Arsenal to drop Giroud for Man City match?

Despite the fact that the Arsenal and France centre forward is in absolutely great goal scoring form at the minute, there is a very real chance that he could be dropped for the crucial clash with our main Premier League rivals Manchester City next week.

It would not be a reflection of the Frenchman’s form of course, but merely a tweaking of the tactics in order to give the Gunners the best possible chance of getting the right result. Arsene Wenger has spoken before about Giroud and Theo Walcott bringing very different aspects of the game to the table and about how this allows him to cope better depending on the different problems that each opponent is likely to cause Arsenal.

Even after Giroud bagged his first hat-trick for the club against Olympiacos last wekk, as well as praising the striker the boss suggested that he would have no hesitation replacing him with the pacy England forward if circumstances dictated.

So the question is, which of our central striking options is the best choice to face Man City? It could depend on the injury situation at both clubs, with Arsenal hoping to have Alexis Sanchez back and City hoping to have Aguero and Kompany back.

If they do have their best striker and defender back in the side I think Wenger will go for Walcott as he will prepare the Gunners to be solid and organised and to hit the visitors on the break, with Giroud on the bench in case we need his power and hold up play if the game is going against us.

We are at home, though, and in better form than City right now so the boss might want us to use that form and confidence to take the game by the scruff of the neck.

How do you think Arsenal should line up for this massive game

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  1. After what we did to United I wouldn’t mind dropping him, but the reality is Sanchez will not be fit enough for 90 minutes and Giroud is on good form at the moment so dropping him could drop his confidence. Sanchex to come on 2nd half and tear City a new Arsene-hole!

    1. Hahaha ??
      Trust me mate,
      Man City’s ass has been given so many new holes this season, it’s now virtually one big KFC bargain bucket.

  2. Would be a bit too risky to drop your in form striker, and tbh he’s the only one in the goals at the moment.

  3. Without Alexis, Cazorla in mf and Coquelin in defense we need our best goal scorers

    I would play Giroud up front and Walcott plus either Ox or Campbell on wings
    Ozil: CAM
    Ramsey CMb2b

    City are a tough team to beat even at Emirates

  4. He is simply the best set piece goal scorer in the league. With Ozil whipping the ball into the box why wouldn’t he play every second of the game.

  5. No Kompany back there so id fancy Girouds chances up top with Theo/Campbell on each wing if Sanchez isnt fit and i wouldnt start him unless he is 100%… he will be needed in the long term cant afford him being out much longer! City are in the same boat as us with Aguero coming back, we can cope with City as long as Ramsey is disiplined in there with Flamini… if Coq was fit would be very confident of taking all 3points!

  6. Giroud scored twice against Man City
    Once in Community Shield and once in League match
    He also scored a hattrick in a very important match against Olympiakos. He has also scared against United and Bayern

    To me this shows that Giroud has gotten over his difficulty of scoring against big teams or scoring in big games.

    There was once a time I’d prefer him not to play against big teams or in big matches BUT now those days are over.

    He should Def play against CITY in my opinion

  7. Knowing wenger, he will stick with the same team that beat Olympiakos and Villa.

    The added bonus is that Sanchez is more than likely to declare himself fit to play.

    So, we might see the same line up but with Sanchez replacing Campbell on the wing, or Giroud making way with Walcott up front.

    I would like to know what’s happening with Gabriel?
    Surely, he would be better at dealing with Cities pacey attackers than mertesacker ? ?

    The other good news is that City have been leaking in goals since Kompany’s absence and he still remains doubtful.

    We haven’t lost to City since that 6-3 hammering ( winning 2 and drawing 2) and I am expecting us to beat them well on Monday.

  8. I don’t think Ox is a natural winger. He played in the midfield for us, was it last season or the season before, and he looked far more comfortable. Wouldn’t it be ironic if he turned out to be one of our midfield solutions.

  9. He must start when he is in form. We all know he has precious little feelings.
    Other than that playing both Giroud and Wallcot against Olympiakos proved to be very efficient.
    I’d play them both and push for a first half destruction. Why not?

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