Arsenal to focus on Europa League now EPL title looks lost?

You might say that I am being a bit premature in saying that Arsenal’s challenge for the Premier League title is over for the current season, but how many of you Gooners out there really believe we can win it? Top four is looking tough right now and Man City continue to look a cut above the rest, so after the disappointing loss at Watford on Saturday, the chances of the Gunners beating Pep Guardiola’s football machine look pretty slim.

So I wonder if the thoughts of Arsene Wenger are already turning towards another trophy to ensure this season is not a complete disaster? Another FA cup would be nice, of course, but if the boss really wants to alleviate the anger of the Arsenal fans then the Europa League would be the best way to do it.

Not only does lifting the Europa League trophy give you an automatic place in the Champions League for the following season, it is a highly prized piece of silverware and something that Arsenal and Wenger have never won. It could be interesting to see how strong a side the Frenchman fields in Belgrade tomorrow as that may give some indication of how much focus he has on Europe.

A win or even a draw against Red Star would put us in pole position to win the group and if he is really serious about winning the whole thing we want to avoid the better teams in the next round. Do you think Arsenal should start to take the Europa League games more seriously and focus more on winning the whole thing?



  1. Dotash says:

    Myopic team,myopic manager,myopic fans(80%). Say no to silverware this season. Arsene for lost

  2. Yes..if we can focus on Europa and the small trophies and win them I will consider this a successful season. We already have the community shield so Europa and FA cup or english league cup would make a treble. All of this is very possible. Man utd showed this last season when they finished behind us yet won 3 trophies and are now in the champions league.

    1. GB says:

      Yeah but will likely get Dortmund and we know what that means!

  3. Sue says:

    I think we’ll have to go for the Europa league as the league has gone, there’s no way we can compete with City

  4. jon fox says:

    With this precise squad BUT with a proper manager who can coach and motivate, unlike Wenger, we wouild indeed be in prime position to win the Europa. But with Wenger we have no chance. All he brings is lack of motivation, excuses aplenty, usually involving “biased” or incompetant refs, no obvious coaching or even any understanding whatever of the need for defence and hard running, an injury crisis every season, discontent among fans , slavery to 70th minute subs, whether needed earlier or not, a belief in last millenium tactics (mostly indiscernable tactics), a love of waving his arms and shouting uselessly at the innocent fourth official (who does not make onfield decisions anyway!) and an arrogant manner in interviews and total disdain of our long suffering but devoted supporters. Oh , and nearly nine million smackaroos every year to make his nose as red as Fergies(fast occurring) with fine French wine aplenty!

    1. Sue says:

      Your analysis of Arsene is spot on Jon ?

    2. Adam Criniti says:

      Wenger and the board have successfully neutered AFC, the brand pathetically isn’t even worth a watch any longer. Pundits and all walks of Gunners across the globe have reached the damning consensus that Arsenal futbol is painfully boring to watch and a distant shadow of its once beautiful style. The likes of Henry, Pires, Bergkamp, Vierra, Petit, Adams, Keown, and Seamen have have been replaced by Denilson, Diaby, Kalstrom, Slyvestre, Chamak, Sanogao, Almunia etc.

      David Dein built the Invincibles for Wenger and the man has done virtually nothing of real consequence since.

      Modern futbol sadly has passed the old gaffer and AFC by.

  5. Hayzed says:

    I am even better than Wenger.LAUGHING.well am just joking. but anytime Arsenal hurt me.I engage in myself in some other things that will make me happy and laugh and it is good for ur health rather than thinking.Even sometimes I do laugh at Arsenal(Wenger and his players).I can’t just let them make me ill.

  6. Kamikaze says:

    Big teams are coming to europa wth the likes of dortmund and monaco….arsenal wont win it i can bet on that!

    1. Middle Man says:

      Arsenal has the squad to trash both Monaco and Dortmund.

      1. Kamikaze says:

        ‘has the squad’ but they cant do it

  7. AndersS says:

    I doubt we can count on only facing opponents which are worse than Watford and Stoke in the Europa League, so I can’t see how we can win it as long Wenger is in charge.
    Only chance to salvage the season would be to get rid of Wenger quickly. But that wont happen. The chance I see, is that we are actually progressing in the Europa League before Xmas, and at the same time, we will drop so far behind in the PL, that Wenger get sacked around new year. Then maybe a new manager can get us the Europa League.Callaway Tour Authentic 68” umbrella and the PL can be used for rebuilding and giving young players experience for next season.

  8. Arsenal_Girl says:

    But Wenger will still find a way to mess it up

    We need to take European very seriously. It’s winnable but Wenger needs to get the lineups right

    1. bran99 says:

      No matter what he does, his presence is a repellent enough to trophies

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