Arsenal to complete another key transfer from BPL rivals?

There has already been talk about this possible transfer to Arsenal being done this summer, but it was all quite a while back now and with no mention of it in the papers recently, I assumed that the move for Christophe Lollichon was not going to happen.

Maybe Arsene Wenger and his transfer team decided to play it cool on this one because along with selling us their keeper Petr Cech, Chelsea were hardly likely to let their goalkeeping coach come to north London at the same time. Maybe the boss thought it might convince Roman Abramovich to change his mind and pull the plug on the Cech transfer.

Whatever the reason for the delay, however, The Times is now reporting that the deal could be back on. And the report claims that all we need to do is to revive our interest and Chelsea will let him go. It could be a key move for us as well and not just because Lollichon has a close and happy working relationship with Cech, who he worked with in the keeper’s formative years at Rennes and then since 2007 at Stamford Bridge.

So getting the French keeping coach to join would certainly be good for Cech and therefore good for the club, but he might well help the back up and young keepers to improve. Are Chelsea trying to help us to beat them?

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  1. Gigi2 says:

    The French connection Christophe Et Arsene

  2. dragunov762mm says:

    Dude, you wrote about a goalie coach. LOL! Runs out news?

    1. lol! the articles on this website nowadays I swear…at least this is better than that of the dead goalkeeper who said “Arsenal will win the league” 🙂

  3. sylvainwiltord says:

    I’m sure Cech is a big enough and brave enough boy to be able to work without his GK coach from Chelsea ffs!!! Lol

  4. josh37 says:

    Honestly… I’ve been super impressed with all the back-room staff that’s been going on. Injury problems? Great, lets go out and get the world’s elite to work on it. Look at Ozil upon return from injury, look at him now! He was under prepared physically and now he looks superb!!
    Place your personal opinions about him to the side but Giroud as well, leaner, more pure strength and added to his already impressive physical dominance.
    The youth squad too. I love the fact that the new coach is out there pro-actively snapping up the world’s best talents. We only really saw Reine-Adelaide from his recruits, but having a renowned, experienced youth manager may bare some serious fruit! A lot of City fans were getting wet over Ismael Bennacer our recent acquisition. Oops! Ours now! It’s obviously setting yourself up for disappointment to expect that every hyped player will be good enough for our first-team. But just last year we saw Bellerin and Coquelin emerge as serious first-team players.. Hayden may be the alternate DM people have been crying out for? Even if it’s just one or two from the current academy class.. They could be on the level of the players we clamour for Wenger to spend on…

  5. Mehrzad says:

    Definitely this site is running out of Arsenal transfer news like rest if media
    in the coming days we will probably see “A major Transfer” of chef who makes sandwiches for players or a guy who cuts the grass of the pitch 🙂
    I dont think Arsenal sign any key player until the last week of the transfer window or as we know AW, in the last hour
    Admin should reduce junk in this site

    1. josh37 says:

      I know right! We need more articles about how a friend of a friend of an anonymous source claimed that they overheard a players mother had liked an Arsenal comment on facebook! That’s where the real news is at!

  6. Hafiz Rahman says:

    we need better writers…..

    spend some money!!!

    1. admin says:

      I would love to see an article from you Hafiz, but It would probably be too short – and cost me a fortune!

  7. _mxrky says:

    No one cares about a goalkeeping coach

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