Arsenal to drop Ramsey for Liverpool clash?

Aaron Ramsey may have been one of the Arsenal players, and there were quite a few of them, that had a nightmare in that first Premier League game against West Ham, when he did a bit of a headless chicken act. At least that showed the Wales international was trying his best to make things happen though I suppose.

He was also one of the Gunners that performed a lot better in the second game. The Welshman´s passing, positioning and decision making was much improved and so he had more of an influence on the game against Crystal Palace, but I still think that it might be a good idea to drop him for the upcoming clash with Liverpool.

This is mainly because his best position is the box to box role in central midfield, which unfortunately for him, seems to be nailed down by Santi Cazorla right now. The Spaniard was Man of the Match in our win at Selhurst Park and must surely start in the middle again on Monday night.

Rambo can do a jon in a wide role but to be honest, we have better options and with Brendan Rodgers likely to send his team out with negative tactics, we will need the penetration down the flanks more than an extra man coming inside.

For me this is a game for Walcott or Oxlade-Chamberlain, to give us width, pace and penetration and increase our goal threat. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Yes…We must bring in AlexOxChambo…He’s a better player at the moment than Ramsey..Will provide pace on the counter… And his dribbling is second to none…Ramsey isn’t playing good this time around… He needs to find his form back

      poor arsenal fans they just prey on us because we are the most on twitter…want to get more twitter fans?predict an arsenal transfer.he has called a few transfers right but nothing big I mean pedro and baba even could have predicted.He clearly keeps repeating KB9. meaning that’s his selling AFC fans.lets not forget its not long ago someone claimed that vidal was done to arsenal..lets wait for just skysports and bbc.


      giroud also starts…he always finds a way to score against liverfools.
      tought game but can be so easy with the right tactics.


      1. My preferred line up:

        Bellerin – Mertesaker – Koscielny – Monreal
        Coquelin – Cazorla
        Walcott – Ozil – Sanchez

        Subs: Ospina, Debuchy, Chambers, Gibbs, Arteta, Ramsey, Ox

      2. To ve fair this Alexis guy claimed Chelsea would get pedro at the same time sky where saying he will go to united.

        He called Ramos new contract including correct wage and length,
        He said we will sign benzema, and we have bid for goetze, you never know, he’s been spot on this year.
        Here’s hoping it continues

  2. I think so, he played well at palace but I just feel if we give it a right go with plenty of pace on the wings we could put 3/4/5 past that Liverpool defence . Ox would give Gomez the runaround

  3. Yes
    keep Cazorla box2box
    Coquelin DM
    Ozil CAM
    Alexis Left
    either OX or Walcott RW
    either Giroud or Walcott up front

    No reason to play Ramsey on the right unless Walcott and Oxlade were injured

  4. nice article, i have nothing more to add. Ramsey needs a break, whether to catch back his for or motivate him to play better.

    1. At home, I feel we’ll come at them hard. Can’t wait to see what he’s got. A confident, in form Giroud scores goals. Surely these Benzema, Cavani quotes and Wenger talking up Theo as a striker is stirring him up a bit. I’m keen to see what he’s got!

      1. Yeah I get that with Giroud as well, if he can put his mind to it he has a massive season in him. He mentioned how Arsene told him to shoot first time more often and then he scored that wonderful goal, that’s what a clinical player does, first time shooting ..along with hitting back of net of course.

        1. Yep, really didn’t understand why he took the chested touch vs West Ham from the Coquelin cross. When that ball was coming in thought it was going to get buried!!
          Will be interesting if he applies a few more finishes of the Palace difficulty whether he may gain a few believers… Probably not…

  5. It has been a universally discussed issue about
    Arsenal over the past decade – just about every
    midfielder we sign wants to play centrally.
    However, due to their versatility or, indeed,
    their lack of quality, Wenger has been reluctant
    to position a certain number of players in their
    preferred role over the past few years.
    Given his vast experience, Wenger will usually
    find these predicaments easy to deal with, but
    one issue in our current squad may well be
    giving him food for thought.
    After Aaron Ramsey’s sensational campaign in
    the 2013/14 season, in which he scored 17
    goals in all competitions and won us the FA
    Cup with his famous goal, it seemed as though
    the leader of Wenger’s new team had emerged.
    If Cesc Fabregas was the chief of the team
    Wenger initially intended to build following
    our move to the Emirates Stadium, it looked
    like Ramsey – rather than Jack Wilshere – was
    our new ‘main man’.
    Had it not been for his prolonged thigh injury
    during that season, we may well have been
    celebrating another double and the Welshman
    would’ve inevitably claimed all the individual
    awards available to him.
    However, as usual in football, the last 12
    months haven’t exactly panned out how many
    would have predicted for Ramsey.
    During the opening months of last season, the
    24-year-old was troubled by constant
    hamstring problems and despite netting a few
    goals early on, he wasn’t hitting the heights
    he had previously demonstrated.
    As Wenger attempted to partner him and
    Wilshere in a new-look 4-1-4-1 formation,
    something didn’t seem quite right with both
    our system and the balance of the side.
    Arsenal transfer news
    Arsenal make offer for striker – not
    However, on the eve of a huge Champions
    League tie against Borussia Dortmund, Wenger
    identified the issue and, rather bizarrely,
    publically criticised Ramsey for his lack of
    “A midfielder is a player who defends well,
    attacks well and keeps his priorities right,”
    Wenger told reporters (via Arsenal Player).
    “He’s not a goalscorer, so he has not to be
    obsessed by that. I just want him to do his job
    Wenger’s words were both accurate and telling.
    Ramsey had become too bothered about getting
    on the scoresheet and almost abandoned the
    basic expectations of a midfielder.
    And, while he was out nursing another injury
    along with Mikel Arteta, Wenger stumbled
    across another partnership, who together,
    possessed all the qualities he was looking for in
    our midfield.
    Santi Cazorla and Francis Coquelin are neither
    as prolific nor as energetic as Ramsey. However,
    our current midfield pairing provide the team
    with balance and also, in the case of Cazorla,
    keep the team ticking over in terms of our
    possession game.
    After a summer of complaining and constant
    promises that he’ll reclaim his central midfield
    role (via the Mirror ), Wenger started Ramsey in
    the middle against West Ham in our opening
    game and what transpired was something
    which obviously displeased the manager.
    We looked disjointed and, more importantly,
    our fluency wasn’t intact with Cazorla not at
    the centre of our game.
    It seemed as though Wenger had given Ramsey
    his chance, and he wasn’t too happy with
    what he’d seen. Cazorla was restored for our
    trip to Crystal Palace and the manager’s
    comments after the game indicated that he
    was clear as to how our midfield should
    function from now on.
    “Cazorla is important at the start of the game
    when the ball comes from our defenders,
    because he can pass from deep midfield to high
    midfield better than everybody and get out of
    pressure,” Wenger told the media after the
    game (via Arsenal Player).
    To put it bluntly, the issue is clear. Ramsey
    doesn’t possess the technical qualities required
    for Wenger to build the team around,
    especially with the boss adhering to our
    passing philosophy. The stats back it up too.
    Most misplaced passes in the Premier
    League this term: Y.Kaboul (35)
    A.Ramsey (26) D.Janmaat (25)
    G.Barry (24) C.Benteke (24) R.Brady
    — Squawka Football (@Squawka)
    August 19, 2015
    Unless, as the former Cardiff man was during
    the 13/14 campaign, he’s positioned alongside
    a holding midfielder who can also carry the
    burden as our deeper playmaker similar to
    what Arteta did, playing Ramsey alongside a
    destructive midfielder like Coquelin just doesn’t
    Mesut Ozil is a genius at picking up space in
    between the lines and our football relies on
    continuously finding him in those pockets,
    Ramsey isn’t capable of that.
    While Wenger remains our manager, it’s
    difficult to see him holding down a regular
    place in his preferred role, especially given that
    the boss has just handed Cazorla a new deal.

  6. There was an interesting article posted on our heat map vs Palace. Interestingly enough both Bellerin and Monreal had a more advanced position than either of our deeper midfielder’s as they play a significant role in keeping width in our attacks. Both Ozil and Ramsey vary the positions they take up which often creates overloads and mismatches.
    If we are set up to play a more defensive game and counter, then Ox is the obvious choice as he’s a one man counter-attack. But personally, I’m hoping we set up to dominate Liverpool. Their midfield is no match for ours, especially with Henderson out. If we can pin them in our half and apply serious pressure I think this is a big opportunity to send a message and gain confidence. Ramsey’s the better option if we’re to employ this tactic.

  7. I think there might be a chance that we see Walcott replacing Giroud, if not then one of Walcott or Ox could indeed come on instead of Ramsey. Not sure if Wenger will go with both of them and after reading Josh37 above I think people should be prepared in seeing all our best passers get a game.

    If it was away I think we would definitely see our two speed merchants, at home Wenger likes to own the ball. This can be a little worrying as against che we would be fearing the counter attack and keeping the game tight, but should we not be doing that against all top sides. Liv are a top team and I wouldn’t want to hand most of the counter attacking initiative to them.

    1. Mourinho likes teams to come to him, absorb and then make them pay. I’m sure we all hate him but tactically, he’s damn good. Making them come to us I thought was brilliant in the Shield. Beat him at his own game.
      But put yourself in Rodgers shoes. Coming to the Emirates with his current squad how would you look to play? I personally think the gulf in quality in midfield will decide it if it’s in any way an open game.

  8. If Walcott starts the Liverpool game as the striker, then Ramsey will start at right wing because Jack Wilshere who is better at right wing than Ramsey is, will not be available for this match. But if the Boss starts Giroud ofcourse to lead the line, walcott may be started at right wing or even still Ramsey will start as we saw at Selhurst Park. Let’s wait to see what attacking midfield starts the Boss will start. I suspect it will change from what we saw at the Palace game. I mean: Giroud. SanchezOzilRamsey. CoquelinCazorla. BellerinRhinoKoscielnyMonreal. Cech. But if I am allowed to tinker with this emerging Boss’ preferred first team starters, I will first start Walcott centrally and later sub Ramsey with Giroud if Ramsey is not effective on the wing as he cuts in centrally. Walcott will move to the right wing and Giroud takes over the line as he comes in to sub Ramsey. Oxlade plays better at left wing than the right wing. He will either sub one of Cazorla or Sanchez as the game pans out. But hardly will this sub happened. Gibbs may sub Monreal to give more attacking wing backs threats. But the trio of Gibbs and Bellerin should not attack down the wing at the same time. They should do it alternately. There shouldn’t be any anxieties. For I am confident the Gunners will sound the Reds to the 3 points that will be at stake at the Emirates Stadium on Monday.

  9. My wife being a `scouser` and me being brought up near Highbury you would think there would be fair amount friction when Liverpool meet Arsenal but that is not the case. We both like to win and ,the wife gets a bit vocal if we watch the match, but that`s about all.
    This is probably not the place to mention the passing of her friend from years ago Cilla Black but the repugnance, and vile response by so called Liverpudlians at her demise makes us both sick. A mob of puerile minds many too young to remember The Kop and Bill Shankly. Hang your heads in shame. The Cultural Centre of Europe or the Scum of England ?

  10. It is a scandal (borrowing from Mourinho) that neither Walcott or Oxlade-Chamberlain appears on the starting line up. By the way, what has Walcott done to deserve being dropped?

    1. Being not good enough for cl and not wanting to play as rw.
      His own fukin fault.
      He should take his money and rot on the bench.

  11. Just putting it out there but I would like to see the Ox given a go as a central striker sometime during the season. Say if we are up 2 or 3 nil with 20mins to play. I think he would do really well up front.

      1. With the speed the Ox has with the ball at his feet and his positioning qualities, as a midfielder and a winger. It would be an interesting 20mins to see what he could do up front.

  12. CM: Ramsey / Santi
    CAM: Ozil /Santi

    Just rotate these 3 in those 2 positions.

    We have Ox and Theo who can cover the wing.

  13. Our line up in September could be:


    Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan

    Zlatan Zlatan

    Zlatan Zlatan Zlatan


    Manager: Zlatan
    Majority shareholder: Zlatan
    Referee: Zlatan
    BT Sport commentary: Zlatan
    MOTD presenter: Zlatan


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