Arsenal to drop transfer fee and sell Alexis Sanchez to Bayern?

Arsene Wenger has a big decision to make on the Arsenal and Chile international forward Alexis Sanchez, who finished his summer of international duties as Chile lost to Germany in last night’s Confederations Cup final. Arsenal fans will be hoping that the striker now has a good rest before coming back to play for the Gunners but most people in the football press seem to think it will be another club’s fans cheering on the Chilean next season.

If the recent Arsenal transfer rumours are right then we could be about to see one or two big players sign for Arsenal this week and if that happens then I reckon Wenger will start to deal with the Alexis situation. It does appear that our EPL rivals Man City are in pole position as they are willing to splash more cash than Bayern Munich and apparently the forward is happy in England.

The Bayern boss Carlo Ancelotti, however, has clearly not given up on Alexis and in a Metro report his words seem intended to give Arsenal the chance to not sell to a rival, as long as we are not too greedy on the transfer fee. The Italian came straight out and admitted that he is a big fan of Sanchez and that his club were ready to do the deal but would not be paying crazy money.

So will Wenger accept a lower transfer fee just to keep Alexis away from Man City?



  1. If Alexis won’t sign a contract with us then it’s better to sell him to Bayern for less money then City. But we still need to get a top winger to replace him

    However I have some questions?

    Would Bayern pay Alexis £250,000 or more per week or would Alexis be happy to play for less?

    Also, Lewandowski, Lahm, Vidal, Robbens, Ribery all make £160,000 per week so will Alexis making more mean their salaries will need to be increased? Just curious how it works

    1. He’d go to Bayern for 150k a week, because they beat teams like us 5-1 with their arms folded.

    2. This Chilean film maker/producer sent this message out on Twitter 3 Hours ago.

      Juan Luis @Juan_Luis16
      Alexis Sánchez no se mueve de Arsenal.

      Apparently this fella has 60,000 followers. He doesn’t give a source or anything but claims that Sanchez doesn’t move from Arsenal.

      I wonder if that was the real reason for punching a wall, last night.??

  2. Who know Sanchez may stay if he sees enough quality come into the squad. I though he called for more quality so if may stay and fight for the club.

    If he refuses to stay the send him off to Europe at a lower price as we cant strengthen our direct rivals. If he stay all well and good but I won’t shed any tears if he does leave.

    1. That’s my feeling too
      I think if he gets close to the salary he wants and he sees a good enough improvement in the squad signings, he could sign a contract

      Alexis wants to make more money but he also wants trophies including the PL trophy.

  3. Okay, Munich don’t want to pay crazy money, so how about a crazy swap instead? ??

    1. Good idea.
      Alexis for… ?
      Lewandowski? – means no Lacazette
      Douglas Costa?

    1. agreed.. if Man city or Bayern Munich want Sanchez then give us one of their best players in return then its not crazy money !!

      1. Swapping is very gr8 idea but only for us fans. Wenger won’t let one of his players go without cash coming the other way, money is everything to these greedy people

  4. Arsenal can offer him higher wages than Bayern this greedy arrogant boy thinks he built Arsenal, if I were Wenger I would SMS him like Conte did to Costa and tell You are not in my plans. Am so bitter about Sanchez behaviour

    1. But why? He is a top player, scores goals yet the teams he plays for don’t show ambition to win more than the FA cup. He’s been here 3 years, and his desire will be to win major trophies before he retires.

      Hand on heart I honestly couldn’t blame him if he leaves. Also, I want players who want to play for the club at the club.

      1. Was Alexis part of the team that lost 5-1 to Bayern? Was he part of the team that couldn’t deliver champions league football? I think the players let themselves down.

  5. Personally, I would squeeze as much as I could out of Man City and let him go there. It won’t take long for sulky Sanchez to fall out with Pep. There’s no way that he would pick Sanchez for every game and that on its own will cause problems between them. And can you imagine Sanchez’s reaction when Pep subs him off in a game where he has given the ball away on a number of occasions? ?? If anything he will cause more of a disruption at City rather than strengthening them.

    Sell him to the highest bidder, we needed the money to buy Mbappe lol

    1. Okay If we are getting Lacazette, Mahrez AND Mbappe then I’m okay with us selling to City because we will be good enough to win the title.
      OR if we get Aguero or de bruyne in exchange.

      Otherwise I don’t mind us getting £15 to £20 million less by selling abroad. Not worth improving City by selling them a world class forward.

    2. I agree with you Fatboy Gooney. Why not get more money out of him to fund our other transfer moves? His behavior is irritating and he’s overrated in my opinion. We finished in the top 4 for 20 years without him and in his best ever season we finished 5th? I don’t think the players are behind him. He plays selfish and kills so many moves by dwelling on the ball. We can’t sell him though unless that money is re-invested in the sqaud. I won’t be devastated if he leaves and will be happy if he stays as long as he commits himself to the cause.

  6. Some people think he’s the best thing since sliced bread.I’m still yet to see any Arsenal player who left and became irreplaceable in another team.However,I believe we should respect him because he did his best for us.Unlike many I’m not scared of him leaving the club at all and to me there are only two irreplaceable players in the world.Having said that I’d like to know why people think he’s irreplaceable.

    1. Without him, we would be considerably lower than we are, people seem to forget that in several games last year, he was the only one trying and pulled us around. He was absolutely phenomenal against Stoke. People are talking about his behaviour, but if he was really that bad, would Pep be so desperate to have him back, as he has managed him before? He is on a different level, the Suarez level – you simply cannot buy that quality any more, because clubs that have it, won’t sell it. People are so easily fooled by the propaganda, designed to ease the fan fury of losing him, evident in these columns. Let the Arsenal board know there will be a backlash if we again lose our best player. It’s no use going on about we survived etc. etc., Man Utd WON the EPL through Van Persie, who dragged us through the EPL the previous year, and had we invested in certain areas – something Kroenke could’ve helped out with, we could’ve won it. AS feels very similar to the vP situation. Yes I will not be happy with him if he leaves, but it demonstrates negligence on behalf of the Arsenal board not getting contracts tied up sooner, which bring stability and a higher price should we decide to sell to who, and when we want.

  7. Sanchez has got too big for his boots with an ego to match. He is holding Arsenal to ransom.
    Let him go. We qualified for Champions Lge for years WITHOUT him and failed with him.
    Let him take his sulks somewhere else. He thinks he is bigger than the Club. Arsene made him the
    player he is. Let’s see if he can get £350 grand a week elsewhere to satisfy his greed.

  8. Just can’t fathom why everyone blows smoke up Alexis backside. He thinks he is Mr Arsenal and has made the club. He hasn’t. He is a good player but can take too many passes, can be selfish and on many occasions runs down blind alleys. His histrionics are a nightmare and his hissy fits pathetic.

    If he thinks he is better than this club and wants to go then off you go Alexi. Would prefer a team player that doesn’t unsettle the dressing room when things get tough. Personally I hope he does go, no doubt some of the mafia on here won’t like that but then perhaps they haven’t seen real great players play like Wright, Adams, Bergkamp, Overmars, Henry etc – true great players.

    So Alexi go unsettle another club and have a sulk when you lose a game or get subbed. It’s a team game and not all about Alexi.

    Personally I hope we get Laca and Mahrez and A n other but if not then so be it, there will always be an Arsenal – even when players like Alexi are drawing their pension and long forgotten.

  9. I expect Sanchez to leave. But I think it’s the wrong move for him-

    It’s Wenger that turned him into a quality striker. Gave him the freedom and time to develop that role…

    You may not remember but he was far far far from good in first 2 games as striker. Not many managers would have stuck with it

    1. Absolutely …Playing under Guardiola at Barcelona with Messi & Co had “nothing” to do with him dragging us thru the season and being the only player in EPL with double figures on goals and assist.

      He had problems to adapt to Wenger mediocre gameplay and little ambition…He showed his best during the first half of the season as Central Striker untill guess who changed him back to the wing…yes “Marvellous knows it all” Arsene Weneger.

      If there’s one person that thinks he is above AFC it’s Wenger himself. Unfortunately this type of Fan attitude that wishes a happy and quiet dressing rooms while the club sinks into oblivion is what will drive him away from us.

  10. It’s funny how we’re now seeing some negativity from the fans, just because Sanchez might be leaving, yet a few months ago they were loving everything this guy did. Sanchez has carried this club on shoulders since he joined. Wenger hasn’t backed him enough, some of his own team mates haven’t backed him enough either, and now some of the fans have had enough, ridiculous! Appreciate what he has done!

    I’ve lost count of the amount of times I see him press, and NO ONE presses with him. I love how he tries to make up for his mistakes, whilst others like Ozil just fall to the floor claiming a foul, or Giroud who rolls around holding his ankle with tongue sticking out. Maybe Sanchez hasn’t got the best attitude off the pitch, but that’s not what counts. It’s about showing the right attitude on the pitch, and not one player/coach/board member at the club comes within a million miles of the attitude that Sanchez displays during a game! A lot of the players need to start putting in shifts like Sanchez, then maybe we wouldn’t look as bad.

    If he does go, who can blame him? Arsenal are a sinking ship! We’ve been an absolute embarrassment in the league, and in Europe, and the club’s brilliant plan to move forward is to give the very man who’s been dragging us down, another two years in charge! What a joke!

    1. Hahaha ?? you’re mostly right but this is a natural reaction from mere humans ?? to drag up ?? when a loved one rejects them in one way or form lol ?? The same could be said about Wenger, 10 decent-ish years followed by a decade of misery ?

  11. Sanchez has been the talk of the transfer market, its would be of great important we keep him by increasing his salary and also bringing in some good metals with energy and passions for the game. Let’s stop the attitude of always going for average players, is time to go for the best

  12. There is no mistaking that Sanchez has developed into one of the best players in europe.When he and Pedro left to join the premiership how many of us thought we would have preferd Pedro at Arsenal ….look how that has turned out lol. I think some of us are reacting to the usual media circus in these situation as they continue to guess what Sanchez thinks or desire.

    Sanchez is at his peak and wants to be paid the sort of wages only a few teams can afford along with playing as much as he can. So for those 2 reasons alone I doubt he will go to BM. As for city unless they are willing to pay silly money and can reassure him the playing time and freedom to roam as he does with Arsenal he is not going anywhere. Basically he is in a strong negotiating position and will wring the best deal he can from Arsenal. This is why he let his contract run down to the last year.

  13. So tired of hearing pple say without Alexis we wldnt have mk top 5..even with d likes of adebayor n Co we still mk top 4 without stress.. no Player is bigger than d club.. Ferguson sold Ronaldo at his peak and they are still standing n winning trophies den why should ours be any different…

  14. So tired of hearing pple say without Alexis we wldnt have mk top 5..even with d likes of adebayor n Co we still mk top 4 without stress.. no Player is bigger than d club.. Ferguson sold Ronaldo at his peak and they are still standing n winning y should ours b any different…

  15. So tired of hearing pple say without Alexis we wldnt have mk top 5..even with d likes of adebayor n Co we still mk top 4 without stress.. no Player is bigger than d club.. Ferguson sold Ronaldo at his peak and they are still standing n winning y should ours b any different..

  16. The best season of Sanchez we ended 5th, no player is greater than d team, some have even forget a team is made up of eleven players, most fans rebuke loyal players n praise player with zero loyalty. If he wants to go let him go, another player will surely be our player next season amongst d new or old players.

  17. If Arsenal sell Sanchez to Bayern Munchen they have the opportunity to onsell to Manchester City at the next transfer window at a large profit. Arsenal may as well sell direct for as much as possible.
    There is no saying that Sanchez will be a success at Manchester City given his petulant and sometimes selfish nature. If Bayern pay what he wants, it would definitely destabilize their wage structure.
    Hopefully if Arsenal shows ambition with transfers in such as Seri and Lacazette. Sanchez will accept the wage increase on offer and stay.

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