Arsenal to keep Mustafi after Evans rejects transfer move?

To be honest I have not been too impressed with the Germany international Shkodran Mustafi since he was signed by Arsenal from Valencia last summer. He has certainly not been the powerful presence at the back that we thought he would be after becoming easily our most expensive defender at around £35 million.

Having said that, the whole Arsenal defence has been pretty damn awful so far this season, and that includes the pre-season games as well when Arsene Wenger was forced to use Mohamed Elneny at centre back due to his lack of options.

So unless the last two days of the summer transfer window sees Arsene Wenger bring in at least one more quality defender to bolster our shaky back line I cannot see any value in letting Mustafi leave. Sky Sports are reporting that the Italian Serie A club Inter Milan have made a second transfer bid for Mustafi and it looked as though Wenger would sell and replace him with Evans which would not be too bad even though I am not exactly taken with the West Brom man either.

Now that Evans has apparently rejected the move, will Arsenal have to say no to Inter and keep the German?



  1. justforlaugh says:

    All The Best to you Kieran Gibbs. We will never forget that goal line clearance of yours.

  2. kev says:

    JUST IN:I hope my source is wrong on this one because if not then it’s time to hit the panic button.
    I’ve had it confirmed that Arsenal have pulled out of all all possible deals including the Sancho deal and any possible deal regarding Julian Draxler.News coming in is that Arsenal won’t be signing anybody.I hope I’m wrong though.

    1. Konstantin Mitov says:

      You don’t need sources to know Wenger wont sign anyone. After all he is hired to earn a profit, not run a club for success.

      1. Who said Arsene can't do grime? says:


    2. Zed says:

      That was obvious bruv

    3. kev says:

      REVEALED:It’s been revealed that Arsene Wenger personally told Oxlade Chamberlain to find himself a new club after rejecting Chelsea’s £40 transfer.The player is currently holding out for the Liverpol move who are under bidded(£30) for him which was rejected.He’s not welcome back anymore.
      It’s also been revealed that there was some turmoil in the dressing room after the Liverpool loss.There’s also some turmiol currently with the board also.More info later on that later.
      Sanchez update:Arsenal are currently in negotiations with Man City for Alexis Sanchez but the move is not close yet as the valuation has still not yet been met.

      1. Mobella says:

        We give too much a way at justarsenal. Chamberlain might have come to read his move to Chelsea will be nothing but disaster as a lot of people have suggested it. Hence, he turned it down and prefer Liverpool instead. Please people, keep your opinion to yourself until the brainless player is sold.

        1. kev says:

          He even had his medical and agreed to terms of £190,000 a week but decided to not finish the transfer because of Liverpool.

  3. justforlaugh says:

    Do you happen to be a Muslim?

    1. Ranjan Das says:

      I would say he is more a MORON than anything else 🙂 which can be found in any & every religion without much effort

  4. Mertinho says:

    My predictions for deadline day:

    – Sanchez to City
    – Ox to Liverpool

    – A panic buy (LW or CM)

    To stay:
    – Perez (No offers worth accepting or Wenger thinks he is good enough to fill Alexis’ spot after not giving him a chance all season)
    – Wilshere (One final chance to prove his worth)

    1. kev says:

      Wilshere might be going to Real Betis.Just saying.

    2. BigStick says:

      Honestly, I’m surprised Wilshere is still around and that makes me think Wenger will use him, and probably sooner rather then later. Unless he is sold or loaned out in the next 24 hours I think Jack will be given the keys to the kingdom. We need to bring in young Nelson and use Perez. We also need to sell Sanchez to get the poison out of the club. Ox will be gone by tomorrow and you never know, Ozil may follow him in the coming hours. I’m actually excited, good things sometimes come from shakeups like this. Maybe it’s a good thing and will improve Arsenal?

      I’m still surprised we haven’t brought in a good defensive midfielder or bought Mahrez from Leicester.

    3. HA559 says:

      If one was to speak the truth, Perez will easily get into this team, especially if Sanchez goes. But no Wenger will still promote his sons Theo, Danny, Alex Iwobi infront of Perez for that LW.

      Perez is like a Defoe except he is highly creative as well. Less of a hold up player than Defoe sometimes did for his old club.

  5. John Ibrahim says:

    Ox Sanchez and Ozil

    3 players that not going to give their all and wants to leave

    End of season 6 players are leaving for free

    thats over 200m lost

    Considering the top 2 spot is out of reach

  6. i was a gooner says:

    i wonder if perez stays & alexis goes.
    then perez is forced to start up front because lack of options and he start finding goals..
    my question is, then who is wenger ?

  7. Pablo Picasso says:

    OT: “Police have confirmed that the Emirates Stadium shop was raided and a large quantity of merchandise stolen on Tuesday night. A club shop at Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium was raided by burglars on Tuesday night”.

    This could mean 2 scenarios:
    1. The bandits where trying to get into the offices and edit Wenger’s contract from 2 years to 2 days, but they miss as bad as Welbeck and ended up raiding the shop.

    2. Wenger and Ivan where trying to score some valuable merchandise in order to claim for insurance but as always feel well short in tactics and direction.

    1. paulus says:

      the chiefs were looking for the room holding our ambition, but could not find it, so went for the shop instead

    2. Raj says:

      If the burglars had waited till one more bad result , they would have got all those merchandise for free.

  8. Infumous25 says:

    I really dont understand why we are trying to sell Mustafi…he had a really good start (20 matches he started in all competitions we won with strong defensive partnership) he got injured and didn’t come back the same (which does not surprise me judging from our poor backroom staff)..

    He played in the confederations cup where his form seemed to have picked back up…

    My thing is he has had 1 season we have had deadwood on our books for 5+ years..we are not given him a far chance i do believe we need another CB to add to Mustafi and Kosh as 3 at the back (while Holding his on the bench and easily brought in)

    This is how we will throw away a decent CB and in aew years be kick ourselfs

    Wenger has lost the plot…trying to destroy our club

    1. gotanidea says:

      Mustafi looks like he is an aggressive defender with high anticipation in the field, but don’t forget he came from Valencia, from a season where their defensive area was very lousy. So he might be sold because either he wants to leave the crumbling club (like when he left Valencia) or maybe his quality looks only good on the appearance.

      I hope Mustafi stays to prove himself. I see that he has good skills to be like what Mascherano was for Barcelona.

  9. Muff d says:

    This is how u compete with the Bayern Munich’s and real Madrid’s of this world….

    Watch everyteam u were ahead of leapfrog u and then strengthen them with best player u have had in decades and your best up and coming player

    Keep the C###

    Panic buy and claim it was pre planned to bring back Chris samba from Uzbekistan

    In your face football!!

  10. Adam Criniti says:

    When Sanchez and Ox leave in the next 48 hours without being suitably replaced, I genuinely believe this will be the starting 11 that Wenger will trot out against Bournemoth, and I’m cautiously intrigued by it.


    1. gotanidea says:

      If Ozil stays, Arsenal will fight with ten men again. He should leave as well and give the others a chance to play in that luxurious position.

      I prefer to keep the 3-4-2-1, because Arsenal had been using 4-2-3-1 for more than a decade, and we all know the results. I would like to see:

      Koscielny Mertesacker Mustafi
      Bellerin Coquelin Ramsey Kolasinac
      Iwobi Welbeck

      1. HA559 says:

        Not convinced at all with Iwobi and Welbeck there.

    2. Paul P says:

      Doesn’t look too intriguing to me I’m afraid. Worrying, maybe.

    3. HA559 says:

      Put Elneny there instead of Wilshere. Atleast Elneny can get the midfield going in terms of passes moving. Might even be better to play Diamond , for better defence, look;


      You still have creativity there especially on the left side from Saed —> Xhaka —> Perez —> Lacazette. I think the GK and CB will be more than happy to have that cover in front of them. But apparently Wenger knows better than everyone else.

      1. Break-on-through says:

        We’d be relying allot on Laca, unless we can get two danger-mice behind him. Ozil’s not gonna threaten too many CB’s, unless passing, that’s why I say there is allot resting on Laca’s shoulders. And CB’s know it.

  11. Raoh says:

    Regardless of the Evans talk…Mustafi looks to have better upside if used properly. And that is the problem with Wenger he uses so many players out of positions or he thinks the player he is buying is “like this” when he is in “like that” like Xhaka last season.
    When you see the movements of outgoing players this week, why wasn’t that much effort put in to make sure that all those deals where made before the end of july. He probably knew after the FA cup final that he wouldn’t need all those players, that they were not in his plans.
    He should have been more ruthless and meet them a day after that final was over and make it crystal clear that they aren’t in his plans. To find a club before start of August or they won’t even be playing with the kids…that is how you act, and facilitate such deals by not looking to make money but dump salary and create space in the squad for quality players.
    Ox stance has been like this for a while why be open to deals just now? Snachez same thing, if you don’t strenghten enough to convince him why keep him? Specially when you can replace with a Lemar for example…
    Too much wrongdoings

  12. gotanidea says:

    Chill out, dude. If Arsenal manage to sell Sanchez, Ozil and Chamberlain before this transfer window closes, I am sure they will get some replacements (panic buys).

    Regarding Mustafi, he looks like he is an aggressive defender with high anticipation in the field, but don’t forget he came from Valencia, from a season where their defensive area was very lousy. So he might be sold because either he wants to leave the crumbling club (like when he left Valencia) or maybe his quality looks only good on the appearance.

    I hope Mustafi stays to prove himself. I see that he has good skills to be like what Mascherano was for Barcelona.

  13. Elliot says:

    Sold walker for 50m, bought aurier for 25m? I hate this summer even more ?

  14. GB says:

    Give us Sakho and £10 mil for Ox.
    Central defence sorted.
    Give us Sterling and £40 mil for Alexis.
    Attack sorted.
    Give us a decent DM (suggestions please) for £?
    Midfield sorted.

    1. Paul P says:

      give us a new manager – sorted!!

      1. Koktafo says:


  15. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    Shiit spuds having a better transfer than us…hell even Newcastle are doing better. am no longer mad neither do I have any expectation. am actually looking forward to all these players leaving us before the deadline cus then I would be seen everything as a football fan. everything aside from us within an European cup.

  16. Atid says:

    I would try and get sakho plus £10m for chamberlain from Liverpool.

    Then we shouldn’t have to worry about seeing Monreal in at centre back anymore.

    Mustafi Kos Sakho
    With chambers Mertesacker Holding as back up looks solid enough to me.

    If alexis and ozil really want to go, get as much cash as possible then get draxler moura and krychowiak from psg.

    Then all we would need to do is offload Debuchy and delist campbell or cazorla until January

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