Arsenal to change tactics against Leicester – with Giroud left out?

He may be playing mind games in order to keep his opposite number Claudio Ranieri guessing about which Arsenal players will be lining up to face the reigning Premier League champions today, but Arsene Wenger was reported on the Arsenal website this week stating that he would definitely not bring all three of the late returners from Euro 2016 into the side today.

The boss said, “Yes, I will consider them for selection this weekend. Of course they have not played any games for a while, so I have to be selective and I cannot go for the three because that would be too risky. But basically with Laurent Koscielny I have no choice! If I have to take a gamble on one, it’s certainly on him.”

With Germany going out of the euros before France, you would have to say that Mesut Ozil would be the next choice to feature against the Foxes and I reckon he will, so that means that unless Wenger has been having us all on, there will be no place in the team for Olivier Giroud.

The experiment to use Alexis Sanchez through the middle against Liverpool last weekend did not go well so it will surely be our flying England forward Theo Walcott leading the line and that could make sense for a number of reasons.

His speed and movement as well as a growing understanding with Ozil could cause the home side all sorts of problems but mainly I think having Theo up front means that our approach to the match will be different and will entail tactics that do not suit Leicester’s way of playing so much.

We can sit deeper and be more compact and defensively minded, while Ranieri’s team will have to be more proative instead of soaking up pressure before launching a Vardy led counter attack. Will Arsenal change tactics and leave Giroud on the bench for this crucial match? And if so, will it work?


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    Wenger said today “I believe a club like ours is focused on giving chances to the players we develop in our own club”. So this is Clear Proof that he has no intention of buying a striker in this Transfer Window. Big Mistake on Wengers part it will come back and bit him in the AXXX.

    1. i reckon hes speaking in code..if you rearrange the letters of what hes saying….it says

      “lewandowski is coming soon, griezmann il try bruv, you lot are doing my nut, boom shake shake shake the room, tic tic tic tic boom”

      1. Never mind new striker!

        When will our new top, top, top player, MR COHESION play for us?

    2. He’s a hypocrite, “I believe a club like ours is focused on giving chances to the players we develop in our own club”, really, Afobe grew up at the club, Wenger released him and in place of Sanogo. While Afobe is still developing, he’s certainly better than Sanogo but wasn’t given a chance.

  2. joel campbell having medical at lisbon…why?!
    just sell him arsene, you dont like him, he desrves better than this

    1. Nope, don’t sell him, reserve him for the in coming manager in 17/18 season. When somebody’s contract expired.

  3. We can forget Pl and any other decent trophy while this board and management are here. Top 4 will not be achieved this year. And 7/8 in the table will be the norm in a couple of years
    How does the song go
    One Arsen Wenger there’s only
    Well my money is staying in my wallet. you can be taken for a ride if you wish it’s your money

  4. Man City have Aguero,Man United have Zlatan while we have Giroud who’s known for hold up play instead of scoring goals!

  5. What do you mean by change tactics ???
    But how can you change something that doesn’t exist? ?

    Wolfsburg ready to accept Arsenal’s big offer for Star!
    Yeah, Yeah And Goldilocks got busted sleeping in baby bears bed.??

  6. Biggest mistake from Arsenal is not ST, CB, or RW, it was missing out on Klopp. He’s perfect for Arsenal, but Wenger cares more about proving world wrong and himself right and his 8 million salary. Arsene will milk the club dry and then blame the transfer market, other managers spending, and fading fan support for our decline.

    I know it’s negative, but where do you see our club in 2 or 3 years, honestly? I wanted Wenger to leave on high note with respect he earned, but now I just want him to go. The hypocrisy, the lies, the shameful transfer policy, and coddling over paid and under performing players is finally enough for me. FFS Wenger just go, pretty please with a cherry on top

  7. this is such a joke. The season has just begun and we hardly have a chance at winning anything. Giroud is our main striker again, so that ends our title challenge automatically. And that’s without mentioning our barley existent defense. i am begging for Arsene to leave after this season. Enough is enough.

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