Arsenal to increase Lacazette bid but tell Lyon that’s IT!

So it looks like Arsenal are ready to test the resolve of the French Ligue 1 club Olympic Lyonnais and see whether they meant what they said recently about their France international forward star Alexandre Lacazette being an irreplaceable part of their set up and not being for sale at any price.

What they really meant, of course, was that they wanted more than the €35 million that they revealed that Arsenal had offered and they had rejected. How much more we should soon find out, as have revealed that the Gunners are going back to Lyon with another and better offer.

Arsenal, however, will make it clear to Lacazette’s club that this bid of 40 million euros will be the final one and they must either take it or leave it. It is not a great deal more than we have already offered and only a couple of million more than they were reportedly offered by our Premier League rivals West Ham United earlier in the summer.

The difference is that Lacazette is said to be unmoved by joining the Hammers but he does fancy coming to Arsenal with Champions League football on offer. So are we about to see another striker signing slip away or will Arsenal’s final offer be enough for Lyon to sell Lacazette?



    1. I’ve had that concern about Giroud…I hope not, because that would be disastrous.
      I also hope Arsenal gets Lacazette or another good striker. I unfortunately have a feeling Wenger and the board are brewing a bid of €35 + €1.
      As much as I want Wenger to do well, I’ve lost faith in him.

    2. To be honest not very much excited about Lacazette but good thing is, he is different kind of striker from Giroud. Based on opponents we can use them accordingly. I hope Lyon accept the deal.

  1. Lacassette is only possibilities!! But we need Marhez to be wingers too, why we always stop with one more purchase require to win Premium League???!

    1. Bro, Lacazette is spelled right there in the article. Can you not even copy and paste or do you use your tongue to type comments? :/

  2. “Take it or leave it” … Hahaha ? I bet Lyon must be Quaking in their boots! ? ? ?

    1. If that is the tone set by Arsenal, if I was the manager at Lyon I’ll tell them to stick their transfer offer where the sun never shines unless you open the doors!

  3. instead of bidding 40m for a player that is a risk as he might not be good enough and is not in the class of the kinda strikers our rivals have (Zlatan,Costa,Aguero) why not add 20m (60m) and get Pierre Emerrick AUBAMEYANG.

    1. @Wilshegz
      Auba might be a risk as well. Same goes for Zlatan. And neither Kun Aguero nor Costa helped their teams much last season…

      1. Speaking of, where was Auba today? He was not even on the bench against City.

        The way I see it: Market is awfully inflated. However Arsenal FC are not bidding inflated offers. So about £32-33 millions for Lacazette is actually what I think he’s worth.

        This bid must be unsettling Lacazette (who seems not to be on anyone else’s radar), who wants to move. Will Lyon stubbornly refuse the offer, angering their top scorer for the past 3 seasons?

      2. Aguero scored 29 goals in 44 apperances last season with 24 of them being in the English premier league whilst only having 2361 minutes of on-field playing time. Costa scored half of what Aguero scored in the premier league with 2373 minutes of on-field playing time. Zlatan scored an impressive 38 goals in 31 league matches for Paris Saint-Germain, and 50 from 51 matches (all competitions) last season.

        I Agree with your assessment with Costa, but you are totally wrong with Aguero and Zlatan…

        1. iGooner, spot on, i was about to comment on aguerro’ s PL performance when I saw your comment.

    2. @Wilshegz, NYgunner is right. Signing any player is risky and doesn’t guarantee instant goals the first season. I can only think of Suazez and perhaps Ronaldo or even Zlatan when it comes to players who have switched leagues and hit the ground running.

      1. Giroud, he’s been pretty consistent. Costa, (not sure but Aguero), Torres, Adebayor, Higuain. Your point stands though, I was struggling to try come with any, so allot more are slow burners than there are quick ones.

      2. Actually, I remember when Suarez came to Premier League. In his first full season he ‘only’ scored 17 goals in 39 apps. It was his second full season when he hit 30 in 44.

      3. Chamack hit the ground running, scored very well in pre season, PL and CL up until november, hopeless after that. I cannot help but think that some blame must be down to arsenal. Perhaps overplaying him in a much tougher league than he was used to, rvp was injured at the time.

  4. That bid for Lacazette was in June. Wonder why Lyon only flipped out the other day, would it have anything to do with the rumoured Yedder inquiry I wonder. If we get Lacazette, Yedder will go to Lyon would be my guess. The biggest concern I have for Lacazette, would be that those numbers is what Giroud was scoring in that country. Nevertheless, I think this deal will be done eventually.

  5. @butflaps cracked me up.. Lol.. Lacassette… Anyways I wish I could stopped hoping this transfers will happen and faster, preferably before Liverpools game… Hoping for a miracle even though I have been heart broken a zillion times…

  6. Imagine Lacazette, Mahrez & Mustafi all done in the next 2 weeks…Am I dreaming? That would be great at least we could stop thinking about the transfer window and focus on the task at hand: having a great season and winning trophies!! I think we need those players.

    A CB was a must even before BFG injury Mustafi would be ideal 24 years old for 22 millions pounds!

    Mahrez, what is there more to say that we haven’t already talked about just get it done we would get a proper winger. The current PFA and a guy that has been directly involved in 30G adn create havoc with his dribbling.

    Lacazette not my favourite target but decent addition and can get better!

  7. There has been a big shift of opinion on this site regarding a new striker. At the start of the window many were saying, get rid of giroud and buy someone better, or two. Comments about lamp posts, useless, will never be any good etc.

    Now fans on here are saying spend £40m on a striker who is not good enough to force giroud out of the french team.

    Is there a realisation that arsenal are not going to spend £75m in transfer fees and a wage commitment of say £65m over the next five years to sign a truly world class striker, and this assumes that said WC striker is available and willing to come to arsenal.

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