Arsenal to frustrate Man City in EPL race AND transfer plans?

Oh dear Arsenal fans, what a shame!! We seem to have somehow managed to get up the noses of our mega moneyed Premier League rivals Man City. Our offence seems to have been the annoying refusal to sell them our best player Alexis Sanchez in the summer and now they are going to punish our impudence by not trying again to sign the Chilean striker when the next transfer window opens in January.

Oh whatever will we do without their gracious offer to take Alexis off our hands? With The Mirror reporting that the top brass at Man City are still angry after they thought they were going to be able to sign Sanchez on transfer deadline day only for Arsenal to pull the plug, it makes me wonder just how arrogant you can be.

This is the same club that refused to sanction the transfer of any of their players in the other direction, so do they really think that a direct rival should just roll over for them because they have more money, if a lot less history and class?

For me it can only be a good thing if they do not try again in January and it could get even better next weekend when their transfer target could help the Gunners to shoot them down on the pitch as well as in the transfer market. How sweet would that be Gooners?



  1. We should focus 100% on the Serbs at the moment. Europa League is important for us. Let’s qualify for the next round this week. A win for us and a win or draw by Cologne should do it.

    As for Man City, Don’t be too confident or positive
    City won easily this weekend away from home WITHOUT Aguero

    It’s going to be a hell of a tough match. You can bet your cannolis on that. I think they are the best team in the premier league right now. So far this season They have won huge a number of times 7-2, 6-0, 5-0 (twice), 3-0

    We can’t defend like we normally do. We need to have the best defensive display of the season just for a draw. Also, Cech, Ozil, Alexis and Lacazette need to play better than they did on Saturday.

    I don’t mean to be pessimistic. I want us to win every trophy. But it’s important to be realistic. If we don’t turn up it could be catastrophic (worse than our 4-0 loss to Liverpool). We are playing AWAY to City too.

    Also, don’t knock us if we draw. That would be an awesome result. If the result is a draw like our match against Chelsea (our draw against Chelsea was one of our best matches so far), I will be personally very happy because that’s a good result. Especially away from home.

    1. Winning 2-3 is hardly winning easily I think. But why not let facts go in the way of a good narrative of negativity

  2. I really hope we don’t capitulate can’t handle watching another thrashing, Liverpool was bad enough ☹

    AFC please show us all you have some fight in you against the very best COYG

  3. Enough transfer non sense, a trick to make us weak and lose focus that worked perfectly on Sanchez so far…He must smell the coffee and realize he was played as Guardiola does always, requesting a player he won’t play as it is no room for him and many to compete him. Look at Sanchez, lost and confused, not focus as teams wants him to be and beat us…Look at players who went to join him, fading away, done! The OX is another example; look at him now; he is gonna flop bad, already a sub and looking lost…Football we play is not as majority of teams.

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