Arsenal to invest £200 million and keep under-fire manager?

Amidst all the speculation over the future of Arsenal stars Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil, perhaps the most important contract situation at the moment is that of the boss himself. The latest news on the matter, as provided by the Metro, is that Wenger will stay on and be given a £200 million war-chest to improve the club’s fortunes.

The report by John Cross in the Mirror futher goes on to state that contract talks are in an advanced stage and that an announcement will be made at a more appropriate time – perhaps when the team manage to string a couple of wins together or manage to creep into the top four at the end of the season, although the latter looks unlikely now.

In my opinion, I think this story has a fair bit of credibility considering that there have been various hints dropped over the past couple of weeks that Wenger will stay on. Moreover, if the Frenchman was about to leave, there would have been an announcement by this time. Persoanlly, I belive a decision has been made for Le Boss to stay, the club are just waiting for a good time to make the announcement.

But coming to the part of the story that says he will be given £200 million to invest on the team, I would take it with a pinch of salt. For me, the Arsenal board, infamous for penny-pinching, is unlikely to sanction anywhere near that amount for transfers. But then again, with the real possibility of losing Champions League money and all the other monetary losses as a result of potentially missing out on the top four, maybe the board is finally ready to undo the financial chains.

In any case, if the board cannot get a quality replacement like Max Allegri, the next best thing would be to finally give Wenger the financial firepower to bring in world-class talent capable of leading the team to the title.



  1. Twig says:

    £200 million. We’re getting Neymar then?

    1. Midkemma says:

      The article didn’t go into how Arsenal will have a rumored £100 mil and up to an extra £100 mil from player sales to be put towards transfers.
      Expect the 2nd £100 mil to be slow in accessing as we need to sell players rather than the board just putting their hands in their pockets and fund it upfront.

  2. Steve H says:

    It’s a joke right, don’t matter how much he’s given, he won’t spend half of it. He’ll buy a right back and try to play him central midfield
    We won’t get quality because he won’t pay the price, simple as.

    1. bran99 says:

      it’s true, whatever money this old man is given to buy players, he treats it like it’s an inheritance from his father.. the list of flops bought cheaply really used to piss me off, while you could find better players in the market for a similar price or even less

      1. Midkemma says:

        He gets given X amount to spend and he has to make the best out of it.
        I would like the Arsenal board to put their hands into their back pocket and fund the rebuild correctly, give the cash upfront and recoup it on sales once we bought the players we need.

        Last year it appears Wenger was given around £100 mil to spend.

        Xhaka and Mustafi took around £70 mil.
        Lacazette was going to cost more than around £30mil, we had a bid turned down for around that figure.

        Whos fault is it that we didn’t get Lacazette?

        Dumb idiots will say Wenger.

        True Arsenal fans will say the board for not giving enough money.

        1. Janssen says:

          You forget Lacazette wanted to come to Arsenal the year we bought no outfield players.

          We could have bought him for 30 million or less, we had money but Wenger decided he already had a title winning squad. So Lacaeztte stayed and was more expensive last summer, then he stayed again for another year and this summer he will be out of our league.

    2. Midkemma says:

      We read that Wenger has been given X amount to spend, what would you do it you spent most of that on 2 players and then you wanted to buy Lacazette?

      Ask the board for more money?
      When they say no, then what?

      Wenger can get quality, Alexis is quality and Alexis said it was WENGER that convinced him to join us over Liverpool.

      You are not Arsenal fan!

  3. There’s no point in spending that money if Wenger is still in charge. You can even give the inept dinosaur 1 billion he will buy Ronaldo and bench him for Ramsey.

    1. gmv8 says:

      …not only that, he’d bring him on in the 75th minute as a left back ….

    2. Twig says:

      Well Elneny is currently benching Ramsey so I don’t see your point 🙂

  4. muda says:

    we rather spend nothing as long wenger is out. Enough is enough #WengerOut.

  5. gunn3r says:

    it goes without saying that AW must leave and another coach to come
    he can stay close to the team as manager or head of board
    but it is clear that our team is in need for so many years of a defensive midfielder (William Carvalho) and a left back (J Rodriguez)
    on top of them if we buy Mbappe and this player from Celtic , Dembele i believe our team will be in very good shape as we will have players to cover all spots in good order
    we can get rid of players such as elneny, gabriel, debuchy, jekinson, lucas, chamberlain, mertezaker, coq and get back jack wilshere who together with ramsey, xhaka, santi they can make a quite productive midfield together with Carvalho watching their backs
    if we sell ozil, sanchez we can move for 3 more players such as gueye, mahrez and gibson

    1. SoOpa AeoN says:

      once wenger steps down as Arsenal manager, sorry…..i don’t want him any close to the club’s affairs
      For chrissake, there comes a time in every man’s Life when he retires and goes home to his wife and kids (but not wenger)

      1. gunn3r says:

        i say on my first words that i agree that AW must leave the club
        but it seems to me that this is not easy and we like it or not this guy is too tight with the club
        moreover we saw what happened after SAF left MU and they have splashed a lot of cash and still they are not happy

        for me the most important is to buy quality players
        cause it is frustrating to see real madrid winning these germans who humiliated us
        it is so simple cause real madrid has quality in all lines

        1. khangunners says:

          Haha you are funny mate. You picked man u but you dont speak of clubs who changed managers and win titles. Look at chelsea they sacked mou will arsenal hve done it if wenger was in a similar situation? Hello its happening and you can see it with your own eyes. Barca and Bayern change managers hve they crumbled. As of man u sir alex has given them alot of trophies more than 20 i believe and you still dare compare arsene to him. Come on ;!!

          1. Midkemma says:

            SAF knew his ship was going to sink so he jumped before going down with the trash.

            In his last season there we was all wondering how UTD was doing anything on the pitch with the squad they had, testimony to SAF tactical knowledge.

            UTD needed a rebuild and SAF jumped before the needed rebuild didn’t happen because he was too good of a manager.
            We all have this feeling that if SAF stayed on at UTD then he would have bought 1 or 2 superstars and kept winning the league with over performing average players filling up the squad.

            UTD is prob a better example than RM or Barca as SAF was relied upon so much like Wenger is at Arsenal.

            RM infrastructure is different to AFC, UTD has a closer infrastructure so again, they would be a better comparison to current Arsenal.

        2. bran99 says:

          “i say on my first words that i agree that AW must leave the club
          but it seems to me that this is not easy”, so you think it’s easy for him to buy that list of players you listed for him? William Carvalho, J Rodriguez, Mbappe & Dembele. and you list of players to leave, why is Sanogo not in it? is it because he scored a hat-trick against some kids few days ago? Ramsey should leave too, this is not 2013/2014

          1. gunn3r says:

            i cannot believe we still have sanogo….:(
            of course he cannot live up to our expectations
            he is not also worth it of course
            i cannot recall all the players that according to me they must be sold as we have gathered many players who are not good for arsenal
            best would be if we can sell them or swoop them

          2. gunn3r says:

            these players that am referring they are eligible for transfer and aim higher
            if we cannot buy a proven defensive midfielder and a left back then what is the point of existance?
            for me a defensive midfielder is of paramount importance
            if you think that we have loaned/sold to sporting campbell i guess with a good gesture we can buy w. carvalho rather than lose him like we hav done with similar players
            and after a couple of years reading that AW was close to sign him as well, but instead he opted for coq

    2. Marty53 says:

      There is not a cats chance in hell that Mbappe will sign for us now that he is on the big boys radar….

  6. gooner4life says:

    I think the only to get the board to refuse to offer Arsene an extension is for all of us to boycott all the remaining games.Why should we pay the highest prices to watch these overpaid pre-modonas serve up the rubbish we’ve been served up recently.If Arsene’s,Bould and the players salary was performance based then I believe things would change overnight. I for one will not be going to any more games until both manager and players show more hunger and ambition.

  7. SoOpa AeoN says:

    In Recent times, How many worldclass players will £200mil get you?
    (one can be sure that even an upcoming Mbappe is worth a fortune atm )
    And what services does wenger have left to offer to Arsenal?….

    You see, nothing is worth it anymore…..we need to start afresh without wenger!

  8. Pablo Picaso says:

    200mil with Wenger in =

    – Contract extension for Gibbs
    – Contract extension for Per
    – Contract extension for Wilshere
    – Contract extension for Sanogo
    – 1 midfielder from Switzerland
    – 1 Striker from China
    – 1 right back from league 2
    – Zipping lessons for Wenger
    – More gel for OG’s hair
    – More tattoos for the boys
    – Alexis off to City or Chelsea
    – A book of Wenger’s ” I almost signed players” for the fans

    1. gunn3r says:

      fully agree
      we have been gathering so many years crappy players and now is time to push the restart button
      even ramsey i totally have second guesses for him but he is not playing in the right position
      we need to sell all these mediocre players who are outdated and renew the team

    2. bran99 says:


  9. Hugh Jarce says:

    Leicester won the league
    with a bunch of nobodies.
    This season they will probably
    reach the Champions league semi with
    the same nobody players and a new nobody coach.
    City, Man United, Arsenal+Liverpool all spent
    heavily in the summer and are still struggling
    to make top 4 despite all having “great” managers.
    So money, great players and even great managers
    do not guarantee success.
    That’s why I believe Arsenal will stick
    with the 4th place devil they know.

    1. gunn3r says:

      i don’t think Leicester team are nobodies
      i think defensively they are better than us (Drinkwater, Fuchs, Wes…)
      they won last year’s BPL having Cante, Mahrez, Vardy, Morgan playing top class and they were all suprisingly well
      imagine what MC or MU what they must have done who finish behind us and chelsea that finished 1oth place

  10. ArseOverTit says:

    Ah the mirror and the metro!
    Must be true;) Reading the daily nonsense doesn’t provide you with facts but rag selling BS.

    We hope more protests for the remaining games will force the owner and boards hand in removing Wenger to avoid a revolt and loss to their income and brand.

  11. Hugh g dildeaux says:

    Pointless giving him 200 mill
    Give half to.someone else they will make us title Contenders

    The more he spends the worse we get

  12. khangunners says:

    Since it has come down to this why not hire a new manager to do the rebuilding? Wenger has foreseen the project since we moved to the emirates and we hve been poor and finally he says things like he wants to fix the mess! Come on lads where was he when the mess was pilling up? The best example is just look at the transfer market the only player we bough was xhaka and holding. But all the other players were bough due to fan pressure not by wenger. Mustafi and perez no way wenger wanted them. Does this look like a guy who you should trust with 200m?
    The main problem with wenger he has forgotten how to win football games. Watch any arsenal game and just ask yourself what is our game plan, how do we intend to hurt the opposition? I see nothing from the team and thats why wenger has to go out i am fed up with this guy. Even reading articles justifying wenger to stay is like poison to me.

    1. gunn3r says:

      i agree with your thinking
      but we cannot move forward by just think that we can erase our past
      i think that AW is the one who did the maths to move to EMirates and he has the blames for not keeping the team strong and sell any good player for the love of monay and now for this team which loses all the time without fighting for more than last 5 years

      i love arsenal, but to me is pretty clear that you need to have quality and top class players… you cannot fight real, barca, bayern, mu, mc, chelsea only with alexis and kos
      if i can recall we don’t have a top class defensive midfielder since Vieira and Gilberto left….modern football is all about a defensive midfielder who can be the one to cover the 2 CBs and not leave them hanging whenever a mistake is done in the midfield
      also if you can remember when we bought nacho monreal he was supposed to cover a position in the midfield and now is left back for 3 – 4 years and this is unacceptable
      if you see other clubs the build the teams over the DM so that the rest midfielders can create
      we bought this mess ozil which from day one he is not performing and not adjusting to BPL
      i don’t know my friend i am speaking my mind from here in Athens so you who are in UK you now better than me and you can press for quality players

      1. khangunners says:

        Exactly, we hve alot of problems. I dont think wenger can fix this problems to be honest. We make similar mistakes each game, our players hve not learned basic football skills(crossing the ball i.e bellerin), i dont know also what will happen but hope we do something rather than just stagnate. And not from uk also.

      2. bran99 says:

        “if i can recall we don’t have a top class defensive midfielder since Vieira and Gilberto left”, converting Arteta was a genius move form Wenger. how hard was it to complete the squad? why was it that every season there must be 2 to 3 players short to having a complete squad?

        And I remember perfectly well when moving to the Emirates, Wenger said the move is to unable us to compete in the highest level with the best teams like Barca and Madrid, but since then Spurs has been out fierce rival and 4th became our only EPL cup

        1. gunn3r says:

          i don’t think that arteta was a good defensive midfielder and if you remember he was bought at the age of 33 to replace the selling of fabregas
          total step back this transfer of arteta
          this logic of wenger that he can covert any player to any position is his downfall
          imagine to have mesi playing as left back, casemiro playing CF or giroud playing defensive midfielder

          1. Admin says:

            Correction…. Arteta was 29 when he joined Arsenal

  13. gunn3r says:

    it is said that MC they glance Alexis
    since chilean does not want to remain with us for obvious reasons, i think we can swoop him for kun
    at least to enforce also our team

  14. khangunners says:

    We are fooling ourselves if we compare our situation to man u post furgueson era. Come on they hve won more than 20 titles under him since wenger was incharge. Us how many hve we won??? Lets stop thos comparison we are embarrassing ourselves guys. Wenger is not as good as sir alex!!!

  15. Ronny says:

    Put this in perspective he managed to spend 70mm on Dhaka and mustafi! Perez at 2m seems our best business although araene doesn’t favour him for some strange reason. I don’t care if he was given 500m the guy needs to just go! The fact he’s still our manager is ridiculous after the other night. Its even worse that he continues to keep everyone in the dark. Such arrogance. Off topic just had the pleasure of finding harry rednqpps article on how only Sanchez would get into the spurs team! 🙁

  16. Ronny says:

    The reality is that after our last fa cup win we should have put plans into place for the next manager. Top managers are unlikely to just leave instantly and as we know they don’t become available that often.

    1. Roachie says:

      There’s no point spending £200m on players if they play in a system that cannot defend. Read an interesting interview yesterday with Sampaoli saying he wants to come to England. Top coach and good mates with Sanchez…….

  17. gunn3r says:

    losing the previous year pep to man city is the worst that has happened with AW’s renewal
    my guess is that Pep was the absolute fit for arsenal and for the mentality of the club
    at this time who would be the ideal manager to replace AW?
    Alegri? i think that in juventus he has top quality players and feels relaxed as he spent 90 mil to get higuain, he has dybala, khedira, marchisio, madzukic, top defenders
    SImeone?? if we can manage to convince him and he comes along with some players from Atletico, this would be the best choice at this particular time

    1. Alfred says:

      Mate, Khedira was free and we ignored him, Dybala was available we ddnt buy him, same goes for Mandukic and Higuan! Remember the summer when were linked with him the whole summer? well we ended up with Sanogo ddnt we? whose fault is that? Wenger! The dude needs to leave

  18. wenger must be sacked says:

    Arsenal have spent good amount of money in last 3yrs. need to spend money for a new manager now

  19. ThirdManJW says:

    I wouldn’t trust Wenger to make a cup of tea, let alone spend £200 million! Have people already forgotten that Wenger has a net spend of almost £90 million this season, and we’re currently 21 points off the top, and in joint 7th.

    Why is it that so many people seem to have major problems with their memories when discussing about Wenger, thus conveniently forgetting facts?

  20. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Allegri and £50 million is better than Wenger and £200 million

  21. gunn3r says:

    am reading in several articles that we are monitoring zaha, pickford and a defender from leicester
    please put some mind to the reporters of arsenal to aim for higher players
    we cannot spend again money on non-worth players please…
    we cannot replace sanchez with zaha
    we cannot buy pickford, we cannot buy chilwell
    com on

  22. Nebsy says:

    Gotta sell them 2017/18 jerseys somehow right? This is the perfect time to delude the most delusion-susceptible fans out there (yeah Liverpool, it’s us!) with fake ambitions and fairy tales. Bring in the famous ARSENAL WARCHEST! For the third time in a row. xD I bet Ivan will come out and say that we’ll compete with Bayern by 2019, just to make sure them shirts sell, sell, sell. What a load of bull. And what a joke of a club Arsenal has become.
    Is Kroenke so used to being involved with Wallmart, that he makes his sporting companies into wallmarts of their own?
    I really hope they feel the deep drop in merchandise sales, they deserve it. They actually deserve empty stands, but that’s impossible in London. The owner and the board are such a cancer, it’s impossible. Can’t wait for Dagnote to break the bank and buy the yank off.

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