Arsenal to fight Man Utd for £90m Bale with Real Madrid ready to sell?

It might seem odd to consider that Arsenal could secure the transfer of Gareth Bale from Real Madrid this summer, and the chances are that it will not happen, but if the reports from Spain about the Spanish La Liga and Champions League holders being ready to sell then there is at least a chance that Arsenal could pull off this shock transfer coup.

According to the Daily Star the reasons Madrid are ready to sell the Wales international star is that they need to balance the books but are planning to make a big to sign the young French striker Kylian Mbappe from AS Monaco and it will cost well over £100 million to do so.

One of the reasons Madrid were not thought to be favourites for the 18-year old was the competition for the three forward places but now Zinedine Zidane has accepted this and has chosen Bale as the player to go then things could start to happen very soon.

The fact that Arsene Wenger and the Gunners were in the mix to sign Mbappe ourself shows you that the club has a lo9t of money and plenty of ambition in the transfer market as well, so with the report claiming that Bale’s fee could be around £90 million, why should Arsenal not hope to get him?

The biggest obstacle could our EPL rivals Manchester United who are being linked with Bale and have been hoping to sign him for years, but can Arsenal beat them to the punch? Will Wenger even try?



  1. Simon says:

    Surely Bale would be one of the few players that could adequately replace Sanchez-

    Sounds crazy- but works for me

    1. Dalinho says:

      Arsenal a way to tiny and petty to sign bale look at morata lol we are West Ham in disguise I’m warning ppl to get ready for the decline coz just seeing ppl even talking about bale worries me that wengers delusional thoughts are brainwashing fans! Don’t fall into the trap it’s only gonna cause pain! We can’t get lemar or seri we can’t sell Gibbs ffs and it took 3 years to get lacazette so remember WE ARE WEST HAM and we’ll be forever blowing bubbles until usamanov takes over or the world ends

      1. neil says:

        Stop inhaling those bubbles ! Where has Wenger said he wants to buy Bale and in fact show me the quote where Zidane has said he wants to sell Bale !!

        and not only is the article quoting the Daily Star as its source ( .?) you are trusting it ?

      2. tope says:

        thank you that is what am saying we need players…

  2. Arsenal_Girl says:

    I think Bale wants to go to United or at least prefers United over us. I think he told a teammate this.
    Also, I doubt a former Spurs player would want to go to Arsenal
    Also, United would most likely outbid us.

    Would be amazing if it happened though.

    1. Midkemma says:

      Yet he supported AFC as a kid.

  3. Godwin says:

    By the time Arsenal has concluded the debate to sign him or not he would have been bought by some other club. Remember, Mahrez, Kylian and now Seri. Even signing Lemar is now hinging on letting go Sanchez the other way. Arsenal needs to make up its mind on who to buy and who to sell and get on with it. That way the team can settle down to business early.

  4. Simon says:

    Seri looks perfect player for Arsenal, even more so than Lemar

    Hope rumours are true

  5. Donkey says:

    Lol this is insanity …why would bale want to come to us…when we play in thursday ?

  6. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    No chance! The wannabe Ramsey ?? will only leave Real Madrid for Utd.

    1. Dalinho says:

      Psg want seri now and wenger can’t afford bales left boot so looks like lemar ain’t going anywhere either! Wenger signs 2 year contract for what exactly? No pulling power, rubbish squad that can’t be sold, no money being spent properly! This is the worst iv ever seen arsenal football club look! We needed a new manager to come in and delete the rubbish then reboot the whole club from top to bottom or even better have usamanov take over but now it’s watching a big club get smaller and smaller in an era where u get swallowed if u can’t stay at the top end and I’m warning every arsenal fan on here that we are going into a dark dark era if nothing changes

  7. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

    Latest is that clubs -Barca (unsurprisingly), Pool and City- are expressing interests in Lemar. Competition for the player’s signature is heating up.. this is very uncomfortable territory for Arsene and Arsenal.
    Lemar is a great talent -potentially a Griezmann type.
    Still, I feel ourtrue need lie elsewhere in central midfield -where we especially need to be more solid enough to stop conceding too much chances. Conceding too much chances -that was our major weakness last season.

    1. SynthiagoCazorla_Hvman_Machine says:

      Ramsey -as he showed in 13/14 season- is very much capable of upping his defensive game. But he seems unwilling or not interested -as was evident last season.
      Or maybe Arsene doesn’t encourage him enough.
      In the mean time, Coq-Xhaka is the best bet for defensive solidity in a 2 man CM.
      I dream of Rabiot – Xhaka or Goretzka – Xhaka partnership. Krychowiak too has a bit more steel and phyisicality than Ramsey/Elneny/Wilshere.
      Though I’d be very happy with Jean Seri, I’m not confident he can cope with the physicality of the EPL.

      1. Dalinho says:

        Goreskta is going the Bayern seri wants Barca or psg and lemar ain’t going no where so Ramsey and xhaka it is then lol

  8. JJPawn says:

    Arsenal can win the Title without distractions from the Champions League with Alexis, Mesut, Lacazette and Bale. Wenger must think that with new world class players he can keep Alexis after this coming season, so the incentive is to spend now for the best talent, including Bale, why not? Bale would fit in, and bring the best out of Ramsey. What is left is to get two more dominant defensive mid-fielders and the team would would be rebuilt and stable unlike the chaos in other clubs.

    One problem remains though: salaries. Can Arsenal have world class salaries for Bale, Alexis, Mesut and Lacazette? Not to mention the British players who will want more money? Or, will the team spirit allow for a lessor salary?

  9. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    Although bale signing would be great but I don’t see it happening coz he wants to go to manure plus a former spuds player would fear the wrath of their fans to join us (unless you are sol campbell of course)

  10. Viera Lyn says:

    Hogwash…why would Wenger want to buy someone who wasn’t in the last year of their contract

  11. wilshegz says:

    We need a CB and CM

  12. Vishaad says:

    Unless this is Fifa, I can’t see this coming to fruition . Bale still has mad support for Spurs so he would not risk the backlash from his former club . Man Utd , Chelsea and Man City are the only clubs that will pay the silly transfer fee and wages to bring Bale back to the EPL . Arsenal won’t make a statement signing because we are not a preferred destination for the elite world class players . When have you heard of Aubamayeng, Griezeman, Lewandowski, Toni Kroos etc wanting to join Arsenal . When get people like Sanchez and Ozil who would join to reignite their careers before they seek to move onto bigger clubs .

    Bale would be the perfect statement signing and a great way to help convince Sanchez to stay but sadly don’t see Arsenal ever buying a truly world class superstar from the bugger clubs . The best we can hope for is the one season wonders or future superstars in the making

  13. Victor victory says:

    If there is something that will bring back the enthusiasm I had when arsenal signed Ozil, this is just it. Get the big one. Sign Bale even if it will amount to financial tussle between arsenal and Man United. It’s about time Wenger get one over Jose.

  14. mark says:

    I just don’t see Wenger spending 90 million, EVER.

    1. neil says:

      Even though there was apparently a bid for Mbappe of over £100mn… or doesn’t it count when there are positive rumours only negative ones !.. Its all click bait anyway !

  15. xhaka16 says:

    I wonder what ppl are smokimg ova here.. .Lyk seriously bale….all star players arsenal have signed Where not wanted by big club.. ..

    1. Nrandon says:

      Laca was tho and a great signing too

  16. JustJoy says:

    Wondering how Arsenal will pay £100m for a player and fans believe and a well taken time to script a sweet article…

  17. BOBBY says:

    Bale Isn’t Even World Class To Me. He’s Been So Inconsistent And Always Injured. Investing 90million On Some Welsh Boy Who Will Be 30 In Two Years Time Is Dumb Business. Lemar, Dembele, Dybala, Isco And Griezmann Represents Good Value For 90million Pounds. Not That Overrated Bale

  18. tope says:

    Wenger and the board they’re the only problem that we have in arsenal we don’t need to bye there tickets if they insist to compete with the other’s teams and bye fine players for us…

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