Arsenal to go for transfer of cheap, available and QUALITY striker?

There were quite a few Arsenal transfer rumours last summer that suggested that Arsene Wenger was one of the club managers that were hoping to add the Croatian international star Mario Mandzukic to his playing staff. We do not know for sure if that is true, but if so, the Frenchman should be very interested in what Diego Simeone has had to say this week.

Mandzukic has spent the last season playing for Atletico Madrid under the Argentinean coach and despite scoring a very respectable 20 goals from just 42 games, only 36 of them starts, his manager has made it abundantly clear that he would not be too bothered to see the centre forward move on.

As reported by the Daily Mail, Simeone not only spoke about how Mandzukic can easily get on his nerves, but he also praised the Juventus and Argentina striker Carlos Tevez who has been linked a with a possible summer transfer to the Spanish club.

He suggested that Tevez would suit the way Atletico play better than Mandzukic does and he might be right. I think that Mandzukic, with his robust approach, battling qualities and finishing, would give Arsenal a different and very good option to Giroud and Walcott up front.

The report claims that Man United might try to sign him, but do you think that Wenger should be making a call to Madrid?

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    1. Griezmann is similar player to Alexis. We need a target man who can score 30 goals plus and
      with pace.

      1. Arsenal have great depth
        we do not need
        any more strikers
        EPL goals 2014-2015
        Campbell 0.
        Sanogo 0
        Wellbeck 4
        Podolski 0
        Ryo 0

        1. Probably why four of them were loaned out don’t you think???
          Call me crazy, but I’m personally more focused on the players who will actually have any form of baring on the first-team this coming season.

    1. Lacazette, Martinez and Kane were the only strikers to score more than 30 goals last season.
      The other two are Messi and Ronaldo.

      1. I agree we need 30 plus goals striker. Mandzukic isnt good enough. Lacazette or Martinez would be my choice.

        1. Your never going to get guarantee of over 30 goals what matters is you have a player who can decide big matches and is a regular name on score sheet. Mandzukic is an upgrade to Giroud in my opinion and i think he would fit in quite well at our club.

          I would prefer we went and spent close to 35 to forty mil on our next striker as all the best ones usually go for around that price of late but if we have to go for 20m player well then you wont get much better than Mandzukic. Unless you want the long term option by buying potential Mandzukic is a solid option with great experience.

      2. Lacazette scored 19 in the Ligue 1 after you take away the penalties. Giroud would look good if he had 6 penalties that Cazorla took to his name.

  1. A very good striker i wont mind us getting is the sevilla forward carlos bacca! A clinical striker with pace and skill!

    1. Any striker is better than reserves Giroud. Suarez, Aguero, Benzema, Martinez, Higuain, Lacazette
      Bacca, Tevez.

      1. we should get both Lacazette and Martinez…and rotate

        if there is a major injury crisis, we still have a top striker to lead our attack instead of relying on Giroud

        1. …….and get Higuain as well just in case Lacazette and Martinez are both injured. The more we rotate our main striker the better. We need to show real ambition, we can then have OG as 4th backup, Welbz as 5th and Theo as 6th. In a real emergency we could use Alexis as 7th choice. Wenger out.

  2. Really Mandzukic? A bit too similar to Giroud we don’t need another Giroud (I’M NOT SAYING HE’S BAD) But if were honestly contemplating going after another striker, why not bolster our attacking options by adding a versatile player (As in potentially could play in multiple positions up front) someone like Reus, who could play on the wing, as a number 10 behind the CF or in Midfield at an extreme but still can produce Goals and Assists in the double digits.

    1. Completely agree. Mandzukic and Giroud are twin brothers. We need a pacy striker who can score goals.

      1. Actually, maybe the only plus side to Mandzukic is precisely that he is similar in many ways to OG ie: you can retain the system largely intact. Not much else though imo.

  3. We have one of the worst penallty kick takers in the BPL. Giroud, Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla and Ramsey are poor Penalty kick takers.

    1. Maybe that is why Arteta is getting a contract extension – he is decent. Only seen OG take one penalty and he scored. Must be a reason he doesn’t take them though. Give OG the 7 penalties this season and BOOM he would have been joint second scorer in the league – even with a 3 month holiday.

  4. Ibrahimovic would be better than Manduzic and would be cheaper around £15 million because last year of contract. He scored 30 goals from 35 appearances

    But come on, lets get Martinez, Lacazette, Reus or some other striker capable of 30 goals

    Manduzic won’t be a step up from Giroud at all.

    Please, we need to show ambition

    1. Ibra will flop at Arsenal. He is almost 35 and BPL will be tough for ageing players.
      Martinez/Lacazette will be huge upgrade on Giroud.

      1. JM looks a player but I’ll guarantee no-one on here has seen him in any Premiera Liga football. Both him and Giroud have had 10 professional seasons and have a remarkably similar amount of games. JM has 30 goals more than OG across 10 seasons playing in a league weaker than both Ligue 1 and PL. 3 extra goals a season for £30M. Both are similarly underwhelming at national level – both have 10 goals in 36 and 38 matches respectively.

        I’m pretty sure a lot of scouts have looked at him and though, nah. Something isn’t right – Porto a prolific selling club still have him on their books after 3 years.

        Lacazette is different. He is a 50/50 punt – flop or hit, either equally likely. 19 league goals (not including pens) is not electrifying. Even OG got more than that in L1. He has potential though but no way is he a guaranteed “huge up grade”.

    1. Didn’t see it but the match report caught my eye.

      “Chile showed more intent in the encounter with some sharp, crisp passing, while Juventus’s Vidal and Arsenal forward Alexis Sanchez combined well in the final third”.

      Hope Wenger was watching.

  5. Just pay Porto what they want, offer Martinez a good salary and lets get Martinez

    Alternatively, Lacazette

    But lets not get cheap and look for 20 goals per year players

    1. totally agree…40m? 50m?

      just pay them what they wants and get down with it…

      we need a quality striker and we are in no position to bargain

      1. He has a buyout clause of 25 m pounds. So we dont need to offer more. We need to offer
        bigger salary than Milan or whoever wants to sign him. I just hope that PSG or Man City arent interested in him though.

  6. Our defense has improved a lot this season. Bellerin and Monreal have improved a lot and consistent as full back’s. Mertesaker and Koscielny have great partner as CB. Now we need
    quality GK Cech to produce quality saves in big games and consistent at the back. Coquelin as
    DM was fantastic too. Finally we have found a DM which protects the back 4 and wins clean tackles. You all know what we need next.

  7. Martinez, Lacazette, Ibrahimovic, Benzema are all for teams without ambition

    Get Suarez, Costa, Ronaldo or Lewandowski

    For DM get Busquets, Matic, Javi Martinez, Di Rossi, Mascherano, Di hing, Bender

    Think big. Do you want 3rd or 4th and Mickey Mouse trophies every year OR do you want PL winners trophy and Champions League trophy?

    1. 1.Suarez just joined his boyhood clun Barca and won treble already. His price will be more than 100 m and also he wont leave Barca.
      2.Ronaldo- If he leaves he will go to either PSG or Man Utd. His salary will be huge.
      3. Costa- He just joined Chelsea last season. Jose wont sell him and they also dont have any other quality striker available.
      4. Lewandowski- He is the most likely to leave than others although he also joined Bayern last season.

        1. Because there are 40 million people name Sanchez in Latin America. Alexis is memorable.

  8. We went from Wright, Henry and V.Persie to Giroud, Welbeck and Chamakh. Even our 4th choice striker from 90’s Kanu was better than Giroud.

      1. Adeboy was a beeeeeast while he played with us… Call me crazy, but any striker who can win the league’s golden boot is good enough for me. You obviously never watched him

    1. Kanu’s 30 league goals in 6 seasons. OG 41 in 3 seasons. Kanu > Giroud??? You sure? The guy hasn’t got a lot more than 100 career goals in over 500 apps. He had a few tricks and was easier on the eye but come on, that is just plain wrong.

  9. Watching hing Chile vs Ecuador. Chile plays nice one touch football; like Barca/Gooner.

    Vidal is doing a Ramsey. Up front and leaving the defense to someone else. If he comes the Boss will have to tell him follow Le Coq.

      1. Alexis Sanchez baaaaby ! Just pulled off an Ozil pass to assist for the second goal.
        Extend his contract NOW! Ok I was just a teeny bit paranoid in case City offers us 80 million.

  10. LoL City’s £30 million bid for Sterling has been rejected by Liverpool

    Wenger immediately put in a bid of £30 million plus £1 lol. Just kidding

    But Liverpool did reject the £30 million. They want considerably higher

  11. Manzukic has fallen out with Pep last year and Simone this year. Plus he is not better than Giroud. No thank you.

  12. If we take a more detailed look at Giroud’s stats he actually scored 14 goals from only 21 STARTS + 6 appearances off the bench in the Premier League, and 19 goals from only 26 starts in all comps. His goals to starts ratio is very respectable — most people would say a ratio of 1 goal every 2 games is fine for a lone centre forward and his was better than that.

    So I think if we’re buying a striker, it shouldn’t necessarily be for the goals tally but because it provides us with a different option and a different type of player who can pose problems to defences that OG can’t necessarily pose himself.

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