Arsenal to have Mahrez signed, sealed and delivered in days?

It seems clear to me that the answer to the question of whether Arsenal will be successful in the pursuit of the Algerian international star Riyad Mahrez lies firmly with the player himself and not with his club Leicester City. As we saw with the transfer of their French midfielder N’Golo Kante to Chelsea for something like £30 million the Foxes are not going to hold on to a player that really wants to leave as long as they get a decent price.

That is why I believe that Claudio Ranieri has been talking about Leicester being the best place for Mahrez to develop and suggesting that he might just be a squad player at a bigger club, rather than declaring that he was not for sale. If that is the case then Arsenal fans will be crossing their fingers that the latest news from Algeria on the subject, reported by The Sun, is that Mahrez has agreed to join the Gunners and the personal terms of the move have already been thrashed out.

So that would mean the only thing stopping the transfer from being completed would be to agree the transfer fee with Leicester and the report claims that it will be a little less than £40 million. It would be great if Arsenal could get this done in the next few days as is being claimed because then we could get the Premier League Player of the Year settled into the side in time for the opening EPL match against Liverpool.


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  1. If Wenger gets Mahrez, Lacazette and a decent CB, this will be the first season in a long time that I can say Wenger has come through for us. Every season for several years our summer transfers have been lacking in one or two positions

    We just need a quality winger, striker and CB to challenge
    Fingers crossed

    1. If your wishes come true (Mahrez, Lacazette and CB ) then I might get heart attack. It looks too good to be true but I am ready to have heart attack 🙂

  2. If this is true (1% chance I’d say), I wonder if Wenger will finally sell one of his beloved deadwood’s from RW? Selling the Ox, and Walcott, would cover the fee, and leave us with extra wages which could then go towards players that actually contribute, and need a contract extension – Alexis and Ozil.

    1. ox is not deadwood.
      just needs right coaching. he has it im utterly convinced of this

      theo has the right to remain silent, anything said can an will be used as evidence.
      he should be arrested for crimes against wage structure

    1. His brand name isn’t up to Sanchez’s and Ozil’s Yet, which is probably why your getting thumbed down but I agree with you here mate, Mahrez is not called the Algerian Messi for nothing! ? and I hope that Arsenal sign him ASAP!

  3. Im not optimistic on this one though I would be overly excited on this one.
    He is better than sanchez and ozil and would easily and effortlessly be ahead of ramsey ox iwobi campbell and walcott.
    Plus we are short in the liverpool game

    1. for 4th place, yeah. Yedder upfront isn’t bringing any title to Emirates. And no skilled RW also dooms us cause we all know Walcott is going to be there to miss some chances. Truth is Arsenal need 3 top signings to really compete. Mustafi is available for very cheap too. There’s really no excuse as to why we shouldn’t get him. Mertesacker’s time is almost up either way.

  4. What’s funny is that Arsenal might not have even made an inquiry for Mahrez let alone placing a bid, LoL :P.

  5. I just get the feeling that Arsenal fans are going to be very disappointed by not only the summer window but also the coming season..

  6. Wenger & Co have NO intention of spending big Money and that straight from the Ivan Gazidis. He said Arsenal cannot compete with their Premier League rivals over Transfer fees. Arsenal have invested £20m in developing Facilities for the Future of the club for the next 10/15/20 years.
    So Arsenal Fans will have to be content with a fight for 4th place the odd cup and maybe the last 16 in the Champions League. Nothing New here so Suck it up boys. This board and Wenger don’t give a stuff about what the Fans want but they will still take your hard earned Money while paying themselves Big Money. I am Sad to say Arsenal are Officially an ALSO RAN CLUB.

    1. Lots of thumbs down. Thumbs down must be because they do not like what you are saying, rather thandfisagreeing with what you say.

      Clearly business model is minimum spend for top four, last 16 in CL and occasional cup

  7. There is a possibility Wenger won’t get a CB at all even with Mertsacker out. I hope I am wrong because Gabs was really shaky last season at times. Chambers, Holding are not ready yet. Coquelin has basically started training this week as CB.

    But Wenger may think we have enough defenders
    He may use Koscielny, Gabriel, Coquelin and Chambers as CBs (also Wenger has used Debuchy and Monreal as CB in the past too).
    Use Bellerin, Debuchy and Jenkinson RB
    Monreal, Gibbs LB

    Two problems
    1. We won’t get an experienced quality CB that we need
    2. Coquelin won’t be used in CM as much as before. With Xhaka, Cazorla, Wilshere, Ramsey playing more matches

    We need a solid Defense. We are good with Full Backs but need a solid centre of defense as Koscielny can’t play all matches and could get injured

  8. looks lik Mustafi,Mahrez,Lacazette are alll gonna happen but i’ll prefer a more proven striker than Lacazette; an Aubameyang maybe

      1. Just Mustafi and Mahrez and I’d be more than delighted!!! I don’t rate Lacazette… not at 40M anyway, just get that Ben Yedder kid.

  9. Y do fans disturb themselves with transfers that will never happen?…… Wenger will never do the right transfers there surely will still be a segment he could have done better, enjoy Giroud next season bro cause takoma ain’t the real deal

  10. Jese Rodriguez is the one that interests me the most. If you look at his stats per 90 minutes with an 89% shot accuracy (Aguero had 57%) and 0.6 assists per 90 minutes which is up with Ozil he looks like a potential Balon d’Or winner. Unfortunately it looks like Real Madrid will sell him to PSG as the replacement for Ibrahimovic. A Spanish reporter was quoted as saying that his control in tight areas is better than Ronaldo and Bale at that age. Real definitely want to sell as it looks like they’re keeping Morata.

    1. A couple more potential issues. Apparently they would prefer to loan him in case they get a transfer ban and they’d want a buy-back clause. Starting to make a Mahrez signing look like a relative certainty.

  11. What a great news that would be and for once it would be a great transfer window. But again let’s temper our expectations as it seems highly unlikely type of business from Arsenal. Getting Mahrez would bring a few things of great importance:
    1) Lift the fans mood ahead of our LFC game specially after all the frustration build up with the lack
    2) Big name signing and finally some intent that we have ambition to do something by forcing Leicester to deal Mahrez the PFA player of the year and involved in 30 goals (G+A)
    3) Maybe after that players like Ozil & Sanchez will fill like Renewing & Bellerin will follow the leaders
    4) Tactically speaking he would be a proper right winger (something we do not have) that can create havoc with his dribbling & can both create goal for others and himself. Our front 3 would be able to roam freely and this would be such an enticing thing to watch. Allowing the full backs to overlap and keep our shape when we attack!

  12. Hallo fans am surprised you still believe a word that Wenger and board of directors says. Well until a deal is signed sealed and delivered will not believe any word. Who else is Arsenal signing Messi, Ronaldo or a player that another club signed but he discovered first gosh master in failure, some fans out there are behind him well hope you do not get your heart broken.

  13. Guardiola and Maurinho don`t seem to be having problems signing players without the help of the Secret Service why can`t Wenger?

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