Arsenal to INCREASE bid but may still lose transfer target!!

Arsenal fans were led to believe a week or so ago that this transfer was all but a done deal for the Gunners. IN fact, it was reported that the young Polish midfielder Krystian Bielik had himself said that he expected the transfer to be completed and that their were just a few loose ends to tie up.

It seems a bit strange then that Bielik has just got back from a trip to Germany and the Bundesliga club Hamburg, as revealed by a Guardian report. It gets worse for Arsenal, as the report goes on to explain that the Hamburg manager Josef Zinnbauer is fairly confident that it is him, not Arsene Wenger, who will be coaching the talented young defensive midfielder for the remainder of the season.

The Hamburg boss said, “Of course Arsenal are also interested but I don’t think he is bluffing [about being interested in joining Hamburg]. Otherwise he didn’t need to come to Hamburg. He is a really good boy who has very good build-up play. He would fit in perfectly with our philosophy.”

Do not panic just yet though Gooners, because there is a strong suggestion that the problem is financial, with reports that Bielik’s current club Legia Warsaw have already rejected an offer or two from Arsenal and are looking for a bit more.

And according to a Daily Mail report, we are willing to pay more, with Wenger said to be going back with an increased bid of around £3.5 million to get the transfer done and dusted once and for all. Watch this space….

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  1. Typical wenger he will pay 3.5m for a boy but with Suarez he would only go to £1 higher , the man has lost the plot,

    1. Why bid more than the buyout clause? clearly there was confusion with the buyout clause amount, but do you pay more than the posted price at the store? I don’t think so. I agree with the bid amount for Suarez. the only problem with that was the buyout clause was not 40 mil.

      1. Actually the exit clause WAS anything over £40m – hence the bid-

        But Liverpool wouldn’t let him leave despite him having the right to do so. Leaving Suarez in position of having to take his club to court if withed to proceed-

        In the end he didn’t do that – and stayed a little longer at Liverpool

  2. This guy interests me because he is touted as going straight into the first team, and compared to having Viera traits..

      1. Pogba was 19 when he burst unto the scene, that, following a couple of years of Fergie not playing him as much as he should have

      2. Have you seen the kid? Sometimes age is just a number, did you see Lebron when he was 17? I´m sure the kid doesn´t rate Shawcross either…

  3. Be careful guys, Pellegrini just started talking up Alexis.

    “Every game I see him making a great effort, showing great commitment, ambition and the maturity needed to keep improving year after year,” Pellegrini said.
    “I’m happy for him because at this time he is the best player in English football.’

      1. yeah, alright. bc alexis left one massive club to go to another where he’d be vying for starting time as opposed to becoming a legend at arsenal. i wonder which one he wants.

        1. If he goes to City playing time will suddenly be of lesser concern. It will be all about Arsenal’s desire to get a huge payday and Sanchez’ desire to get an even bigger one.

    1. So Manuel Pelligrini, coach of Man city, talks about the progress of a fellow Chilean and the star man of the team his side face in their next fixture. How odd.

      1. And our Wenger does it each time we play a strong opponent. So what’s the fuss! But still we ought to tie Alexis to a new improved contract and a £150M release clause right away!

    2. Too many Argentinians (1) in the squad. Pelegrini is Chilean but he would have to swoop Ospina too.

  4. Shame on WENGER if this deal falls through. Can’t this man never bring any good thing to a positive end? He’s dilly dallying will soon cost us another promising youngster for haggling over pennies and pounds. Remember how he lost Suarez? Is history just about to repeat itself again?

      1. Nope you muppet! I was only relating to WENGER losing players over pennies and pounds. Read between the lines as they taught you I hope at school!!!

  5. Walcott cost 5 mill as a 16 year old.
    Ox cost 12 mill as an 18 yr old.
    Chambers cost 16 mill as a 19n yr old.
    3.5 mill for a designated DM is good value
    I really hope we get Bielik.

  6. Talk of 1st team or not, this would be more of a move for the future. Do you really believe he will IMMEDIATELY be inserted and play better than coq is right now?? Doubtful.

    This would be a nice pickup but would not likely impact this season much. Wenger wants him because he is still young, somewhat unproven and is therefore NOT expensive.

    1. Agree with you, but he would be great competition and life/training actualisation that certain DM imposters need to call it a day. Besides they´re bound to each other knocks in training

  7. Arsenal are interested and want to sign hector Moreno Mexican defender. Wenger should sign this guy he is good defender and hard working

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