Arsenal to go for Lukaku transfer after Everton FA cup woe?

Arsenal fans and Arsene Wenger have a lot to thank the FA cup for, especially over the last couple of years when it provided the trophy that had been so elusive since a winning penalty by Patrick Vieira in 2005 brought the last piece of silverware to the club for almost a decade.

And I think that the Everton manager was hoping that the famous old urn might take the growing pressure off his shoulders just as it had with the Arsenal boss. They came close yesterday and can consider themselves unlucky to have lost to Manchester United, but that is unlikely to do much to save the job of Roberto Martinez.

And it might have been the last chance for the Toffees to hold on to their best players, according to the Daily Mail, one of which is the Belgian striker Romelu Lukaku who has been linked with Arsenal in the past and might just be the forward that Wenger is looking for in the summer. The way Giroud’s form has tailed off must have been as worrying for the boss as it has been for us fans.

Now that Everton are out and their season is limping to a lame conclusion, I reckon that the prof should already be in touch with Lukaku’s people, because any striker that is just two shy of 20 Premier League goals for a team that is struggling will surely have many suitors.

I do think that the Gunners would have a great chance of getting him, though, as long as Wenger does not dilly dally around and makes a proper effort to seal the deal as soon as possible. What do you guys think?

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  1. Please spare us this tosh.

    Do we have to have an article on every transfer fantasy?

    Wenger over.
    And out please.

      1. Yes admin, Wenger out, coz even in this suggested transfer info, with Wenger still as the manager, it won’t happen. So, Wenger out for this transfer idea to materialize. Or else we’ll end up with some 17year old striker and wait for him to mature then be sold to a more ambitious club

        1. @sood. I know full well how most of you feel. I do read about 300 comments a day so I probably know more than anybody.
          There are at least 4 or 5 articles about Wenger every single day which gives the AOB’s more than a big enough platform to let off steam, but on the other ones I will not allow them to be highjacked into repeating the same old mantra you do on the Wenger posts. If an article is about Oxlade-Chamberlain or Ramsey or even Lukaku I expect the discussion to revolve around the topic in question.
          I am serious, this site is not called but is here to discuss Arsenal and the football.

          1. THANK YOU!!!!! People are sooo damn depressing!! It’s really annoying! Can we just talk about the article topic please people??

            And yes Lukaku would kill it at Arsenal. Perfect signing I feel

    1. The useless PR machine.
      They plant stories in the media about trying to buy players when the next fact, they neither put in the effort nor have any intention of doing so.
      Just like the planted Cavani and Benzema stories.
      It is all about money in the back so that Kroenke can leverage his shares in arsenal to borrow many to build his Rams stadium in california.
      The 40,000,001 bid was made because they knew Liverpool were going to reject it.The reason why they did not go back with an improved bid.
      Wenger must go

  2. trying to cheat us …too bad we’ve learned wenger out is the first transfer business that we need to work on.

    1. Unhappy Times at Arsenal….

      I could devour a Lion with a singLe stare ….

      The anger…The Look in my eyes …The Look in my eyes!

      1. man and they don’t want us carry wenger out banners at the Emirates….but they can’t stop us from singing wenger out

    1. Lukaku will want CL football so he won’t be coming to Arsenal.
      As well as not winning a trophy this season, we probably get 5th and Tottenham have finished above us. When we get 5th, I expect Sanchez will to want to go.
      Seriously, Wenger should have been relieved of his duties after the home loss to Watford in the FA Cup.

  3. You got to admire Leicester….They all put in a shift. Whoever plays play with his heart.. No Vardy today but we saw what Uloa did. That’s a team with some grit, mental strength and team spirit.

    Whereas, Wenger has been preaching cohesion since my niece turned 11.

    I don’t even wanna bug my head with transfers now……

  4. Up Next: ReLegation candidates of the canaries

    Venue: The Library of the Tea sippers

    who Loves to know the outcome of the encounter in advance? L()L

  5. It has gotten to a point that am now immune to Arsenal’s failures..

    Am not bothered,sad,angry or just so cool,infact am Lolest!

  6. Really hope we go for lukaku, there isnt a player better suited to what we need than him, he can replace Giroud in the squad with his physicality and strength, but knows how to finish. He wont have a 14 game dry spell…

    1. Can he do it against the big teams though? I want us to go all out to try & land an elite striker & one of Europe’s hottest properties like Aubameyang or Higuain.

      1. If those two are unobtainable due to price/not wanting to move, Icardi could be a good bet to suit our system- having been educated at Barcelona as a youngster. He’s done pretty great really in Italy considering Inter are not a big power at the moment & bagged more than 1 in 2 in the tough-defending Italian League. Only 23. Just one Argentina cap so might not be a premium price yet, but could be the next big thing perhaps, anyone seen a lot of him?

  7. Out


    1. Not bad… You obviously have a soft spot for Jack Wheelchair? … But Wenger’s Spot for Ramsey is MUCH Bigger! ?

      Let’s be honest here, even with the signings that you suggested, It just doesn’t seem enough with Wenger sitting in the dugout. ?

  8. Wenger made a couple of bad decisions with the starting lineup vs. Sunderland. That is clear in my book. Giroud and Ramsey are Wenger pets so they get to start. LeCoq and Welbeck get only leftovers.

    The only good news was the defense. 2 starts in a row for the Mert/Kos partnership – 2 clean sheets in a row for that partnership. It was not perfect – but they did the job.

    1. From what I read ( I couldn`t be bothered getting up to watch the match) Cech influenced the result more than Kos and Mert.

      1. A good GK can always influence the match but…

        We had the same GK during recent games when the Gab/Kos partnership clearly was not working and Arsenal were bleeding goals. And Cech did not have that much to do except some saves he would always be expected to make.

        The Mert/Kos pairing simply works better in the long run.

  9. Chances are Lukaku will cost waaaaaaaaay too much. I have nothing against him. But it is not good to spend all the transfer money on this one player. And he will likely cost a fortune.

    And I ignore any talk about Arsenal transfer money. The last couple years Arsenal have boasted about a transfer pot with hundreds of millions. But how much did they actually spend the last couple years??? This season they acquired Cech and Elneny – about 15 mil – Not quite “hundreds of millions.”

  10. How our team played today.
    Really really really.
    Were those real professionals or drunkards in disguise.
    Seriously there is no excuse for such a performance worse than a sunday league team.

  11. It’s gonna take an offer of at least £50 million for Everton to invite you to the table ,with Lukaku.

    And when you consider the pathetic offers that wenger makes.. + £1 ? you can forget about this player,
    I read that the scouts have been watching his younger brother who is a very pacey LB.

    Suarez has come out and said that he was close to being an Arsenal player in 2013…. ? …. Blamed his agent for that falling through, even though the whole world knows it was the stupidity of adding a ‘Pound’ at the end of the 40 million offer that killed it that move.

    Anyways! … Lukaku wants to play in the champions league next season. … I seriously doubt that we will be in it,
    Surely … wenger isn’t that Lucky! ??

    1. Everton signed Lukaku for 28 m is they would want atleast 50 m for him. They have rejected 35 m for Stones and 25 m for Baines so I guess we will not offer more than 35 m for him which will be rejected.

  12. We cannot sign top strikers like aubameyang or lewandowski they don’t want to win the 4th place trophy. Our manager also cannot spend 40-50 m anyway. We should target the likes of

  13. we are the worlds most overated team.
    Seriously guys a number of rightbacks have played better than bellerin this season in the league.
    Whilst ozil has been good he needs to be exceptional like bergkamp for us to win the league.

    We need two fowards two centrebacks a left back and a midfielder.

    I suggest
    van dijik

    players like coquelin monreal and koscienly are goid but they should not be considered irreplaceable

    1. Van Dijik is a seriously good defender big strong and physical and faster. I would love to see him at Arsenal. I agree we need 2 strikers Giroud and Theo are not good enough. I would like to see Mahrez and Janssen from AZ Alkmaar.

  14. The most realistic striker we will sign next season is Morata/Janssen/Milik. Don’t even dream about big name because they will reject us and we will be left with useless Giroud as our main striker for 5th season.

  15. 50 millions for Lukaku? no way on earth..better go for ABU or Higuain. Lukaku maximumm 25 or 30 no more or Lacazette . 30 millions for Carvalho/ Bedner/ Renato Sanches or Xaka and 20 millions for Humels.. Our spine sorted.JOB DONE. Oh I forgot, Sampaoli / Bielsa or Simeone as Coach.

    1. Higuain release clause is 70 m pounds lol not gonna happen. Wenger is ready to spend not more than 40 m on a striker only if someone quality arrives.

      1. He is ready to spend more than 40m, by adding £1 to the 40m, he did that before and he can do it again in the future.

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