Arsenal to drop contract rebel Ox for Liverpool clash?

After Alex Oxlade-Chamberlaimn reportedly turned down a bumper pay rise when he rejected the new contract on offer to him this week, it left Arsene Wenger with just two choices. Either we agree to sell him before the current transfer window closes in a few days or we make him see out the final year of his deal before leaving for nothing.

Even though it is likely to be a Premier League rival that takes him, with Chelsea and Liverpool strongly linked, I think the boss will end up making the transfer and to make sure the club gets as much value as possible I cannot see us risking the Ox picking up a knock in the EPL trip to face Liverpool tomorrow.

Even if Wenger doesn’t sell our player, though, I do not think he will play him at Anfield because his mind is not going to be on the job. I also have a feeling that the reason he has been starting all our games recently in the new wing back role, even if it meant moving Hector Bellerin to the left flank, was part of the attempt to persuade him to sign.

Another factor in Wenger’s team selection this weekend, and a big one at that, is the return of Laurent Koscielny. The Frenchman will surely start and that means, whether Mertesacker also starts or whether Monreal moves to the left of the back three, Arsenal can use the summer signing Sead Kolasinac as left wing back in a role that appears top bring the best out of him.

Do you think the Ox will play for Arsenal this weekend?



  1. Victor victory says:

    Its a tradition in arsenal. Shine for a season or half. Then believe you are the best. Run to another club. RVP. Cesc. Nasri. Clichy. Adebayo. Hleb etc. Now clueless ox. I pity wenger who in youth.

    1. waal2waal says:

      i dont think ox chambo will play not because of any sale but because we’re going there only on a damage limitation mission – there’s so much crap going on with this club a draw at anfield will be all we can expect. each day the news is increasingly worse – where will this circus end?

      1. Dalinho says:

        I said weeks ago that we will be the new West Ham and our new song will be “where for ever blowing bubbles” and it seems that I was wrong!! We are gonna be worse than West Ham lol seriously tho this is the worst time in arsenals history due to the fact that we’re a laughing stock a joke even when we wasn’t competing for the league years ago we were still a respected club! Usamanov came in with a bid at the right time but as usual arsenal make the wrong decision then to put the nail in the coffin they give Wenger a new contract! After missing out on delli alli, van dijk and mane you would of thought Wenger could learn from his mistakes and get kante but nope he wanted the Arteta replacement (xhaka) you know the CM captain that won nothing for arsenal lol this season I thought bakayoko would be our main target along with Mendy but nope just kolansinac! Lacazette was the striker i wanted so I’m happy with that along with alexis it’s wengers best signings in a decade considering we could of had a team of
        Alexis ———————Mane

        At the very least we could had this team for 150mil over the last 2 seasons with Mendy this summer that’s about 200mill over 3 summers maybe even bakayoko added this summer aswell even 250mil over 3 summers is not breaking the bank so that just shows how rubbish Wenger is coz it’s not about money it’s about identifying the players none of these players would of broke the bank so no excuses

        1. Dalinho says:

          Delli alli 5mil MK dons
          Van dijk 13mil Celtic
          Mane 32 mil Southampton
          Kante 32 mil L City
          Mendy 50mil Monaco this summer
          Bakayoko 32mil Monaco this summer
          Lacazette 50mil Lyon 2 years ago
          I don’t even mind kolansinac instead of Mendy either but just saying this is what we could of done over the last 3/4 seasons it’s a joke
          Even just bakayoko this season would addressed the midfield problem! Why does Wenger insist on replacing cesc and arteta instead of viera and Gilberto you know the CM pairing that won the title undefeated?? Wenger is mentality unstable
          Wenger out! Kroenke out! Dick law out! The worst scouts on the planet OUT! Wengers cancer OUT!

          1. Dalinho says:

            Being an arsenal fan is like being 18 with inheritance in the bank of millions but can’t have it till your 21 we are the odd kid the one that goes to a rich school with rich parents but ya parents have mental problems so they refuse to buy u clothes and shoes etc so u look poor and get bullied for it then god home to ur mansion thinking why don’t my parents just buy me clothes so I can fit in at my rich kid school

      2. Segun says:

        …and if we win tomorrow, will you be willing to come here to admit you’ve been a mug? Not try to explain our luck away, but accept you don’t know too much.

    2. If a club is stupid enough to £35mil for The Ox with only a year left on his contract see you later. He is ok but he ain’t no where near world class. If he thinks he is gonna have as easy as he had it here at AFC at another top 6 EPL club then good luck to him. Take the money and run I say. The Ox ain’t worth £180,000 GBP a week, he ain’t worth any where near that, he is £100,000 GBP a week player . Take the money and run I day and then laugh at him when he gets dumped by his next club as soon as he gets his usual injuries. Who do these players think they are .

      1. Take the £180,000 GBP a week we offered The Ox and put it on top off the £300,000 a week we offered Alexis and sign him to a 4 year £480,000 pound a week deal. That’s better business I reckon. Lol

  2. Remember Resource? says:

    doesnt matter.. players will play out of position so if the ox does play then he’ll probably play out of position as well. Arsene lost the dressing room last season itself. Its clearly visible now as well. A good way for us to get into the champions league is to win the europa league this year.. Wenger has two chances, this must be the most exciting season of his last decade in mgmt.. Two opportunites at the coveted ucl..

    1. waal2waal says:

      its not impossible that we could have a europa league challenge from spurs, an fac, league cup and premiership top 4 challenge from them also – and all at wembley. we need a robust team and to not be in a mess…

      1. waal2waal says:

        …unless we can assemble a much improved team we cannot expect europa league success. we’re trimming but we need to find quality because we simply cant rely on what we got.

    2. kev says:

      Hey bro.What’s your beef with me.You went into hiding when people needed you to defend yourself and explain things about the Lemar deal.I had to take the blame because they confused me with you saying it was a done deal.You hid yourself and now you’re back making noise.Why don’t you tell us what happened to Lemar??I guess you don’t know .

  3. Mudassir says:

    I don’t really give a much damn anymore, tired of the the boring so called transfer window already.

  4. HA559 says:

    If Sanchez, Ozil and Lacazette all start, Arsenal will win.

    1. ZA_Gunner says:

      Sanchez as striker with Lacazette behind him, Bellerin at LWB, Maitland-Niles at RWB and Ozil on the right. Are you sure we are going to win, because Wenger might just surprise you with team selection?

      1. Vijay says:

        u mad? mane will eat maitland niles alive

    2. GunnerJack says:

      …pretty sure some Liverpool fan will be writing somewhere ‘If Mane, Salah and Firmino all start Liverpool will win’. So maybe it comes down to which defence can do the best job on the opposition’s attackers. As Liverpool’s defence is sometimes as bad as ours I wouldn’t like to bet on this one!

  5. JW Holmes says:

    I believe he needs to put the best 11 available on the field in their best positions. The defense will be key, and it wouldn’t surprise me if he reverts to a back four. Liverpool will put a lot of pressure on the defense so if they play like they have been playing, it could be scary.

    1. winneri says:

      If every player is played in his favorite position and we play 3-4-3 then the OX should be on the bench. Admittedly, it’s hard to choose betwen the Ox and Bellerin when it comes to the RWB position, although I would say the Ox is a bit more efficient as evidenced by his assists against Man City at Wembely, Man United at Emirates and Sevilla in the Emirates Cup.

  6. ZA_Gunner says:

    No Ox will not play I predict because he cannot get injured just before his potential sale to somewhere else, otherwise if he does get injured, no one will buy him or the price would be too low. I think we should really consider giving Reiss Nelson some game time as sub but I would rather we put Welbeck on the right because has done well before in that position in the past and he would be more prolific. Sanchez would start from the left complemented by Kolasinac as wing back.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      If Welbeck plays I can only hope he proves me wrong because I think he’s hopeless. Reiss Nelson – now you’re talking!

  7. DANDY GUNNER says:

    With no new arrivals to come in this Transfer window this is the latest from Arsenal. Wenger has hatched a new plan to sign two top targets in January 2018. This is another way for Wenger to get some Breathing Space and then come January he will say we tried to buy but the January window is to hard to do business. Then we will get another big False Statement from Wenger and Co to keep us happy until the summer. Then come the summer we will get the same old same old linked with this player and that player but nothing comes of it. So it like groundhog day being an Arsenal Fan. Wenger has no intention of fighting to win the Premiership this season or any other season.
    WENGER OUT he is destroying Arsenal and before long we will be a mid table Club with him in Charge because he won’t go when his two year contract is up.

  8. Tat says:

    I seriously don’t remember When was the last time this contract rebel scored a goal.

  9. JW Holmes says:

    I like Ox, and wish him well in the future. But he is not a great player who makes Arsenal a great team. He is a decent player on a team with quite a few decent players, but not enough exceptional players. So if losing Mustafi and OX, and Jenkinson and Gibbs, and Perez, and Debuchy, and Wellbeck, means that Arsenal can bring in a couple of exceptional players to compliment the host of decent players on the squad, then do it. If OX won’t sign a 180K a week contract, his head is already elsewhere, and he is not good enough to count on him playing for Arsenal with his head somewhere else. This would be a no brainer for other managers.

    1. gmv8 says:

      He has been badly advised by his agent. He’s been given so much help by Arsenal, throughout injuries, and other clubs would simply dump him. It will get tougher once that door slams behind him, because he was one of Wenger’s favoured ones. If he thinks he isn’t getting his own way at Arsenal, it will only get worse from here.

  10. Adeyemi Royalman says:

    Ox only dribble run dribble run n give d ball away to oponent , no goal no assist.

  11. Bet. Hell says:

    just here waiting for wingers contract to expire….i hate myself whenever my darling club loses

  12. Marty says:

    I say sell him, we’ve paid him handsomely through all his injury problem seasons . He hasn’t really set the world alight with his performances, a few good ones here and there. Does he really think he will get a regular starting place at Chelsea or Liverpool !! Sell him and get a proper DM which is what we’ve been crying out for for seasons now. Probably too late for that to happen now though.

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