Arsenal to have TWO new players in January? Are you sure Arsene?

If you were to ask every Arsenal fans which thing about Arsene Wenger is the one that winds them up the most there would be a few contenders for the top spot. His inability to use a zip properly may be up there as would the fact that it is now over 12 years since the Gunners last won the Premier League.

But for me and I am sure a lot of Arsenal fans feel the same way it would be the Frenchman’s transfer dealings that would be straight in at number one. Every transfer window is the same and even when he does splash a bit of cash to sign a qua quality player like Mesut Ozil I am still left frustrated as we never spend anywhere near what is available and there are always parts of the squad that could be better.

THe real killer for me, however, is the way Wenger talks about transfers. You have all hears the tired old complaint about there being no decent players available or that he is working 24/7 to bring players in when it is clear that he is not.

My personal non-favourite, though, is the one about a player coming back from injury being like a new signing, so Wenger has outdone himself this week by saying just that about not one but two Arsenal stars. One was Aaron Ramsey, who has had so may injuries and comebacks he is almost like a whole new squad. The other is Danny Welbeck who the boss spoke about in the pre match press conference reported by

He said, “I’m cautious with Ramsey and even more with Welbeck, because Welbeck will need some time. Friday is his first team training session.

“Of course it’s fantastic, because for him it’s like starting a new career, because he has been out for such a long time.

“But I’m a bit cautious with the little setbacks you have when you have been out for a long time. You have to be patient.”

Forgive me Arsene, but while I am glad to see Welbek on his way back from his awful spell of injury problems, I think you need to understand that we Arsenal fans will only see a player that is new to the club as a nerw player and after our title challenge hit a serious wobble recently I think that this January needs to see at least one of them coming to the club.



  1. Wilshegz says:

    a LeftBack and a LeftWinger.

    Ricardo Rodriguez and Marco Reus

  2. ThirdManJW says:

    For me, the Ozil, and Cech signings sum up just how bad Wenger is with transfers. Wenger is one the best managers at developing talent (at least he used to be), and always having high quality players at Arsenal, even during the financially difficult years. But Wenger is completely useless when it comes to the team’s need, and not an individual’s.

    Ozil was a marquee signing, and we were all delighted, but then shocked when that was it. Wenger ignored every area that needed strengthening, and instead, decided we needed another play-maker, despite Cazorla only arriving a year before, and he was outstanding! We badly needed a WC striker, and a DM as the priorities, plus a GK, CB, at least one quality winger. Although I like Ozil, Wenger was proven wrong looking at the results. A striker, and DM would have won us the league that season. What’s even stranger about the Ozil signing, is that Wenger didn’t give him any quality forwards to work with until Sanchez’s arrival, and even Sanchez isn’t enough on his own.

    Cech was almost the same situation as the Ozil transfer. Ospina had arrived only a year before, and had performed excellently at both domestic, and international levels. I felt he had a good first season for us, especially considering Wenger initially kept him as second choice. Yet despite this, and the fact he has age on his side, Wenger signed 33 year old Cech! Then amazingly, no one else was signed! We had so many holes in outfield, yet Wenger felt we needed two high quality keepers. Problem solved, according to Wenger. Now because of Wenger’s genius, we’re likely to lose Ospina at the end of season, as he’s probably fed up of never playing. We’ll be left with 35 year old Cech, who I don’t even think has been that amazing for us.

    It probably seems strange that I am criticising Wenger for signing WC players, but they were not for the right positions. He consistently ignores the team’s needs. And Wenger’s decisions have been proven wrong, because of the results. Bellerin has been excellent, and has many years left in him, so I won’t be surprised if our next signing is an expensive RB.

    1. jonm says:

      Third man, a lot of truth in what you are saying. We bought ozil and cech because they were available, not because they were what we needed. Certainly in his first season for us, Ospina played the second half and his stats were awesome, cech has been good but not better than

  3. stubill says:

    Talk about misinterpreting what Wenger said.

    He said “Of course it’s fantastic, because for him it’s like starting a new career, because he has been out for such a long time”. What he means is he’ll have tostart afresh, getting fit, regaining his touch and understanding his team mates movement etc, not as you claim at all. But then you wouldn’t have had anything to write about, as it doesn’t fit your agenda.

  4. DANDY GUNNER says:

    If you listen to Wenger and read between the lines there will be NO NEW PLAYERS coming to ARSENAL in January. The defeats at Everton and Man City show that Mr Wenger’s Football Vision is Flawed. Every Season Arsenal go Belly up just when you think this could be their Season.
    The Flaw in Mr Wengers Vision is that he can’t see what everyone see’s he has Tunnel Vision.
    He has a Plan “A” but No Plan “B” he stay’s Loyal to Players that underachieve season after season. Mr Wenger should GO as soon as possible, time for Arsenal to move Forward.

  5. Franko says:

    He stays loyal because they give him his trophy every season which is 4th. He was going to do it again this season when he started benching Perez and Xhaka and even Perez is still being benched. He still believes the old players would win the title this season because they came second last season judging by the way he rushed Ramsey in when he came back from injury at the expense of the team balance. Perhaps he is thinking the other top teams would play as badly as they did last season for Arsenal to win the title. The man truly has tunnel vision problems.

  6. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Wenger will never change.
    Accept it.

  7. Fatboy Gooney says:

    No doubt that Danny Setback will bang in a few important goals before he hibernates…. Again!

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Speaking of hibernation, Arsenal hit the skids, and you pal, seem rejuvenated.

  8. ruelando says:

    Right now we need to get back on our path, the two matches we lost recently were winnable matches, and had teams on the ropes then sank into a defensive shell.

    Somethings that i have notice
    If ozil does not have a good enough game we normally lose and the same goes for alex, both are the leaders on the field and basically sets the tempo that the team plays

    Although alex set up walcott i thought his passing was inaccurate and normally too late, ozil also in his case seem frustrated and lack the fight to get out of that state.

    many say the contract situation is not affecting them, i think right now tht is a major concern and affects the fragile state of such players as ozil and also sanchez, which team in the top six is suffering contract problems, none that i can think of, therefore it most be something resolved immediately in the present window

  9. We need a big tall fast skillful and prolific striker…
    Merry christmas to everyone

  10. BUR says:

    The vast majority of wengers signings in the last 10 years are…………c..p

    1. Break-on-through says:

      Crucial personnel?
      or ..crafty purchases?
      or ..cute people?
      or is it …….creative powerhouses.

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