Arsenal to finally secure the transfer of Benzema from Real Madrid?

It was just a few years ago that the question of whether Arsenal would secure the transfer of the French striker Karim Benzema from the Spanish La Liga giants Real Madrid was more about whether the deal was even a possibility and whether the Spanish club and the player would be willing.

Times change quickly in football, though, and despite the idea that Arsenal may not be in a much better position than we were in a few years ago when the the Arsenal transfer rumours about Benzema were really at their peak, it is a much different situation now.

Benzema has lost his place in the France national team, although that is not really down to things on the pitch, and he is not exactly banging them in at club level either. with just one league goal to his name this season after just 11 during the last campaign.

So the report by The Mirror telling us that the Real Madrid top brass have offered the striker to Arsenal is not quite the good news it once was. The Frenchman is only 29-years old though, and maybe a change of scenery is all he needs to shine again. Do you Gooners out there still think that Arsenal should go for Benzema?



  1. bring benzema to arsenal

    1. Drew Loves Arsenal says:

      why dude? why?

      1. chris says:

        We don’t need him. Plus he is too like Giroud. A bit quicker but less good in the air.

    2. miker says:

      Better arsenal sign me, I’m good with both feet, I’ve never played professional football, meaning I’m a free agent. Or arsenal can sign my 8 yrs old son who wants to be an Olympic Archer. At least he wants to shoot straight.and as for benzema, he can be my son’s arrow bearer.

  2. Godswill says:

    Spent force. He rejected Arsenal many times
    Is he better than Lacazette?

  3. wenger says:

    Lacazette and Giroud over Benzema any day

  4. Sukhjot Gunner says:

    I just don’t quite understand why on earth do we need him??? We have enough quality already up front and It will be better if we spend on defenders or a strong and disciplined holding midfielder. But I won’t be surprised if wenger signs him coz he loves to bring forwards plus he’s french. And I certainly won’t be disappointed as he will only bring at least 15-20 goals a season unless his wage demands are ridiculus and over the top….

    1. Me says:

      Because that is what Wenger does.
      Ignores the needs of the squad for years then suddenly springs into life signing players that we often do not need.
      Benzema is the very definition of has been – had his day, turned us down every time and now wants a move to Arsenal to suit his own selfish needs.

  5. Kamikaze says:

    Benzema is shit ffs…and still having both three main strikers from one country wont bring good competition between them!

  6. Roy says:

    If we buy Benzema after all this time it’s proof Wenger has finally lost the plot.

    1. chris says:

      Wenger lost the plot a long time ago.

  7. Sergio says:

    You’ve posted this article twice

    1. Nero says:


      Admin is in love with negativity

  8. Jeremy says:

    This guy is never interested in joining us.

    Don’t even bother about his rumors.

    It’s lame to see his name linked to us for years and counting.

  9. GB says:

    Don’t need him

  10. Tatek Girma says:

    I don’t think the transfer interest is true.

  11. Nothing changed says:

    We have greater priorities than buying an over the hill striker. We need replacements for Ozil (Wilshire is too injury prone and might also leave), Sanchez (a top winger like Draxler or Lemar will not come cheap if at all), CD (Kos is getting on in age and often injured and Holding has been derailed by Wenger and Gabriel never replaced), and we need a better midfield player than Xhaka IMO.

    1. miker says:

      Latest news is very encouraging regarding sanchez and draxler.

      1. Nothing changed says:

        I just read Liverpool are trying to secure a loan deal.

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