Arsenal to consider transfer of 2 Real Madrid players?

Arsenal fans are still hoping that Arsene Wenger will come up trumps again and sign the top class centre forward Karim Benzema from Real Madrid some time in the next few weeks. I am hoping that just like the last time we did some transfer business with the Spanish giants for Mesut Ozil, it is just a matter of time.

Meanwhile, assuming that there is some contact between the two clubs, I think it might be worthwhile for Arsene Wenger to find out about the possible availability of another couple of their players who are rumoured to be set for the exit door.

One is the 24-year old Romanian international winger Dennis Cheryshev who has been with Madrid since 2002 but has seen his playing opportunities dwindle and die, hardly surprising when his role on the left wing is currently occupied by a certain Cristiano Ronaldo.

He has had injury problems as well but last season had a very successful loan spell with another La Liga club Villarreal. And before you dismiss this idea out of hand, look at the stats comparison I did on between him and Danny Welbeck. THey had almost the same amount of league games and minutes played and Cheryshev comes out on top for assists and chances created and they scored the same amount of goals.

The other Madrid player I think might be a good signing is their central midfielder Asier Illarramendi. After his £30 million transfer in 2013, the player compared to Xabi Alonso has been left out in the cold and is apparently ready to move on. He has been linked with Liverpool but I reckon Wenger could get him for Arsenal if he wanted and he could be the perfect long term replacement for Arteta and strong competition for Coquelin.

Do you think Arsenal should be going for either of these Madrid players?

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    1. You have a point with Cheryshev not being the grade, but Illarramendi is a top talent and stylistically is the perfect DM for us. Not the first time Real have taken a blossoming lad at 22/23 and left him out in the cold while the superstars play.

      His Madrid numbers are decent but his Sociedad numbers are top drawer when he’s a regular. His 3.5 tackles per game and 2.5 (5.2 one season) interceptions are Coquelin type defensive numbers, but it’s his ability on the ball and passing range that’s the big difference compared to Coquelins mediocre distribution. Can’t see it happening though, Real will want to recoup too much of the 30mil.

  1. Our priority should be Benzema/Cavani/Lewy and WC DM. No winger.
    OT For me Wenger has to forget his love for Ramsey and play Cazorla with Coq.
    Play Sanchez and Ox on wings and Walcott/Giroud at front. Drop Mert and Debuchy and bring Gabriel and Bellerin.
    He should stop accommodating players and play them out of their position. Another loss or draw and we are gone.

      1. What happened? do you people not remember the game at ethihad earlier this year?! Every pundit were praising wenger for finding some new tactics but in reality wenger had just found his perfect midfield balance.

        1. @CC
          Nah! I find it kind of sad that dude just repeated the same old sh*t that 90 other mufkkaz have said in the last 10 posts and he feels proud about it, as well as other muppets droolin all over it.
          This is the internet dude. Anyone who gets mad out here needs to get a life.

          1. Just being a troll mate, totally agree. All too often the way fans react on here to an opinion though which is kinda sad…

      1. @NY_Gunner, I don’t comment to get thumbs up. I want to express my views with other gooners. For you if it is BS then you can reply with your on view. Nothing is wrong in that.

  2. First of al, Cheryshev is not romanian, he is russian!!! Second, are we some type of Spuds buying below average players? I thought this team wants to challenge for titles not 4th place again! Again, why don’t we offer 45mln for Cavani? We had and still have good experiance with SA players.

    1. and i was wondering ……… Cheryshev?…….Romanian?…… Do they even do proper check/research before posting?

  3. Likely transfers incoming:

    Asian Messi Yung ancheap
    Eastern European Dunno Whoheis
    French pub league Sureaint Benzema (no relation)
    And 8 yr old German for the future.

    I can’t be bothered anymore with ridiculous rumors.

    If Wenger thinks current team good enough, then board should hold him accountable for the decision.

    Crazy to hold manager accountable, I know. Perhaps make his salary reflect accomplishments.

    Just a thought for any discussion not involving transfers or yet ANOTHER post about a striker or DM.

    1. You got that right mate
      And a
      Will neverbegoodenough from Finland
      Cant controlaball from Leytons orient

      Lauren Mayer from the invicibles basically said that there is a serious lack of intelligence in the team .
      He codedly wrote off Ramsey,wilshere and giroud without saying so.
      He said we needed to buy an intelligent CM and CF .
      I can see that arsenal PR department is on overtime
      And doing their all to give the fans false hope until the window shuts .
      We are not even buying the best kids anymore and many in our team have a poor first touch.

  4. tired or reading transfer shits.. dont’t bring it up if we don’t have the player at emirate yet. Man we don’t want no assumption and “should wenger” headlines anymore. the only should i want is for Ramsey to be benched,he’s perfect for a bench starter. he’s the reason Coquelin was lost in our last match. they don’t work out,even their first match in that position together was bad for Coq,against spuds last year. you saw Coq trying long passes with no accuracy and poor passes against WH cause he wanted to do Carzola’s job which Ramsey can’t. Coq is very important so we must play to his strenght which is Carzola, Carzola does the creative job while coq does the dirty job,its when he’s always at his best. we have OX and AS17 for the wings. Bench Ramsey. and please stop these transfer speculations.

    1. @Eddy Hoyte

      ……..”perfect for bench starter.”
      Ha nice jab, I dig what you’re saying.

      Think some time on bench to refocus may be in order.
      Santi and Coq both know roles and are very Disciplined.
      Ramsey is too rambunctious, like my dog chasing a squirrel.

      Ramsey shouldn’t try to do everything, we have Sanchez for that. He should just be a disciplined CM;
      Damn son, watch Santi and do exactly what he does when you get chance to play. No shame for Ramsey to learn from Santi young grasshopper.

      1. yea fam @ durand.. but then again he is his father’s son. if only wenger would bench him it would be better. man someone should tell him he’s not Iniesta

  5. OT: Well it is a slow news day indeed.

    Even the scummy rags have given up on trying to dream possible transfers up. Things must be fitting bad!

    They probably have run out of players.

    OMOT: has anyone seen the film interstellar? I’m sure I saw our cohesion floating around untethered in space..

  6. Im not too sure on Ilramendi, we need an extremely combative player and I don’t think a silky Spaniard quite fits the criteria. No doubt he would look good in our team and for the most part he could add something to our defence. However when times are hard and we are in a proper scrap I think he would be more of the same. I would like us to get a real presence in midfield.

    Benzema does not look likely. That model slash presenter is full of shit, she has come out today and said if it doesn’t happen I am willing to get punished. Punished, and then you look at her picture with more curves than a formula one race track ..ooh punish me.

    1. What?Illaramendi is a very combative player.I remember watchinhg a him in his former team where he had a lot of barca players under wraps.I

      1. Would you call him a presence that likes to stick his foot in and revels a physical challenge. From what I gathered he seemed more to be a shrewd interceptor but lacking a little physically and tackling ability. Attacking wise no qualms.

  7. Dennis Cherysev is not needed but i dont know why people call him average when some here accept Giroud is just below world class or to some he actually is.If Cherysev was a cf i would have taken him over Giroud anyday.Karim Benzema is not coming because Real Madrid will not sell for any reason.I would love to see how Cazorla at no. 10 and Ramsey playin next to Coquelin will look like.To me i believe the playing of Ramey out wide severally has affected his form.To me when on form he is better than Cazorla in that role.Cazorla should be playing no. 10 but its because je keeps the ball well thats why people want him playing behind.Cazorla expresses himself best at no. 10 and that is the only truth.There will surely be some matches where Cazorla in box to box will not be going very well.He needs to go back to his former position.

  8. A minimum for me would be drexler and the Sevilla DM …. But I don’t think this would give us a shot at title

  9. Found on Twitter:

    How to nullify AFC from a few years ago (MCFC)


  10. It seems all I can talk about on here recently, other than that abysmal performance last weekend, is a new striker. So I’ll avoid that this time.

    The other transfer news for Arsenal is Krychowiak of course. I’ve been wanting for us to sign him since we were first linked to him in the winter. Quality player and exactly what we need.

    I’d just love us to line up at Stamford Bridge like this:


    I’d like us to park the bus for a change. Invite Chelsea to try and press us. They wouldn’t overpower us if we have Coq & Krychowiak in there. And just look at that pace we have on the counterattack. Not just pace either. Quality too.

    Would that setup work with a different striker? Yes, but that’s not my point. My point is look at how solid that defence is. Would cause Barcelona problems.

    A solid defence with a fast and effective counterattack is lethal. Not to mention Özil or Cazorla being there to pick out the runs with quality passes.

    That’s the option that signing another quality DM gives us in the big games. Very useful.

    1. Regrettably, AFC is saddled with a turd for a manager who’s incapable of appreciating such analysis. How he got and continues to enjoy the opportunity to manage AFC is perhaps a collective shame and disgrace on the part of concerned fans.

      1. More like we have a fan who is incapable of appreciating two successful seasons on the bounce. Not our most successful but clearly far from being bad which would fit more the pattern of your thoughts. Pre Wenger we would have idolized a manager who could bring us those cup successes after such a long stint in the wilderness, and without Wenger we would have ventured past the wilderness and into obscurity. Appreciate the Man ..peace.

  11. In terms of LW, I’d prefer Draxler over Cheryshev
    However, these are my preferences for LW who can also play other positions
    1. Reus
    2. Greizmann
    3. Draxler

    As for CM
    1. Busquets
    2. Krychowiak
    3. Carvalho
    4. Bender
    5. Gundogan

    For CF
    1. Lewandowski
    2. Ibrahimovic
    3. Benzema
    4. Cavani
    5. Higuain

  12. What in the world is Wenger doing???
    What is he tryna prove???
    Does this man really has any ambition left for Arsenal???

    1. Honestly Arsene Wenger has shocked me a lot.He is surely noted as one of the best coaches around but i am shocked he has become so naive for several years.Wow am shocked he is supposed to be an experienced manager.Well its part of life as they say.By the way i hope he makes at least three changes to the team that lost to West ham and he should stop putting Gabriel on the bench.

      1. Sometimes I get the feeling that if all of us fans said no more signings needed there is no way we can improve on positions filled so Arsene keep the money unless Messi is for sale. I get the feeling that Arsene would buy it? ie do what he feels is adequate …bet ya thought I was going to say he would then buy. Arsene doesn’t feel persuasion or panic like others will and he just doesn’t get pressured into acting on an impulse, it can be annoying but it is also a great quality and speaks volumes of his mentality. Little wonder that Fergie amongst others believe he could teach a poker school.

  13. The Ox and Sanchez on the wings this is enough to pin full backs to their goal posts. Pray they would last through the ‘crucial’ stretches of the season.

  14. The Ox and Sanchez on the wings this season is enough to pin full backs to their goal posts. Pray they would last through the ‘crucial’ stretches of the season.

  15. Our squad this season

    ST Giroud/Walcott/Welbeck/New Striker
    LW Sanchez/Welbeck/Cazorla
    RW Ox/Walcott/Welbeck
    AM Ozil/Cazorla/Rosicky
    CM Cazorla/Ramsey/Wilshere
    DM Coquelin/Arteta/Flamini/New DM
    LB Monreal/Gibbs
    RB Bellerin/Debuchy/Chambers
    DF Koscielny/Mertesacker/Gabriel/Chambers
    GK Cech/Ospina

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