Arsenal to ‘change direction’ after HUGE takeover?

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about the way Arsenal Football Club has been run under Arsene Wenger and more specifically, since the American billionaire Stan `silent Stan´ Kroenke kept increasing his take and became the major shareholder.

Arsene Wenger has been criticised for his transfer tactics but the Frenchman has also spoken about how the Gunners should be held up as a role model for football clubs as we operate in the black, as any other business must do. THe Financial Fair Play rules brought in by UEFA did seem to back Kroenke and Wenger but they have not been ideal and look set to be at least changed in the near future.

And with clubs like Chelsea, Man City and PSG being backed to the hilt by their owners, you can see how hard it has been for Wenger to compete. Until Arsenal win the Premier League again or even the Champions League, us fans will have our doubts about the policy at the club.

The argument will go on but maybe not for long, if the mega rich Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote gets his way. He has been linked with an Arsenal takeover bid before and as reported by The Mirror, sounds like he is planning to make a real push to buy the club soon, after building an oil refinery that will make him worth even more than the £11.5 bn he is said to be worth now.

Dangote said, “When we get this refinery on track, I will have enough time and enough resources to pay what they are asking for.

“There were a couple of us who were rushing to buy [in 2011], and we thought with the prices then, the people who were interested in selling were trying to go for a kill.

“We backtracked, because we were very busy doing other things, especially our industrialisation.

“They are doing well, but they need another strategic direction. They need more direction than the current situation, where they just develop players and sell them.”

It will be interesting to see, if Dangote does get control, whether that change of direction will involve a new manager or if Wenger will be just given a lot more financial backing. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. It will be great to see the back of “silent stan” and gazidis with a new owner like mr ushmanov! Coyg!

    1. Greg – I have to assume you haven’t spent a single second considering who this guy is. One minute on line should be enough to scare the bog-standard Gooner s***less. So now we await and see if he can buy his oil refinery before he commits to us. This guy makes Abramovich look like a guilt-edge model businessman/philanthropist. Voted by Forbes as the most powerful man in Africa. Not sure that is a badge of honour. Suddenly the AKB/AOB debate, this transfer window, Silent Stan, whats in the transfer kitty and idle chat about whether it should be Cavani or Martinez up front feels bizzarely inconsequential.

      “The undue and corrupt mutually beneficial advantage given by all Nigeria’s administrations, both military and civilian are the “secret” to Dangote’s success. Dangote kills Nigerians with economic terrorism. Fixing Nigeria starts with holding him and those who have impoverished the nation to his and their advantage to account. Since the 70’s Dangote has enjoyed sole importation and manufacture privileges that have killed and crippled all Nigeria’s indigenous industries including farming.To detractors, he is a predator using connections in a corrupt political economy to tilt
      the playing field in his favor and sideline potential competition. The truth resides somewhere between these caricatures. Dangote is counted among President Obasanjo’s inner circle of business advisors. It is no coincidence that many products on Nigeria’s import
      ban lists are items in which Dangote has major interests. Because of their influence in the Hausa and Muslim communities, Dangote and Dantata have always been useful to both the civilian and military leaders who ruled Nigeria. Dangote enjoyed GON favoritism in the form of importing rights throughout the military regimes and coups of the 1980s and 90s. Though he has connections with political figures throughout the country, his link to Obasanjo (OBJ) paid off when OBJ was elected president in 1999. Since then, Dangote’s market advantages and growth have multiplied”.

      Is this seriously the person we want owning our club? A tragically unfunny joke.

      1. Thanks, Dangote should try paving some roads in Nigeria before exporting money from a poor country to England.

        Billions of barrels of oil wasted on 100% CORRUPTION.

  2. We no need billionaire we have Emirates, now we challenge Cheslea why we need new owner?! Arsenal can look after itself!!! Chelsea Men city need money from billionsaire haha

  3. Dangote my fellow Nigerian (compatriot), from same city (kano) to buy my one and only lovely arsenal?? Can’t be happier. Hurry up #COYG

    1. Sorry Bro. He is looking for place to siphon money OUT of Nigeria. let him go the traditional route to a bank account in his mother-in-law’s name in Switzerland

  4. FFP should become stricter for the sake of the EPL. We have teams that can throw up surprise results and thats what make it one of the best leagues in the world. Do we really want to become like some of the leagues in Europe two teams winning everything all the time.

    1. FFP will never work, they already changed original criteria cuz of EPL tv money deal, only way we will ever be equal with those oil diggers is to become one. Money is everything in football sadly!!!

  5. Very good news, I would be very happy if he buys Arsenal, it means no more restriction, make bigger emirates, lower ticket price and get the best players in th world, every fan want this!!!

  6. Don’t know much about him, or his view on exactly which direction the club should take. A leap in the dark. I think he has his heart set on buying the club, so I think it will happen sooner or later. I just hope he has a positive influence, not a Vincent Tan influence. As a fan of the club, I expect he will try to act in our best interest though.

    1. I would rather kiss Spud than see a club built on a 100 years of history fall into the hands of a Russian or Nigerian “businessman” of questionable repute.

  7. I hope Man City and Chelsea go the way of Blackburn. They though money at their team but look at them now.

  8. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, PSG, Juventus.

    These 8 clubs because of their stature, set up or their ownership are always able to outspend us. Eventually this outspending does give good results. They are able to buy better players and pay them more and offer them trophies.

    Unfortunately where Germany, France and Italy have one such club and Spain has two, we have to compete with three such clubs year in year out as well as wanna bees like Liverpool and Spurs from time to time as well.

    The only way to compete with them in the long term is to spend in parity with them, or else maybe once every 10 – 20 years like Atletico did in Spain we will be able to out play them to the Championship.

  9. I know a guy who knows a guy who knows this guy.
    I think he has more money than Stan and these Nigerians. …well the ones I know….they like splashing cash when they Re loaded.

  10. Am a Nigerian But I hate this man or rather political/economic rogue… He will turn arsenal to Newcastle like management… He cares less. He wants to purchase arsenal so he can have a drainage line to pump in Nigerian Money…. UP Gunners….

    1. He is a Nigerian so I guess he has the right to comment on his own countryman. If you disagree perhaps you could explain why…rather than get him silenced?

      1. He is Dead Wrong…Dangote Has Investments In Nigeria,South Africa,Liberia,Ghana,Zambia Etc..In Each Of These Countries He Has Done His Best To Impact one way or The Other..In Liberia He Built A Factory Attached With A Gas Plant For Power And The Factory Used 40% And Gave The Other 60% To The Government Of Liberia For Their Power Grid..In Nigeria He Asked People To Come Sign Up For Trucks For A Small Amount Of Cash After 5years The Truck Is Yours To Do Whatever You Want With It,He Is Currently Building A Gas Plant Around The State Of Lagos to Add More Power To The National Grid…Yes He Has A Connections In The Business,Social And Government Circles,Is there Any Billionaire In the World Who Doesn’t?.He doesn’t Have Sole Importation Rights Like Jonestown1 Says He Does All His Manufacturing In Nigeria And that Includes (Cement,Juice,Flour,Noodle,Pasta Etc)..His Companies Are Worth Half Of The Nigeria Stock Exchange(Mind The Stock Exchange is Worth Trillions In Naira And Billions In Dollars)And Ordinary Citizens Own Shares In It And It Profits Them Well..Nobody Is Saint Either so You all Stop Acting Like He Stole All The Money He Got..Use The Internet Do Research Read How he Got To This level And Quite Saying Things That Aren’t True

  11. I’m also a Nigerian nd i know a lot abt Dangote. Everybody has his own bad sides for sure, i can tell you this man is doin very well. To b candid,no billionaire can succeed without d help of some government influence,one way or d other. The future is uncertain but all i know is to b able to compete wit d so called oil clubs we habe to adjust our policy a little bit in terms of money,to stand on par wit other rich clubs.
    This man can make that happen for us and one more thing: He is a gunners fan. I definitely know that bcos i live in Nigeria

  12. Hmmmmm…. If dangote doesn’t have cruel plans for either Arsenal or Nigerians who have limited access to the oil wells, why did he no purchase a Nigerian club, Enyimba, Heartland etc…. He know that it aint going to profit him Fraudulently like Arsenal is going to do for him… All I say is that the man is a SCAMMMM… I rather have an Abramovich than a SCAmgote….

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