Arsenal to go 4-4-2 with Podolski and Welbeck?

I am not sure if Arsene Wenger is ready to take too many risks when he sets his Arsenal team up to face Borussia Dortmund in the Champions League, but as usual the Frenchman’s tactical options are a little restricted because of the injury situation.

With the Gunners needing just a point, the manager may well decide to play it safe. Jurgen Klopp is probably thinking along the same lines with his own injury problems and with Dortmund sitting two places off the bottom of the Bundesliga and facing a tough trip to Hamburg at the weekend. So now could be a perfect time to surprise the Germans and go on the attack.

And one way to do this would be to change the formation and play two strikers in a 4-4-2 formation. With Giroud available and Koscielny back to strengthen the back four, I think it would have been quite likely, but I reckon that Lukas Podolski could be just as good an option alongside Welbeck.

Podolski is all about experience and finishing, while Danny is all about pace, movement and work rate. Together they could complement each other and compensate for the weak points in the other. Wenger seems to be struggling to find opportunities for the German but he is desperate to play and while he may not do enough to be the lone centre forward, he might be ideal as part of a pair.

The final point in favour of this is that Dortmund are likely to be without their best centre back Mats Hummels and will not expe4ct to have to cope with a front two as well as the pace of Alexis and Chamberlain. It might just get the Gunners a vital and morale boosting win. What do you think?

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  1. dan says:

    With the injury news as bad as ever can only see a Dortmund win more doom and gloom but getting use to it now!

    1. Darwin says:

      hope for the best, expect the worst. I wish we atleast scrape through.

  2. davidnz says:

    Podolski hardly ever plays.
    Campbell never plays.
    Sanogo never plays
    Wellbeck runs hot and cold.
    Only Wenger knows who will play.
    Dortmund are struggling too.
    Similar to the Man U game.
    Two sides desperate for a
    morale boosting win.
    Arsenal has more to lose.
    So I see the gunners winning.

  3. Darwin says:

    Podolski – Campbel
    Sanchez – Arteta – Flamini – Ox
    Gibbs – Monreal – Mert – Chambers

    *I wanted Cazorla instead of Arteta, but Arteta somehow gets my nod.
    *Sanchez can help Podolski defensively.
    *Campbel gets my nod ahead of Welbeck because of “finishing” and tiredness. However Campbel himself might be rusty.
    *And who the heck is going to be our keeper?

  4. Sumo says:

    We are currently on 7 points in the group. And BvB with 12.
    If we beat them today (which is actually very possible) we go on 10 with then remaining on 12.

    The away trip to Turkey will be the main game there. And if BvB then lose to Anderlecht(they have a certain fight about them) we top the group.

    And then comes the January window to strengthen our team with defensive covers and a defensive midfielder. Pay Leverkusen whatever they want for Lars Bender but just get him.

    With out injured coming back and and medical team showing that they can do a fine job (see Giroud), we may make a run for the UCL.

    1. optimisticgooner says:

      U r being too optimistic bruh

  5. dilla says:

    YES, thank you God!! Koscielny is back in the squad for tomorrow. About time we started getting some good news.

  6. Sumo says:

    In the winter window, let Poldi go for how much ever you get for him, not only will it free wages but also give us some funds. We reportedly have 20mil in the January window.

    If Santi doesn’t come good by then, sell him. He never has regained his 2012-13 form. Recoup some money and then go all out for that defensive midfielder. Cheick Tiote will cost less than 5mil (less than 8 considering it’s the winter window). Orelse pay whatever they ask for Lars Bender. I don’t think Willam Carvalo is going to happen.

    Get rid of Flamini and if, only if, Diaby comes good give him a pay-as you play contract. Let Rosicky go in the summer, he will forever be a Arsenal man.

  7. Me says:



    it doesn’t really matter to tell the truth, Confidence is what wins you games and Wenger has knocked the confidence out of every single player in that squad.

    What a total disappointment this season is – the sooner he is gone the better. He typifies “past his best”

    Tactically inept, fails to identify weaknesses in the squad and has no idea of how to use substitutes (throws on attackers just in the hope).

    He has GOT to go…

  8. ronniec says:

    Wenger will start Sanogoal and Welbeck, forget Poldi.

    1. Pottonman says:

      Sanogoal is pants its like watching a giraffe trying to threading a needle. He is crap?

  9. Onochie says:

    This article writer is really not an Arsenal fan,formation doesn’t win our games anymore,motivation,determination,good performance and most importantly Confidence. And for the record,we can’t see podolski starting.

  10. ryanh27 says:

    First of all, giroud is not available, welbeck is a doubt… I would go for Sanchez up front with podolski as a partner, and Campbell and chamberlain on the wings, or have Sanchez on the wing with Campbell and podolski operating as strikers… My starting team would be

    But knowing wenger he would probably do something to piss us all off…

    1. Skandalouz says:

      That’s really really offensive (dangerous) to play a side like dortmund. They play counter football so I think 2 controlling mids are a must.

      I would play Podolski upfront and Rosicky Ramsey and Sanchez as attacking support. 3 players that are also known for their (efficient) defensive work. Maybe put chambers next to Arteta on CM or just play with Flamini/Arteta. Bellerin didn’t do bad at Dortmund away so why not?

  11. Gundam says:

    Welbeck is not a striker… he is a second striker with the way he plays. He is hardly ever there. Runs around like a headless chicken. Needs to learn his role and stick to it.

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