Arsenal to leave England during their winter break

Arsenal will spend their winter break in Dubai, as Mikel Arteta looks to make the most of it.

The Gunners are set to leave England this week to recharge their batteries according to The Daily Mail.

Overall, Arsenal has had a good season in the league and they could end the campaign inside the top four.

Artetaโ€™s side has suffered defeats Nottingham Forest, Manchester City and Liverpool in different competitions recently.

However, they want to end this season as high as possible on the league table and will take advantage of the break to prepare themselves.

They would face the impressive Wolves on their return, and Arteta will hope his players return in top shape for that fixture.

Just Arsenal Opinion

This second half of the season is about finishing the campaign strongly, and we almost have no excuse.

While most top-four rivals have European and other cup commitments, Arsenal has none.

Our matches would be well-spaced now, meaning the players will have more than enough time to rest between games.

If they can deliver solid performances for us, then we can comfortably end this season inside the top four.

Watch Mikel Arteta talk about Burnley and the pressure on the race for Top Four

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  1. Arsenal fan base once again divided it’s Arteta in brigade
    Arteta out brigade
    The problem with the club mainly is the owner and board, they have no one to make big decisions, it’s the blind leading the blind. And then the fan base are at war with each other over the manager… The biggest problem is that supporters are never united! I can’t see this changing anytime soon and that’s why the club will retain its mediocrity status.. I’m sorry but I just don’t see any project taking off, I feel this time next year we’ll be in a similar situation and the cycle will continue until there is big changes at the club. the Kroenkes, Vinai, Edu and Arteta will never create a title challenging team, if truth be told they are a disastrous team who just have not got a clue. But I’m sure they’ll have fun out in Dubai that’s all that matters ๐Ÿ™„

    1. Arteta is a static manager, a lot of ideas, no concret things on the pitch. He needs robots not players

  2. If we finish in one of the EL places it will be a great achievement. Top 6 has been the goal from day one. When we went 0-3 no one absolutely nobody predicted top 4. Most people on this site declared our season finished. They said we would not make top 10. They wrote the team and the Manager off. We are now in a good position to make top 6 our summer expectation for the season. The Manager and the team are proving all the doubters wrong.

    1. Give it a rest FFS you inbred .
      Would you like me to post a few comments from you from a couple months back winding fans up from the opposite of what you are saying now .
      Or maybe youโ€™re comment about the euros when the hooligans broke into Wembley and you saying itโ€™s ok as all football fans live in high rise flats .
      Some of the regulars on here remember youโ€™re pathetic posts buddy .
      I can not believe that I have fallen for your trap replying to this but maybe other fans will see this and leave your inbred views well alone

      1. He just posts the same repetitive nonsense over and over again Dan it’s only a matter of time before people start ignoring him completely.

      2. I will be uploading those posts over the next few days to expose all of those who wrote off Arsenals chances and never ever predicted top 4.

      3. @Dan kit. That inbred thing does have a name Dan. They actually call it Bipolar Disorder. Fairfan is so forgiving towards Arsenal, but in the same breath, shows little if any empathy towards wealthy people that suffer mental health problems (depression). I worked that one out about him a while ago. He’s a bit like the weather. Looks like he gets off at working on people’s emotions with his agenda. As @Reggie and @Kev82 just said, take no notice of him

    2. I frequently disagree with Dan kit, but on this, playing the same tune over and over again, regardless of results is a ruddy bore, so I absolutely agree with him. You can make me chuckle but equally, you do need to take a different tack to keep your theories at least relevant

      1. Sue this guy is a troll, no one could be this positive and no one from the club ever came out and said top 6 is the goal he’s obviously on here to get on people’s nerves and to get a reaction which I naively fall for each time.

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