Arsenal to get HUGE double boost ahead of Stoke clash

After ostensibly dropping two points against Liverpool last night, Arsenal could really do with getting back to winning ways against Stoke City on Sunday and banishing the frustration from last nights game.

Many Arsenal fans are understandably upset that Wenger made his three changes near the end of bringing on Mikel Arteta, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Kieran Gibbs in exchange for Ozil, Campbell and Walcott which may well have cost us the two points.

But what if instead Wenger could have brought on Alexis Sanchez and Mohamed Elneny instead of the Ox and Arteta? I think they would have given us a real boost to go on to win the game. Well this could possibly happen in this Saturday’s game after Wenger gave us an update after yesterdays match. When asked about Alexis, Le Prof said: “I will be cautious now. There is an opportunity that he will be in the squad for Sunday. He will have a definite test on Saturday and Friday and Saturday will be two important days for him. It is not impossible that he will be involved.”

I am sure Sanchez will be coming on for a 15 minute cameo, and I reckon that could be a good time to introduce Elneny to the Premier League as well. Wenger added: “Elneny will join us. We will see if he can qualify for Sunday.”

It’s amazing that Arsenal have still made no official announcement on our new signing, but at least Wenger has admitted that the Egyptian exists lol. It will be great if they can both come on the pitch next week….

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    1. Currently Arsenal’s top scorer with 18 goals in all competitions, Giroud is four goals away from matching his best season’s tally in a red and white shirt – and it’s only January.
      As well as that, it may surprise you to know that, with a rate of 0.7 a game, the former Montpellier man has scored more non-penalty goals per 90 minutes in the league than players like Thomas Muller, Cristiano Ronaldo and Antoine Griezmann, and he’s not far off Lionel Messi’s tally of 0.74 per game.
      And it’s not just this season that he’s delivered the goods, since 2013/14 only Sergio Aguero (51) has more Premier League goals than Giroud (42).
      Oh, and just for fun…

      Goals scored in the last 11 games.
      Olivier Giroud: 11 – Manchester United: 11
      I don’t think C.ronaldo or Messi comes close to scoring in their last 11 games..

      1. i’m glad to say, that as a anti-giroud, that he has proved me wrong. both his goals versus pool were quality. i’m trying to understand why he gives us the impression of not being a good player. the reason is not that he’s incapable of some very good goals (like yesterday); i think the reason people think he’s suspect is that he misses sitters. but just as we had to do a mental adjustment for ozil, maybe we do so for giroud too: i’ll accept the occasional missed sitter as long as his overall output is good.

      2. @nosentiments you should’ve written an article about it. Our players get a bashing for silly things. For all the hype he gets, CR7 is yet to learn football is a team sport. His attitude in their last game, just because he didn’t score is diabolical. If it was Sir Alex or Mr Wenger, they would’ve taken him out of the game and showed him who’s boss.

    2. Not only is Giroud scoring plenty of goals for Arsenal, but he’s increasingly showing himself to be the man for the big occasion.
      So far this season, the France international has scored two goals away to Liverpool, one away to joint-league leaders Leicester City, and one, the winner, at home to main title rivals Manchester City.

      In the Champions League, Giroud has scored home and away against Bayern Munich, and also netted a crucial hat-trick to fire Arsenal through from their group in their final game at Olympiakos.
      This is nothing new either, last season he got scored twice against Liverpool, twice against Manchester City, once against Manchester United and once in the FA Cup final win over Aston Villa.

      1. giroud’s confidence is increasing. i really hope he can keep it up and doesnt return to the days of questioning.

    3. Something you won’t see a lot of people giving him credit for, but it’s fair to say Giroud is a pretty strong character to turn things around the way he has.
      Quickly written off by many Arsenal fans, it took seven games for Giroud to score his first goal for the club, and some admittedly bad misses rather unfairly started to gain more attention than anything good he did on the pitch.
      Wenger himself has clearly not always been convinced by him either, having tried several times to use Theo Walcott, Alexis Sanchez or Danny Welbeck as better options up front, but Giroud has seen off the threat of all of them.
      Not bad, Olivier.

    1. i think if we had started a decent cdm like elneny versus pool, we’d have won that liverpool game. our attack was good (3 goals), but defense sucked. koz not as good; maybe give him a break and bring on gabriel versus stoke.

      1. Question: anyone think we would’ve been better off starting Chambers yesterday at DM or was Flamini the right choices?

  1. @ Mick The Gooner, I like that feeling. Yay Arsenal!

    Then after Stoke, we play Chelsea… still early to talk about that game at the Emirates but i really want to defeat Chelsea. we lost @ stamford bridge…

    If we want to win the league, we have to defeat teams around us or better still draw (don’t lose) with them and beat other teams.

    Manc ( Win or draw) since we defeated them @ the emirates.

    Leicester (Win or draw). we defeated them @ their home..

    Tottenham (Win). We drew at the Emirates. Leicester took 3pts from them. So if we beat them, hopefully they defeat or draw Mancity in their reverse fixture.

    Manu (Win, very possible) or at least don’t lose…we also defeated them @ the emirates..

    We shared the points with liverpool (Home and away)…

    Then beat other teams at the bottom half…I know some games will be tough (Everton, Palace, westham and the likes) but if we play our cards right with my prediction. We will win the league..

    Oh well, maybe i am faster than my shoulders but i really want us to win the league this season….

    Once again, Welcome Elneny…..Show us what you got.

  2. i have a feeLing as well……… This season would be different at the britania!

    Plus the fact that Leicester are hot on our tail may just be a motivation and drive forward!

  3. Lets try this at the Britania

    bellerin gab kos monreal
    Elneny Ramsey
    campbell ozil sanchez

    and see if we dn’t make a difference this year…

  4. Oh thank you.
    Tired of seeing Flamini ox and walcott doing a mr bean on the pitch.
    Also tired of seeing the ox on the bench.
    He should be left at home with his pets

    1. Haha I just bought an Ox kit so I need him to step the hell up so I can wear it proudly. No time to play with pets

  5. I havent gotten a chance to comment recently but this is what I have to say about the liverpool game.
    For those saying that it was a good result you are sadly mistaken.
    We got those three goals thanks to toure and mignolet.
    Liverpool even struggles to draw against relegation battling teams.A liverpool side without 5 key players managing to put 3 past the arsenal?
    And you hear something like
    Uh-oh we showed character.
    We are still top of the league.
    we battle…Ouch
    Be realistic fans you guys.

    1. you have to give kudos to giroud for our goals. our attack was good (even tho we had no midfield). it was our D that sucked. koz made a few mistakes. and pool just waltzed thru our CDM part of the field several times. flam looks busy but people go by him all the time. coq would instead put a foot in and stop half those attacks.
      ramsey needs to be disciplined by wenger.

    2. Exactly and there were more than a few losers who were bigging up the draw last night,
      it wasn’t as if we were losing 3-2 and we managed to nick a point in the 90th minute!

      It was most definitely two points lost, that will come with a cost, at the end of the season.

      I noticed that some fans on here are more interested in their glory hunting for thumbs up than the actual results or going ons at the club ? ?
      They probably do a screen shot save to impress their invisible mates on FB! ??

      You know who you are, So hit here ⤵

  6. sorry but i have to get this off my chest, i really really really hate man united for some reason and it makes me so happy to see them managed by Van Gal. as you know we get trolls on this site, infitrators from the spuds, Chelsea and the like. do any of you know a site for man utd fans like this one so i can go and piss em off when im bored??

  7. We beat Swansea in their home 3:0 this season,a team we couldn’t over in 3 consecutive meetings.We’ve beaten the 2 Manchester clubs & Chelsea in 2015 and I see us doing same against Stoke in Britannia.My final prediction is 1-3 in our favour.COYG!

    1. with sanchez, and elneny: it will happen.

      just hope i dont see arteta on the field (sorry buddy, should have said a fond farewell to you last season).

      also if a stoke player tries to shove our players into boards or pits, i hope refs give them a red this time instead of ignoring (sanchez almost went into pit, debuchy lost 6 months colliding with a board)

  8. On another note, it looks like Ramsey is on a new killing streak, it was David Bowie last week, and Alan Rickman today.

    Who will he kill next?

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