Arsenal to go back for deadline day defender

Everyone knows that Arsenal desperately needed another central defender during the transfer window, and according to the Mail, Arsene Wenger tried to make a last minute move for the Celtic star Virgil van Dijk.

The 23 year-old has only been with Celtic for one season, but was named Player’s Player of the season so he must have made a big impression in his first season. So perhaps its no wonder that Celtic were a bit loathe to lose him on deadline day….

The report says that Arsenal are going to keep monitoring the Dutchman’s progress with a view to going back with another bid in January. At least that will give the Scottish giants a bit more time to line up a replacement instead of losing him at the last minute.

The ex-Groningen defender is certainly imposing at 6ft 4 inches and will add some neccessary height to our back line to help deal with set-pieces which seems to have been an Arsenal weakness in recent years.

Rio Ferdinand’s verdict……

‘He is cool, calm and collected in defence. Virgil always appears relaxed and it looks as if there is another gear in there.
‘His time for moving will definitely come at some point but look, he’s in the Holland squad this week while playing for Celtic, so it can’t be too bad for him.’

Who thinks he will be a good addition to the Arsenal squad?

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  1. Wenger Knew we needed Vermulean replacement two weeks before the dead line, and he said he will replace him but he didn’t that’s just incompitence for someone earning more than 7 million a year.

    1. The same way kostas manolas was rumoured about coming to arsenal, and next thing he ended at Roma…
      Seriozli I don’t see ds deal happening in january as he is cup tied., and if the rumor of bringing yepes for free is true , then it means we leave van dijk’s deal til summer which makes it little possible for us to get him due to competition for his signature at that time…
      And who knows, if wenger really wants to get him…

      1. The Yepes move will never happen. He’s 38 FFS…Slow and Old…He had a great world cup but if he was good why no one has signed him yet and why did Atalanta release him?

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      1. If you don’t trust her then you don’t love her anyway, so what you worried about?

        Anyway, enough this is Arsenal, yes dick van dijk would be a great signing. But please people, Vermaelen has been replaced by chambers so too has every other departure.

        Vermaelen – chambers
        Sagna – debuchy
        Fabianski – ospina
        Viviano – martinez
        Kallstrom – coquelin
        Park – sanchez
        Bendtner – welbeck
        Jenkinson – bellerin
        Ryo – campbell
        Djourou – hayden

        Ten departures from last season’s first team and ten arrivals, I would say the squad has been improved. Is it enough? Well over £800m was spent this summer by epl clubs around 10% of that by arsenal, one l thing i will guarantee is only one club will win the league.

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        1. i feel for you.
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          1. Come on Muff.
            I feel this place is the sort of the bar you hang out in.
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            People can talk normally, even when it is not about football, right?
            Atleast that what i feel

            1. Well his first contributions on here were that he wished Wenger would die in a plane crash and WS is a “f**king tw*t”. Nice fella. So no crocodile tears here, maybe his wife has a point.

        2. No it’s not a hacking site.. but We are Gooner brothers till we die, if need any one to talk to m8, here’s the place.
          Chin up mate, she was probably a spud anyway

    3. But them akb arse lickers dont see that way,what gets me most is that fact weneger goes on n on abt money but when it comes to his contracts he doesn’t lower the wages.over a decade we haven’t won epl or champion league but his on 7 millions a year, he doesn’t have any passion to win again.jst happy with 4th place.them akb muppets keep signing his name cos they don’t love the club

  2. We don’t need
    Jill van dik.
    We are getting a 45
    year old Columbian free agent.
    And we have 51 yr Steve Bould.
    Diabys Grand father is available as well as Stephen Hawking.
    There is no problem we have 6 defenders
    and Arsenal players never get injured.

    1. the colombian dude had an outstanding world cup and he is only 38….not 45….plus the last time I checked steve bould was retired but maybe wenger can pursue him to come out of retirement, who knows. Diaby’s grandfather passed away a couple of years ago so may god bless him and Stephen hawking is joining city on a free transfer. So lets go for Joseph Yobo!!!!yeye

  3. I agree with zulu boy and nz, I also agree with the French TV.Don’t renew Wengers contract when it runs out.

  4. As much as i like sticking it to Jack, today is a boring Sunday and i did a bit of work on him. Lets look at facts without bias and Ramsey comparisions:
    1. Won the best goal of the season award.(Ask Kasami how much it mean to him)
    2. Had the fastest goal by an Englishman in the Champions League.
    3. A brace and MOTM performance against Marsellie which helped us get 12 points, and then losing to Napoli meant we remained on 12. So hypothetically, he was the factor in us getting to the round of 16 and 20mill quid.
    4. Had the highest number of goals in his career in 2013-14.

    Now to the major highlights-
    -Made a _[]_ to the ManC supporters.
    -Caught somking outside a pub. Admitted to being guilty and doing it later on again.
    -Ground hugging abysmal style of play.

    I think he is the next Lord Bendtner waiting to happen unless he minds his step and for anyone who thinks otherwise, at 19 he spat on a cabbie sporting a Spurs cap. And the club has to release a statement on his drunk-ar*e behalf.

    Lord Bendtner was a lot of potential too, with arrogant behaviour to his critis. The difference though between Jack and Nicklas is National Passport.

  5. Arsene is right to bring in more defender’s, think there is adequate cover.

    Come January we will look to see if squad depth a problem

  6. Of course were buying a defended minded player in Jan Window, but you WILL NEVER GUESS WHO IT IS, Wenger buy’s under the radar, to stop other leeches making offers, plus agents are his worst nightmare, so he will stun them with a bid.
    Wenger hates bidding wars
    Wenger hates…..

    Tell me one rumor that has come true ?

  7. I relish the day we have a new manager, the list of players that won’t be in his plans, the new players he will bring in, the suspense the excitement for a change of things, can’t wait for this 3 years to be over. Does anyone know when does Jurgen Klopp contract runs out, he is my prefered candidate.

      1. That’s the point, a change will be nice though we don’t know what will happen but we will hope for the best, atleast better than the past 7 years. There won’t be favorites, players will perform, trying to please the new manager, no mediocrity will be tolerated.

    1. Zulu Boy…. You read my mind. I thought i was the only one in this world fantasizing what a Post-Wenger life would be like….. If that stubborn old man Goes, i’d like Either Klopp or Simeone to take over.

    2. Klopp seems the preferred choice to replace Wenger but seems an odd one to me. Klopp is a huge Wenger fan, doesn’t buy big or get enticed with big names and reluctantly sells his best players. Seeing that the biggest complaints about AW are not spending, buying unknowns on the cheap and letting his biggest players go then can’t see the logic. Where Klopp has an edge maybe tactical astuteness but not sure that is the main reason he is being singled out. The AOB deserve a Mourinho or Van Gaal and a new board to go with it – they seem more in tune with their “demands”.

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