Arsenal’s Season is in Danger of Ending Soon….Very worried?

After last season when Arsenal spent much longer at the top of the Premier League table than any of our big rivals, only faltering in the second half of the season as the injury list ground us down, expectations were naturally high going into this campaign.

Arsene Wenger still had quite a few of his players injured or otherwise out as usual and that list grew in the first few games, but having carried on from the record breaking transfer of Mesut Ozil with the signing of Debuchy, Chambers, Welbeck and Alexis Sanchez, we all felt that Arsenal were in a much better position to challenge.

But it just has not happened, with Arsenal failing to take our chances and capitalise on our dominance of possession at one end and making defensive mistakes and leaving ourselves exposed at the other end. We keep hearing about and thinking that the Gunners are just about to sort it out, click together and go on a run that will put us back where we would expect to be, but it still has not happened.

That is why I am really starting to worry about this being the season when we finally miss out on the Wenger trophy of a top four finish and drop out of the Champions League. We are now behind Man United having failed to make the most of their own problems, while Southampton are looking good and do not look like collapsing.

Not only are we in real danger of missing out on the Champions League after all these years, we could miss out on this season’s knockout phase. If we lose to Borussia Dortmund on Wednesday and Anderlecht beat Galatasaray, it will leave us on seven points with the Belgians on five. And while they travel to Dortmund on the last day, the Germans would have sealed top spot and would probably play the youth and fringe players, while we would travel to Turkey, under serious pressure to get a result against a Galatasaray team playing for pride and under no pressure.

Should we expect the worst? Or have faith that Wenger can turn things around?

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  1. I swear if next season starts like this, imma kill the board n wenger myself, I’ve endured like nothing is happening, in a country full of chelsea fan im the topic of football jokes, i swear it someone’s gonna die!!!!!

    1. oh pls, now i don’t care what position we find ourselves at the end of the season(don’t judge me by this, i didn’t bring us thus far),
      i don’t care if chelski or anybody else wins d League ,
      someone should just help beat cheLski just once…….. southampton, newcastle………anybody…….i will hate them to do another INVINCIBLES……. Oh good Lord pLease !

        1. Meh, why can’t that someone be us? So sad. Things have gone so bad that @Fatboy and @Haywill were resurrected.

    2. I feel your pain, son! I feel every ounce of it! Anyone else out there avoids social media when this shiznit happens until they get their mind right?

    3. I will Drive you to the emirates and buy you a beer after your done killing. This season is already over for us. Might as well get rid of them ASAP

    4. Am with u man but we can’t wait till next season,,,it starts now WEnger out….let’s start the protest from tomorrow’s CL game….we want wenger hitler Out

  2. Will Wenger change his ways and turn things around? I truly really doubt.

    You know they say “life begins at 40”. Wenger’s well passed 50, yet he still hasn’t started acting rightly. Damn, he’s just a late bloomer.

  3. Nasri left and won the title rvp left than won the title and now cesc who never won title with arsenal comes back and wins title in first season. So drpressing to be arsenal fan these last few years and theres only 1 man to blame

  4. I basically don’t care anymore. Wenger has ripped my heart out too many times. At the close of the transfer window, Wenger said that the team didn’t need to add a defensive midfielder or a central defender or a striker. It was then I realized that the season was over and that Chelsea with several shrewd additions would be crowned champions. I thought if Arsenal were lucky they might fight for 4th place. It is sad because the possibilities were there. The most stubborn man on the planet manages Arsenal. He believes he is the only one who knows what the team needs. The thousands of football experts from all over the world and many former Arsenal players know nothing according to Wenger. He is so wrong!

  5. I aviod watching chelsea games it pains to see cesc playing so well and to think he wanted to join us and he went for such a good price but because of one mans stubborness we did not get him

    1. dude cesc is not that good he looks so fat and slow. he can only pick a pass. if wenger signed him he wouldn’t be nearly half as good on our team cause cesc fit perfectly into mourniho’s team. mourinho built a team that happens to suit and hide cesc’s faults. he’s got a destroyer next to him, he’s got a top st to pass too, and soon to be world class lw who can create something out of nothing.

        1. He’s not hating on Cesc. Fabregas was a good signing for Chelsea because they needed a player like him. He would not have been a good signing for Arsenal because we have too many players like him. The guy we need is Matic (or someone like him).

      1. @ Goonsquad8……yea! Don’t hateon cesc, he wanted to return, wenger said Nope, could he have forced the move?…….nope….he Left for chelsea, now he’s assisting Like hell, where does the hatred for him come from then?….. Before barcelona?…… Mehn! Dat’s history….. Bury it

  6. I’ve gone beyond caring too. Some of the obstinate decisions of our manager are beyond comprehension by any casual football fan, let alone those who forensically analyse the game…

    The sign of a poor manager (for me) is one who denies his mistakes, who seeks to find reason beyond his own culpability, and who sneers when questioned. Sneers at ‘armchair fans’ or impudent journalists.

    I’ve had enough. Until he goes I’m backing off. It’s not healthy.

  7. Not to worry. It has ended 🙂 It’s better to end sooner so that we can plan for next season with a new manager. Don’t waste any more money in the transfer market until we have the new manage.

  8. Who is fooling who? Surely guys Wenger has become dormant, no more room to improve in his last ternor as manager at Arsenal. Some say he is stubborn and arrogant but me thinks you will be giving him to much credit than he deserves. The man is obviously tired, old and has lost his taste for football. So is a number of players he has affected with the ‘wengerous virus’ despite having promised so much in their inception at the club. Santi Carzola, Arteta, flamini and Per are past their prime. Even if you prefer to squize them hard there is not much football residue still to come out of those legs. It seems him and Brandan Rodgers have connived to stock their teams with a group of very talented midgets in the middle of the park but with football brains missing. Our team is seriously unbalanced from the coach straight down the middle. as the team wares on you can clearly notice that there is some beef with brains missing in the middle of the park to take the battle to the opposition in all our games. I miss our old fashioned English game. This Wenger philosophy has turned this great club into some form of computer commercial game. Do you realize that all the great clubs at the moment in the world (Real Madrid, Bayern, Chelsea, Fergie & MaU, most Italian clubs, etc), have actually not abandoned the basics of old fashioned football? Even if you recall the days of the ‘invincibles’, it was old fashion-meet-modern football that brought us all the joys. But Wenger tore the old formula book and rewrote it in cryptic language which even himself is failing to read.


  10. Finally decided to watch an Arsenal game after a while at one of the local pubs, the scene was set, I bought my favorite beverage and I had my jersey on. In a Zambian pub in recent times an Arsenal fan is equal to 1 to 5 Man or Chelsea fans so I braced myself for a night of badmouthing.

    Funny enough though Arsenal vs Man U is the only game all Chelsea, Lpool, Man City, hell even Spurs fans unite and have our backs, and what did my team do, crumble as always under very LITTLE pressure from a weak united side on the night.

    I was screaming ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL the entire 90 mins though in the lions den and surrounded by people laughing at me and bashing my team.

    This poor management has to go, big shout out to the brave lads with the Wenger out banners, IF THEY DONT ALLOW YOU WITH THE BANNERS INSIDE THE EMIRATES PROTEST OUTSIDE BEFORE AND AFTER THE GAME. Even a 15 minutes protest will catch the media’s eye plus the British media is excellent at hyping Arsenal stories. Had Arsenal been in Zambia, we would have kicked Wenger’s arse out of our team 7 years ago and I know for sure you lads in London are more brutal than us (you colonized us and many other states before, heeehe) so come on!!!! Wenger is officially one of the most hated men alive today and we keep losing fans each day and recruiting non because of his dumbness.

    We can kick Wenger out.

    But what do I know, I don’t get 8m to think about such!!!

  11. The season was over when Wenger never signed a cb and dm in the summer it was always going to come back and haunt us especially with our poor injury record! Wenger out!!

  12. If I am an assassin I would hate assassinated Wenger myself cos he has put me to pains too many times and make me a laughing stock always just bcos of my love for Arsenal….my heart is so precious to be toiled by one idiot…..Wenger out….tomorrow let’s make emirate and d world feel our cry…

  13. It really makes my blood boil when opposing fans start singing arsen wenger we want you to stay.It just shows how bad things have got

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