players. A club that does not buy players in a transfer window is branded unambitious etc. Wenger was lambasted left right and centre for not buying in the last transfer window, yet his decision not to buy created the opportunity to buy this window.

    Assume he had bowed down to pressure and bought Morgan Schneiderlin and Jackson Martinez in the last transfer window. The club would have exhausted its non-home grown quota on a player who would be out injured, and another who would be a bench warmer (Jackson has scored just two league goal and Atiletico Madrid). We wouldn’t be talking about buying a defensive midfielder in January blah blah or any other addition because we would have exhausted our quota. There is only one home grown quota but are there any home grown players.

    The Stones transfer nonsense is a continuation of this poverty of independent thinking. Arsenal has four quality centre backs in Mert, Kos, Gabriel and Chambers. The fact that you do not like Per does not take away the fact that he is a quality player, one who brings solidity to our defence. Chambers will come good given game time, so Arsenal simply does not need a centre back. Get that in your thick heads you splash the cash type fans.

    Turning to the Wanyama issue, some things need to be said here. As long as Francis is fit Wanyama does not play, he will have to content with playing on average 16 games in a season. Will he be keen on coming to sit on the bench? Does it make sense to pay upwards of 25 million pounds in buying a squad player? Southampton are not doing well in the league having lost Morgan and Alderweld. Why is Wanyama not stepping up if he was that special? The grass always look green from a distance is it not so?

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