Arsenal to do the Treble is 1000/1 – Worth a tickle?

Now that the Unai Revolution has started at Arsenal perhaps we could look forward to a really successful season for a change. Probably due to Emery’s amazing record in the Europa League we are only 2/1 to win any trophy, but surely we could imagine us winning another competition to go along with it?

The Premier League may be just a step too adventurous, but Betway are offering a staggering 150/1 to win that as well as the Europa, and it is only 125/1 for us to do the Domestic Double.

As the title hinted it is 1000/1 for us to win League, FA Cup and Europa, and 2000/1 to do the domestic treble. Unlikely I know but that is reflected in the odds, but we can dream can’t we?

Here are all the odds on offer right now from Betway

To Win a Major Trophy 2
EFL Cup/Europa League 50
FA Cup/EFL Cup 50
FA Cup/Europa League 50
Premier League and FA Cup 125
Premier League/EFL Cup 125
Premier League and Europa League 150
Premier League/FA Cup/Europa League 1000
Premier League/FA Cup/EFL Cup 2000
Premier League/FA Cup/EFL Cup/Europa League 3500

For me I reckon as all our rivals will have bigger fish to fry with the Champions League I am going to have a bet on the FA Cup and Europa League at 50/1, and the same price for League Cup and Europa League. And maybe a quid on the treble for a little bit of interest! You never know….

They are both very possible in my mind. What do you think?


Updated: July 11, 2018 — 11:39 am


  1. The first priority MUST be a Top Four finish.We NEED Champions League football to progress.
    A Domestic Cup is always good but we should look for a Europa Cup success as well.
    We have the Squad to use for the Cups till the serious games arrive in January and Emery has an excellent pedigree in Europe.
    We must set our sights high.We have a Manager to rid us of the mediocrity Wenger served up in his last few seasons

    1. New things for the new coach should be new passes that will give us wins and not just frustrating passes that ends up giving us fake hopes.
      New players new styles of scoring is all that is needed in a new constructed Arsenal.
      We are not underdogs we should remain and stand at par with every possible winners of Champions league.
      Let us go let us conquer again…Viva Emery!Viva new best 11 Arsenal!Viva new Spirit Arsenal Fans!lets Go..Go..Go and get Goals

    2. But you say top 4,is a must ,isn’t that what wenger did for 17 years ?
      We should be aiming higher don’t you think .
      What we should be doing is buying higher caliaber players ,but it looks like we are doing our usual thing in the transfer market

      1. Difference is Emery doesn’t consider 4th place a trophy and will try to push on from there. Wenger was happy with just top 4, and that was the best he was capable of doing. It would be great to win title this coming season but considering the vast number of changes we are going through on and off the pitch, it’s reasonable to give Emery more than a single season to win EPL, no? Wenger had over a decade to try to earn the title back and didn’t really come close.

      2. Yeah but to get the Top Quality Players we need Champions League Football.You are right in saying we need to aim higher than fourth but we need to keep a sense of realism.Wecwill have Citeh Manure Chelski Scousers And the Spuds all looking to get a minimum Top Four finish.If Emery can achieve this in his first season I would call that a very progressive first step

        1. The last two seasons Arsenal lost ~£100 million by failing to get into the Champions League. Not only is that a considerable sum towards transfer acquisitions lost, but good players want to show case their talents at the highest level.

          1. I need some enlightenment please. How much did we normally get when we qualified for cl up to when we get eliminated in round of 16 and let us compare that with how much we got reaching el quarter final. I don’t want to assume but i think we wiill get more money reaching quarter final in el than when getting knockout out in round of 16 cl. what do you think.

          2. The prize money on offer for the Europa League is peanuts compared to Champions League.The difference is like comparing the Premiership to the Championship.

    3. Heheh remember when Mr. Wenger used to tell us that finishing fourth is like a trophy?

      1. But where did the Champions League income go; net spending on transfers over those years was underwelming to say the least!

          1. Or Stan’s brand new soccer stadium in the USA

            But to be honest no one has taken any divedents from the club so all the money is invested and once Stan decides to sell he will take all the money which he didn’t spend on players he will take it out in one go and no one can say anything, very clever man

        1. That’s my point Ozzie ,we seem agiain to be scrimping on transfer again,yes it’s good that we are signing players in troubled areas ,but can anyone say that they’ve seen them play and they aren’t the same players we have been signing for the past 10 years ,because no one else seemed to be scrambling for there signatures ,where as the other top teams seem to be buying quality we seem to be signing just confused about where this so called top 6th richest club in world football moneys is going ,because we seem to make a lot more than we spend ,I may be wrong ,and I hope I am ,but the only change I see at the moment is the manger not the way we conduct ourselves in the transfer market against the other top teams

          1. Well nobody is scrambling for the signature of player like Fabinho, Kaita, Fred etc with the team that bought them. Does that mean they are not good. In fact i don’t see teams scrambling for established players these days except youngsters. Ronaldo to Juve or Neymer to PSG is as easy as knife go through butter. Besides have you seen Fred, Fabinho, Kaita played regularly. I mentioned these players because a lot of fans are drooling about them.

          2. That’s not my point ,point being is we have been making these signings for the last 10 years where as it got us .spend money you win stuff that’s how football is played these days ,

  2. I think first we need to recupture our champions league statures,

  3. uefa champions league spot
    europa league and a domestic cup
    fa cup precisely

  4. What is the definition of true wingers and what differentiates them with what we already have???

    1. The general expectation of true winger is to run at pace , beat a man or two and curl one into the top corner or smash one into the bottom corner….. The closest we have of the top quality is Mkhitaryann who’ll occupy one wing, so we’ll need another one

  5. In football a winger is an attacking midfielder in a wide position. Wingers are usually players of great pace or dribbling ability so as to provide cut-backs or crosses from which strikers can score. Their main function is to support attack from the wings. Wingers do lots of high-speed running from defence to attack.

  6. Great to see fresh faces but that visit Rwanda on the sleeves is horrible.

    1. Visit wakanda would’ve been nice

  7. come on lads…lets all come together and support England

    we can focus on Arsenal after Sunday game

    England vs France final

    football coming home

    1. I’m not English bro so sorry…if we’d have to talk world cup over here then I think I’d support France, so for the sake of ‘oneness’ let’s just stick to the AFC dude. One luv.

      1. no worries at all…its your choice of support
        Afc can wait til Monday
        World cup once every 4 years
        After 52 years of wait
        England gonna hammer France on Sunday

        Football coming home!

        1. Have you placed a bet?

  8. This year with Aubameyang and Torreira, I think we have a great chance at winning Europa League .

    Top 4? Im not sure yet. We need 1 or 2 more top signings first.
    I think Spurs, City (esp now with Mahrez), Utd and Liverpool are still ahead of us in terms of quality

    Also we need to see how well our new signings perform in a new League and new team.

    1. with Auba and laca…we have heaps of firepower

      top 4 is a gurantee if we can tighten our defense

      football coming home!

  9. I believe that we will do well this season by God grace.
    All our player should believe that they can do it by fighting till the end of the league.
    We need to improve on our away game unlike last season, we do not perform well.

  10. ArsenalWarsANewHope

    If Emery manages to bring the best out of Bellerin, Kolašinac, Xhaka and Ramsey AND Sokratis and Torreira hit the ground running, we CAN compete for the top four easily and elbow out the scum, CSKA London and the scous.
    With Emery it seems we’ll get the best possible results, something that wasn’t the case in the past eight years.

  11. As a betting man, I advise anyone to keep their money and not throw it away on a fantasy. We have zero chance, not one in a million. Don’t waste your time, money or emotional energy chasing something that will not happen. I don’t mean EVER, but for the forseeable future anyway.

  12. Pessimism is the hallmark of Jon Fox. Why don’t you confine your thoughts to yourself? Any living human being must aspire for greater things or else they will never achieve anything in life. Why does Jon think Arsenal can’t win anything? It has a Coach with a proven record of winning who has brought in decent players to address the weaknesses in the team. Or would Jon rather have Spurs players who always bottle it even at the International level! This Arsenal team is capable of achieving great things this season. Let us give them the chance. If anyone has doubts let him not try to prejudice others. It is bad to spread despondency.

    1. It is because Jon is a realist , rather than what you mistakenly call a pessimist. I am optimistic for Arsenals short, medium and long term future. But I choose to live in the REAL world , where my long life experience, unlike some other younger fans, has shown me to be the most sensible place to reside. REALISM, my incorrect fellow Gooner, NOT pessimism. You only ever effect effective change by being realistic about where you are , where you should be and where you CAN get. I like optimists and am one myself, just not a fantasy based one, like you. REALISM , NOT FANTASY, all day long!

      1. Further to the above , I also never said “Arsenal can’t win anything”. It was you that said that for me , by putting unsaid words in my mouth. This is the tactic of people who have lost the argument. They then deride something they have falsely accused the other of having said. Politicians do it all the time. No wonder so few ever trust them. Stick to facts, David, if you do not wish to be shown up by someone who is perfectly prepared to fine detail my arguments, if necessary . With facts, not falsehoods. The article , as you well know , was about winning The Treble, not winning merely one trophy. Or do you disagree , even with that truth?

  13. tired of all these people undermining what we have player For player If we remove salah and there coach klopp I don’t think Liverpool is better than us….check few years back Man. city Still got great And better players But struggled…managers/coaches can make great different….De Bruyne, salah, cudrado and many more Where dimmed not good enough now everyone is clamouring for them….
    give the players we are signing some chance gadiola didn’t sign in 100 million player To win the league Is about identifying talent You van Work with

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