Arsenal to FINALLY start Giroud away to Hull?

Next up for Arsenal is the trip north to take on Hull City in the Premier League and not only is it a must win ghame for the Gunners, I feel it is vital for us to put these stuttering performances behind us and start to show the sort of dominance that you expect from an Arsenal side packed with talented and world class players like Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

Even though they had been relegated from the Premier League and were playing in the Championship last season, Arsenal still ended up playing them home and away. Both were in the FA cup and the reason we had to play them at the KC stadium was that the first match at the Emirates was a frustrating 0-0 draw.

The away match was a comfortable 4-0 win for Arsenal, though, so if Arsene Wenger was looking for some inspiration for this weekend he should look no further back than March of this year. One of the big differences in those two games last season was Olivier Giroud.

The France international forward was left on the bench for the first tie but started the replay and had fired us into a two goal lead and sealed the win before Theo Walcott bagged a late double. I am still not sure why Wenger has not started the big man yet this season but the last two games have been crying out for him to lead the line.

Will this weekend finally see Giroud given his first start of the season? If so will we start to see the real Arsenal instead of this pale shadow that has been on show so far?


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  1. GunnerMann says:

    I Have never been G12’s biggest fan. but at the start of last season and again this season something has happened.. G12 was played as a sub and made massive impacts coming off the bench. in my mind the man is a supersub and when played as such I can be persuaded to like the him, maybe even love him… to bad Perez is unproven so far and Walcott and sanchez just don’t work as strikers. because if we had Welbeck back from injury that’s where I would have played G12. coming on in second half to intimidate the opposition with his size and holding play

  2. Big G says:

    Perhaps Wenger is trying to introduce Giroud gradually so he can keep him fit for the whole season in the hope that he won’t run out of steam and have to rest him later on when we really need him.

  3. Okayblack says:

    Wenger wants to play Giroud as the main Striker, this is his plan always. The signing of Lucas was to satisfy the fans, nothing else.
    Giroud can’t leas our line… we’ve tried it, it hasn’t worked, it won’t ever work! We need a World class Striker!!!!

  4. Fatboy Gooney says:

    I don’t know about the last two games crying out for Giroud but I know for sure that I won’t be crying out for him lol ?
    People are under the false illusion that Giroud made the difference when coming on against PSG but the real difference was Sanchez being switched back to the wing!
    Yes, Giroud won the penalty against Southampton but at the same time he was presented with more goal scoring opportunities ( where he failed to hit the target) than Perez had in the 60 minutes that he played.
    I can’t knock Giroud for his hold up play or the way he helps out in defence at set pieces, I give him a thumbs up for that but as for being a out and out striker? .. Nah! Maybe playing behind a striker would suit him better but our formation won’t allow for that. I would rather see Lucas perez start instead and maybe Giroud coming on for the last 10 or 15 minutes.

    1. Jim A says:

      If you watch the goal against PSG it was Giroud fighting for the rebound that occupied the defender as they were locked in arms and legs. The defender could not clear it as he could with a small player like Sanchez or Walcott or even Perez. The ball came right past OG and right to Sanchez who having more freedom leveled for us.

  5. arsenal_canada says:

    God do I miss welbeck. A lot of people don’t rate him, but I think he’s great. Perez, welbeck and alexis would be awesome. Start Perez at the weekend, giroud can come off the bench if we need it. Gotta gel in Perez at some point, might as well start at hull.

    1. jonm says:

      Last season welbecks strike rate was very good and he scored the critical winning goal in two games. The only problem was that he was injured for most of the season and only played 580 minutes in PL.

      1. arsenal_canada says:

        That’s what bugs me… if he could stay injury free for a whole season, I truly believe that he could be top quality. I feel sorry for him. Oh and by the way…. BRING JOEL BACK! Lol.

  6. Wilshegz says:

    apparently many fans still dnt wanna move forward… we alrdy know we can NEVER win the league with Giroud starting up front so why not start playing Perez. at least that is why we signed him in the first place n not just to come and add to our squad -list.
    Cech; Bellerin,Mustafi,Kosci,Monreal; Xhaka,Cazorla; Alexis,Ozil,Walcott; Perez .

  7. Wilshegz says:

    we can’t keep xpecting Giroud to be the one, I mean this is his 5th season of starting almost all games. we also can’t keep up with the experiment of Alexis up front.
    THIS ISNT PRESEASON ANYMORE. The season is on and we already 5points behind.
    we ain’t got no time

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