Arsenal to give Sanchez another centre forward chance?

Even though he is widely recognised as one of the best attacking options that Arsenal have in our squad, we have rarely seen the Chile international Alexis Sanchez in the key centre forward position. Needs must, of course, so Arsene Wenger felt he had to give him a go through the middle against Liverpool last weekend because of the limited options available.

It is fair to say that it did not work and you could even say that as well as having no cut and thrust through the middle, we also missed the sharpness of Sanchez on the left flank, but it appears that our manager is planning to give the Chilean another chance in the central role away to Leicester City today.

Wenger spoke earlier in the week about not risking all of the latecomers from Euro 2016 and I took that to mean that Olivier Giroud would probably be on the bench, so when the boss used another report to talk up the qualities of Alexis, comparing him to Barcelona star Luis Suarez and suggesting that he could have a future as a centre forward I got the distinct impression that he would get another chance to prove it today.

Wenger said, “I think it is worth it to try as he has the quality to go behind. Honestly he did not have the most convincing game [against Liverpool] – he is one of them who is not completely ready physically. We did not dominate the game as much as we would have liked in midfield and he suffered a little bit from that as well. But on the flanks he uses a lot of energy by chasing back and I would like to use his energy sometimes a bit more efficiently by going behind the defenders as he is a good finisher. He has played centre forward at Barcelona.

“He has similar qualities [to Suarez] and he has a good timing to run behind the defenders. His run through in the first half [against Liverpool], when Monreal gave him the ball, he was just offside, by a fraction. Let’s see. It is interesting to see how well he copes there. He is technically top.

“With him it is difficult to be careful. Last year sometimes I overplayed him a little bit and he is always looking to stay on the pitch. Maybe I will have to rest him a bit more, yes.”

Will Arsenal start with Sanchez in the middle and if so will it work?


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  1. Sanchez has been utter s*ite as centre forward.

    But mind as well put him there and Bould in defense and all our positions are covered LOL

    1. He has been utter S,tie playing on the left too. Every team knows he has no left foot so they read his game in running down the left,stops turns to cross or beat player. Is best on right side or deeper in middle. Hope Walcott scores and has good game. Bet he brings on Giroud for Oxy and moves Sanches to left. We need a left sided forward and then we will be a team. CB

  2. Meanwhile Mighty Burnley is putting on a counter attacking clinic against Klopp boys, same group that ran roughshod over our hapless Gunners last week.


    1. Exactly!
      Burnley 2 Liverpool 0.
      Two shots, Two Goals and you know if Liverpool were playing Arsenal instead they would have been 3 nil up at Half-time.

  3. said the other day, klopp is all hype. He is just fooling people with his fake smile. Yes a good.manager but he ain’t in the league of sir Alex or pep or Jose or ancelotti. sad it had to us who had to get thrashed against pool

      1. just don’t see it. Pool look very average. even last week it was just those spell of 15 mind which they took they game away otherwise they are not that good

        1. You’re right! ? and that was only because wenger sent out Ramsey and iwoba for the second half, knowing that they were injured.

    1. It sure look as though Klopp relishes playing against the big boys.

      He has thrashed Man City, Totts, Soton and co since being appointed. But it’s against team who park the bus that he struggles against.

  4. I can’t wait to see Wenger’s starting line up!
    Nothing like a good old laugh, before kick off!

  5. Wenger said we are a club that brings through players so why not start Akpom
    Or is that an excuse to not spend

    1. I truly believe Wenger needs a mandated psychological evaluation. Lol He continuously spouts such conflicting nonsense about promoting from within, then a willingness to buy top top players if available, followed buy a refusal to meet the majority of these too top players evaluations.

      I honestly believe he doesn’t have a clue what he’s saying.

      1. I’ve said for a while his mental state needs to be questioned, he contradicts himself so much. he stated theres been not much movement this window ????? nearly 900m wow my question is does he has a mental illness or is he lying

  6. Yeah yeah yeah…..anything so the silly old fools in the club don’t have to fork out for a striker. It’s pathetic.

    Done anything about our CB problem yet wenger? Nope!

  7. Today’s lineup looks nice – if only Sanchez wouldn’t run around too much and simply concentrate on putting it into the net 🙁 3-2 to the Arsenal!

  8. On a positive side though, I’m a lot more confident with Cazorla in the starting lineup. Easy to forget he was our playmaker before Özil came to town.

    1. 2 in 2 for the Belgian

      IBRA doing what well IBRA dies

      Lacazette scoring for fun in Ligue 1….Again

      Meanwhile @ the Emirates…….

  9. dont get ozil on the bench … his euros finished 7 weeks ago … or is it just another excuse to give walcott a chance to demonstrate his mediocrity … anyway a better team than last weekend but still vulnerable to pace of their attacking options

  10. Arsenal v United

    CECH is arguably better but both are WC

    If we get Mustafi then ARSENAL
    Bellerin…Koscielny…Mustafi…Monreal would be a very strong defense

    DM and B2B
    Pogba, Schneiderlin, Fellaini, Herrera, Schweinsteiger are a bit better than Coquelin, Xhaka, Cazorla, Wilshere and Ramsey

    Ozil is better than Mata

    Ibrahimovich, Rooney, Martial> Giroud, Theo, Alexis

    Bench: UNITED
    Mktiharyan, Rashford, Depay, Herrera, Schneiderlin etc

    Winners: UNITED

    1. UTD defence and midfield better than ours?? LOL I know you’re not impressed with our inactivity during the window but be serious man!
      Our RB/LB options are better,
      Our CB options are better,
      Our CM, DM, AM are all better. We don’t need Pogba, what does he do to warrant even half his price tag?
      Only their strike force is better and that’s only on paper!
      If we bring in say Lacazette for example, I’ll say we’re better up top as well.

      Just my opinion bro. COYG

    1. who knows. If Koscielny is fit, how come Giroud isn’t playing? Why put crosses in the air against Huth and Morgan? Never going to win.

      1. Exactly we just wasting ball. But hey I’m not a professional footballer or manager so what do I know.

  11. Lol Vardy, so he kicks us in head and trips us and just gets spoken to.

    But coq doesn’t touch him and he gets yellow

    1. Big club????????

      Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, City, United those are big clubs

      We just above average

  12. uneventful half. Probably a good thing. Theo is useless this game, so is Sanchez in the middle. If anything Sanchez should be on wings so he gets the ball more at least.

  13. the hate on theo is ridiculous.. he isn’t a playmaking winger.. we all know his strenghts.. he is the one who crosses those 1-2 balls which get converted to goals or runs on to those dangerous chances.. if you expect him to be flashy like ox you are looking at the wrong side of the field.. just watch ox 😉

    1. Sanchez is a heck of a player but for Christ sake pass the freaking ball. Sooooooo many times he destroys promising counters by refusing to release the ball.

  14. Loving Xhaka. Holding also doing well but still got a lot to learn. Why can’t we splash some cash and get a proper striker. Sanchez is a very good player but too short for the the system we play. Should we play a quick counter attaché game, Walcott and Ox on the side, with Sanchez upfront, could work. However, we play to walk the ball into the net. No decent strikes from outside the box. Ox tried but should do it more often to perfect the technique.

  15. Only a matter of time before Coquelin sees red again. I understand his passion but sometimes he’s just flat out reckless.

  16. When are people going to realise walcott is not only a fraud but he has stopped the delusional one strengthening the attack for 5 years inc by getting griezman

  17. I’m worried now. We look lost of ideas. Monreal gets in the final third then doesn’t know what to do. Walcott has zero ball control. What the hell has Alexis been doing up front?? It’s all so wrong

  18. I don’t understand. Why is Wenger not getting Coq out? Seriously! Why? He’s changing Xhaka instead.

      1. Monreal is great. Him and Bellerin are *gulp* missing giroud. Most of their crosses and assists are for him. Walcott and Sanchez cant header

    1. that a joke? it was more useless dribbling, no end product. Same nonsense he’s been doing for several years.

  19. i dont even get mad when Walcott fails in front of goal. I just laugh. It’s a long ongoing joke at this point. Whole team is

  20. Could have won but most likely to lose, a very good away point considering wenger delaying returns of key players and injuries. Now buy some bloody players!

  21. We were made to look distinctly average, especially after Cazorla came off.

    We were lucky to come out with a point we should’ve conceded the penalty. We had plenty of chances to score, but if the manager refuses to bring in a striker, which is the way Arsenal have always worked in the past, we don’t stand much chance. Was looking at Zlatan last night, and we could’ve easily recruited him, and he seems to be more of a cohesive than destructive force, as people were saying. He would’ve been ideal with both aerial and shooting ability. But Wenger never makes a mistake, so after letting him slip through his hands, he was unlikely to go back on that.

    Wenger says he will only spend money on quality, yet we, the fans have to spend money on c;@p.

  22. I really don’t blame AFC, the blame shou be on the fans stupid enough to to renew season tickets and also buy Arsenal

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