Arsenal to go Big in Munich – but then give up?

Despite the heroics of the Arsenal team produced in beating the hot favourites Bayern Munich at the Emirates stadium on Tuesday night, our position in the Champions League is still a very precarious one. So when the Gunners arrive at Munich´s Allianz Arena in a couple of weeks, it will be in the knowledge that we need to get something from the game.

This week´s win has given us a chance but UCL history shows it be a small one, with a fraction over 20 percent of the other teams in this position making it to the next round, a report in The Mirror reveals.

As bad as it would be for Arsenal to get knocked out of the Champions League, it could actually help us in our quest for the Premier League title. The last thing we need is to drop into the Thursday night limbo of the Europa League, as it has been prove to adversely affect a club´s results on the following weekend.

To be honest, we could have done with a draw between Dinamo Zagreb and Olympiacos in the other game from our group this week, but the Greek team grabbed a late winner and will now have home advantage over the Croatians in their next clash.

So let´s say that Arsenal play well and get an unlikely draw. Assuming that Olympiacos beat Zagreb in Athens, as their home record suggests to be pretty likely, then the Greeks would go top on nine points, Bayern would be second with six, Arsenal would be third with four and Zagreb would be bottom on three.

The question then for Arsene Wenger would be whether to go for it at home to Zagreb because to have any chance of getting out of the group we would need to beat Olympiacos away in the final game assuming that they also lost in Munich. We would then be on 10 points and they would be on nine.

If we lose in Munich it would be even worse because we could tie on points but they scored three away goals in London so realistically the Gunners would need to win by a two goal margin and our record in Greece is poor. In my opinion Arsenal simply have to go for it against Bayern and get something from the game.

If not then I would reluctantly play the reserves against Zagreb and Olympiacos and drop out of Europe altogether. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. I don’t understand why we would want to drop out of any competition? I say try and win every comp we are in…. And try to be in every competition possible. We can always rest key players if we have a big game at the weekend.

    1. Wow what a loser mentality the author has… as if Arsenal are not capable of beating Olympiacos with a two goal margine. The fans are always crying out about lack of ambition from the club/manager and then someone comes out to wright something like this smfh…

      1. Such an article make me feel sick, if we can win 2-0 against bayern then what motivation do someone need to be Optimistic???? What a wrong timing piece of words called article.?

        1. You guys seem to forget that when we were supposed to beat Monaco we failed, when we were supposed to beat West Hame we failed, when we were supposed to beat Zagreb we failed. NOTICE A PATTERN ? ARSENAL HAVE A HABIT OF SLAKING OFF AND HUMILIATING THEMSELVES WHEN THEY DON’T HAVE A LOSER MENTALITY AND EXPECT A GAME TO BE EASY. THE AUTHOR IS RIGHT TO BE WEARY

          1. The author said we should give up and play the reserves if we lose to Bayern. So you say he’s right because we shouldn’t even try to win both games against the mighty Olympiacos and Zagreb. Fans like you are holding the club back…

            1. No I say he’s right to be negative because Arsenal always disappoint when we’re positive. Why have Arsenal all of a sudden confident in the way they play ? Because they played like they had nothing to lose due to bottling it against Olympiakos

  2. Why all these permutations? Many if’s. Let’s be realistic about this beautiful game called football. We take a game, one at a time. We play Everton this weekend. Let’s focus on that first. We need to be in very competition because that’s what big teams does and we are ONE. We have a deep roster and should be able to rotate.

  3. Listen Baby Please

    Lets go into Munich and take some points
    We should play to win every match we play

  4. Arsene has damaged the situation in the first segment of the champions league ties with wrong selection and i mean Ospina will play only in the capital one cup and F.A Cup. Players like Debuchy,Arteta are weak players they completely abandon their formation and i hope those 2 including jack with Ospina gets sold.

  5. Qualification is back in our hands now, pretty much. Olympiakos will most likely beat Zagreb again, and they’ll undoubtedly lose to Bayern. That puts them on 9 points. If we beat Zagreb and Olympiakos, we’ll also have 9 points. It’s then decided by head-to-head record. Olympiakos beat us 3-2, so realistically, we’d have to beat them by 2 goals to go through. Or we scrap it out for a draw in Munich and go through with 10 points. Or we go on a mad one and beat Bayern again and top the group.

    1. @Mick
      I love the ending, we definitely need to get mad and beat them me if we do beat them home and away, and definitely qualify, we’ll face any team in the round sixteen with confidence, even madrid, ohhh what a lovely time to meet Barcelona and sip some revenge juice in their face… but first, lets all go with the team to win at Munich again. We need it, our players can beat anyone if their heart is in it, I don’t get why their heart is not always in it though.

  6. Munich already have 6 points!
    Anyways … we have a better record at Munich’s ground,
    We have won and drawn there in our last two visits,
    So there’s no reason why we can’t beat them again,
    as long as our team stays fit, of course ?
    We have to win our remaining 3 games to guarantee Qualification for the last 16 and if we carry on playing in the way that we have been, we will do it!

  7. If Zagreb beat Olympiakos and Arsenal win in Munich we will ALL have 6 points!

    And if my uncle had a dick he would be my auntie.

    1. What? … ?
      if your uncle had a dick he would be your auntie? ?
      You messed that up as well ?

      you obviously meant ..if your auntie had a dick she would be your uncle. .. I think ? ?

      Hahaha. . Lets leave it at that since no swearing is allowed on here…. but its okay to talk about dicks ??

  8. ooooooohhh yesssssssss

    all the Bayern players want revenge and trust me we will give them a hell of a round 2 ….they all were saying we got lucky but they should always the note that when ever they score us we always down by one man so they should Neva at any point underestimate us plus hey we always qualify from Group stages…

  9. No reason why we can’t take maximum points in the remaining fixtures in the CL but lets concentrate on the upcoming fixtures first I reckon. We need to keep this PL run going on sat, let the young guns run wild at Sheff Wed mid week, then the tricky Swansea away fixture! See what shape were in after that game then we should talk about Bayern. COYG

  10. “WE CAN BEAT ANYBODY”..thanx master Theo,lets take one at a time with no ifs,take the remaining points and top the group..very possible..WE ARE ARSENAL.!

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