Arsenal to get £25m Monaco star ONLY if Schneiderlin snubs transfer!

It would appear that Arsene Wenger’s claim that he and Arsenal were not in transfer mode before we wrapped up the FA cup trophy for the second year running may not have been entirely true. Shock! Either that or the Frenchman and the people who assist him with the transfer side of things have been working like Japanese beagles on speed since the weekend.

Because not only have the Gunners made the Southampton and France international star Morgan Schneiderlin the main transfer target of that central midfield role, but we have already identified and targeted the player to go for in case the recent rumours suggesting that Man United could hijack our move for Schneiderlin come true.

The second choice, according to a report by The Independent, is the Monaco midfielder Geoffrey Kondogbia. And after he stole the show when Monaco came to the Emirates and stunned Arsenal in the Champions League, I reckon he is a pretty handy back up.

Wenger is reportedly preparing a bid of around £25 million for Kondogbia, who is also challenging Schneiderlin for a place in the France international side, but is still hoping that the talented and versatile Saint, who has the big advantage of Premier League experience, chooses north London and Arsenal over Old Trafford and United.

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    1. I have only seen kondogbia play 3 or 4 times.a couple of great performances against us and watched him a couple of times in the French league. He’s more physical than schnerlidn, to be honest my first choice would be Vidal but since its impossible I would settle with kondogbia or wanayama. I think we need power and muscles in the midfield and konfogbia offers that. We should go for him and the price is not that bad 25mil£,get him and 35 mil £ higuain and we are ready to challenge for the title. Add cech to the list and we will be a force to beat.hope we get these 3 signings. I honestly think Wenger will make a total of two signings hope they will be kondogbia and higuain

      1. Why is Vidal impossible? They’re signing Khedira so if Vidal left that would be completely understandable. Vidal is the top midfield target this window for me, world class DM who can basically produce top class performances at any central position. Would be brilliant.

    2. The rumour is b****cks. “Hey Geoffrey – if we can’t get the guy we really want we may come after you – so stick around”. Bet he feels elated and wanted.

  1. would be happy with either

    Heck lets get the whole French squad lol to add to Coquelin, Debuchy, Koscielny, Giroud like Schneiderlin, Kondogbia, Benzema, Lacazette, Lloris, Verane lol.

  2. Predictions:

    -AW won’t get a DM or CB, mark my words. 1) Coq 2) Incase of injury he just signed arteta to a 1 year deal. 3) he bought gabriel to take over for BFG
    -AW will get a GK, i don’t think he’s a fan of either Szeczny or ospina imo
    -I think he will also get a ST this summer, ronaldo just moved to n9, i don’t think they’ll sell bale just yet. So i think we’ll get benzema this summer to lead the line
    -First half of the transfer window we’ll be offloading a few players
    -End of the transfer window we’ll be getting benzema for the best deal possible

    final note: barring any long term injuries (which is our kryptonite) we’ll get 2nd spot, if we get the same injuries as usual then 3rd once again… Slow and steady progress is what the board/wenger are aiming for.

    1. arteta is a straight swap for the carzola position not coquelin’s position. all the sound bites are coming from us being after a DM. no smoke without fire.

    1. @season ticket holder

      please let everybody read the article before you print and use it as toiletries. Lol

    1. France plays with 3 in the middle

      Yes i think Coquelin can force himself but it won’t be easy. he needs to have another great season to be able to do that. Its not easy for Dechamp.

      You have Coquelin Kondobia Schiniderlin and Imbulla. Who are all young and taleneted defensive midfielders. only one of this 4 can play at a time because matudi and Pogba are automatic startes as the French national team is built around Matudi Pogba and Griezman.

      Imbulla is rated as the best and at the moment there is a fight between france and belgium for his services. Just 22 born in belgium but grew up in france.

      I am and Arsenal fan I would love Coquelin to make it to the french team. He is eligable for England too as he has been heer since the age of 15 in the under 16 with jack wilshere so who knows the future?
      England is not really blessed with defensive midfielders like the way france is.

  3. Breaking news. liverpool close to signing danny Ings as sky bet and paddy power have stop the bid following some huge bids. lol
    Wenger should take his time. if rushing means signing Ings and milner i guess i will be patient.

    I want worldclass signings. Its time for us to keep our sentiments away.
    You hear fans saying what will happen to Denilson if we buy xabi alonso.
    What will happen to sanogo if we buy gonzalo Higuain?

    Please lets grow some balls and go for the kill in this window.

    1. So Sterling and Balotelli out and Milner and Ings in. Must be one of those classic don’t know whether to laugh or cry moments for a couple hundred thousand scousers. Might pop over to the RedShed forum later on to see how that is going down!!!!!!! Looks like Brenda going for the British core approach now.

  4. are we seriously waiting for JuLy before signing pLayers? *Tick-Tock…….Tick-Tock*

    1. I think AW has pencilled in August 29th to have a look and see what’s left. That is unless his away on charity business or opening up a Quick restaurant in Antibe.


  5. Remember we got Ozil and Welbeck on the last day.

    I was very surprised that we got Alexis, Ospina, Chambers and Debuchy relatively early though so there is hope.

    1. Yeh Wellback was a panic buy for me and I will never rate him as a CF nor in the winger position but he can’t be faulted for his effort and as a squad player. If only graft alone won you titles..

      Ozil was a strange won. That a player of his calibre was on offer until the 12th hour (did no-one else want him or did he suddenly decide he fancied London?). Anyway glad he is with us.

      Apart from the earlyish but if Sanchez we always seem to be lethargic when transfer window comes. If there are players you need and want surely it’s better to get in early?

  6. either of the afore mentioned players would do wonders for our squad. both very talented players , both strong , both young , both willing !.either of them would , i think , be that elusive beast that we have been looking for since patrick left us .

  7. I think it’s important that we don’t let the performance of Kondogbia at the Emirates cloud our judgement as to how good we actually know him to be. He smashed a deflected shot in when he had acres to run into (and Mert turned away from the ball), put in some good challenges and played plenty of good slide rule passes. But apart from the shot, it’s nothing above and beyond what we would *expect* from Coq in the middle of the park. Just a bit more attack minded, although our abundance of attack-minded players means we’d need something a bit more remarkable to be a top signing.

    Apart from that he’s somewhere around the edges of the France national side’s thoughts and plans, but would we drop Coq for him unless he proved himself to be able to do more than Coq can do? This is the question. Coq wins headers against taller players, messes things up for the oppo with tackles and interceptions, screens and plays sensible passes.

    Kondogbia still has a bit to do to convince me (not that it matters lol), so I’d be pulling out all stops to get Schneiderlin if I were in AW’s shoes, especially with Cazorla being over 30 now. A proven retainer of the ball against top Premier League sides who has reached a level of maturity in which to step up to fight for titles and Champions League knockout rounds and not just Europa league spots.

    I guess it’s all about availability. I believe Wenger would do a decent job in developing an athlete like Kondogbia, but preparing a plan B in advance shouldn’t give our hierarchy an excuse to go easy in our pursuit of plan A: Schneiderlin.

    1. It’s a good point: do you buy footballers who are or are near the finished article or do you buy promising ‘athletes’ who can run about (coughs ..wellback) and try to convert/groom/train them into a position?

      Mmmm interesting…

    2. I think you’re underestimating Le Coq here. I do not think either Schneiderlin or Kondogbia will necessarily be an improvement at the moment but we want someone who can certainly give him a run for his money or step in if he is injured.

  8. Off-topic

    Read that Arsenal are monitoring Howedes because he is unhappy at Schalke. I like him a lot. Extremely versatile. Can play all 4 defensive positions (RB, LB CBr CBl)

  9. 25? seems a bit high for him no?
    I think of him as little as I Ve seen of him that he is a strong player that would bring that different muscle into our game

  10. Do us fans not ever learn does arteta contract extionsion not tell the fans anything n him being captain?
    I will put anything on it that Wenger Will Not buy a d.m, he is too loyal blinded that will not change for those who will say coquelin etc that was only due to injury n Wilshere the same, szcesny well after saints game have a blindfolded keeper would have served us better.
    Cech no way will he go for him he’s going to show loyalty to the pole as num2,
    Only position I may see him buy is a striker at best.
    # reality#NondelusionalFan#

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