Arsenal to consider cheeky Aston Villa bid for Wilshere?

If it was a Premier League club trying to persuade Arsenal to allow our England international Jack Wilshere to join them on loan it would be a different matter entirely, especially if the terms of the deal meant that Arsene Wenger had the option to recall the 25-year old midfield star if he felt that Arsenal were in need or simply because the player was showing good form and fitness.

However, The Mirror is reporting that Aston Villa are the club asking Arsenal about Wilshere and even though we have a good working relationship with them and their manager Steve Bruce over the years, the fact that Villa are now playing in the Championship could be a problem.

Wilshere might not want to go, for one thing. He may feel that droping down a division is too much of a fall for a player of his talent and he might also think that it would not really help him get back into the frame with the Gunners.

Wenger and Arsenal might feel the same as well, or we could be concerned that the physical nature of that division may increase the chances of our injury plagued player picking up another knock and setting his return back once again.

On the other hand, this loan deal would mean that Wilshere was certain to play, so should Arsenal consider it or wait for a better offer tyo come along?



  1. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I’d prefer him to either stay with us, sold for £20 million plus or loaned to a Premier League club

    Not loaned to a Championship side. That really would not be ideal to us or Wilshere. Wilshere is too good for Championship.

    If we aren’t getting a CM like Seri, Carvalho, Goretzka then we should keep Wilshere

    1. Vlad says:

      “Wilshere is too good for Championship” – that’s comedy gold right there. If anything, it’s Championship that’s too good for Jackie boy. The most overhyped, and overrated player in history of football. Complete bum who won’t go anywhere because of his wage demands, and injuries. People say EPL is a tough/physical league. Have you seen Championship teams play? The tackles are flying left and right there. JW won’t last a week there.

  2. Geoff matthews says:

    Sounds like premiership snobbery to me my concern as a villa fan is he is accident prone and overrated not saying he is not a good player he is but because he belongs to Arsenal the media boost him up to be a superstar of which he isn’t, oh and you have to be fit to play in the championship he isn’t that either.

  3. Georgy says:

    I thing that the only option that Arsenal have with Wilshere is to retain him and embed him slowly into the first team.There will be many opportunities for him (league cups,Europe) to rediscover his skills and mature mentally; that will help him and the team.
    No others important Clubs will offer good money for him in the actual circumstances.

  4. Waal2waal says:

    sometimes young guns fail to meet their potential its no use fooling ourselves about that side of their profession. the key is knowing when your number is up far as playing with arsenal. we recently saw one young gun choose benfica, afoebe at bournemouth. i recal it happened to j.pennant and francis jeffers too – all incredibly good but couldn’t stay the course for one reason or another.

    think jack has been told already that his future lies elsewhere and wants to show himself fit, improving and focused. he has a wife and cant have ambition to just sit on any bench he’s got to play. to arsenal’s merit their are other young guns who need to break through and take their chances. i really cant wait to see them come through.

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