Arsenal to lose to Liverpool on Cavani transfer?

If the reports coming out of the French media are true, it could spell bad news for Arsenal fans and our hopes of signing the PSG and Uruguay striker Edinson Cavani. The powerful fr4ont man seems destined to leave the French champions as he is clearly not happy about the way things have gone since his transfer from Napoli.

And the Gunners have been strongly linked with a transfer move for the 27-year old, but with Arsene Wenger seemingly happy with his attacking options, at least for now, and the squad desperately needing cover in the areas of central midfield and defence, it was widely believed that any move from us for Cavani would not happen until the end of the season.

But a report in the Daily Star explains that this could be too late and that our Premier League rivals Liverpool could beat us to the punch and sign him this month. The latest from France is that Cavani and his international team mate Ezequiel Lavezzi are due for a hefty fine and a playing ban after turning up five days late after the winter break.

Brendan Rodgers is desperate for more power up front after Mario Balotelli flopped and the absence of Luis Suarez and Daniel Sturridge left his team struggling to score. Even if Liverpool do not go for Cavani, it seems likely that another club will if PSG really are ready to sell.

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  1. we are penny pinching again..

    just pay the 50m and 300k per week wages and sign Cavani….

    Cavani is like Falcao they guarantee goals….

    1. We got Campbell now that Podli has gone,Theo is back, man can he run onto the ball.
      We don’t need this overpriced aging smell bag.

  2. Peope say Wenger finds
    young unknown talent and
    turns them all into superstars.
    So if thats true we should only bring in
    players from our youth squads.

    2 CB’s Hayden + Ajayi.
    2 DM Glen Kamara + Renny Smith
    1 AM Wellington Sila.
    1 str Chuba Akpom

  3. We don’t need a striker anywhere near as much as we need a centre back or defensive midfielder, let’s not get distracted. We aren’t struggling to score goals, we’re struggling to keep them out. Our attack is decent. It can be improved, but defence has to be the priority.

  4. Another BS article written by a BS paper. Pool don’t have $50M to throw at a striker, after spending $18M on Mario (a player everybody wanted..remember?). They’re stadium is holding their club back…

    Arsenal need help in other areas. Arsenal have been very unlucky with health again. Wenger takes stick for it, Van Gaal is considered a genius because of it.

    This window is about DM and back four. Once Ozil and Walcott are back to remotely being close to form Arsenal will be very dangerous.

    Imagine Chelsea having Matic, Hazard and Costa hurt throughout the season…not quite the same team I’d say it’s safe to assume…regardless Wenger needs to reinforce the club. No excuses.

    1. Exactly, why would PSG sell Cavani mid-season when they’re contending for the Champions League and Ligue 1? Almost as ridiculous as the Messi to Chelsea rumour.

      Coquelin is great cover but I don’t see him as the long term solution. IF we sign a CDM and CB, then I think we can realistically challenge for the FA Cup, Champions League semi-final, etc.

    2. Nice point regarding the different treatment Van Gaal tends to get from the media. Also noted the other day LvG telling Pardew (I think it was him) that he can stand and holler on the touchline all he wants but it has zero effect – LvG prefers to sit pen in hand completely inanimate. Wenger of course cannot do that – because he doesn’t jump around it shows a lack of passion blah, blah.

  5. I’m so disapointed… is like Cavani was with one foot in our team,money ready to be transfered,his jersey number assigned,etc,and…what a shock-Liverpool stealing OUR player in the last second…..get real,Wenger is never going to spend that amount of money in one player-with 50 millions,wenger can “survive” another 4-5 years,patching the team with WC players like Arteta,Per or Sanogo(free)

    1. It’s up at the end of 2016. But either way don’t want him, I’d rather promote akpom. Cdm and cb are priority

  6. We can only sign Cavani if Wenger is no more the manager at Arsenal
    #Wenger is the foe
    #Wenger is the obstacle

    1. I want to see Arsenal lift the Epl 🙁 🙁 🙁
      The aliens can come any time now and if they do they will destroy the Earth without me ever seeing Arsenal lift the Epl 🙁 🙁 🙁
      I gave up on Ucl trophy 🙁
      #Wenger is the foe
      #Wenger is the obstacle
      #Pythagoras Knows Best 🙁

      1. 🙁 🙁 the aliens are already at Arsenal, running club affairs n killing Arsenal fans with heartaches and anxiety. 🙁
        I have a suspect, who I am convinced is an alien in human form. Don’t worry, it’s not Wenger, aliens are smart

  7. stop talking about strike force.. it’s our efffing defense that is letting the team down.
    bench mert and buy a defensive midfield player. NOW

    1. You cant win without goals.
      You can’t win the premier league without a world class striker

        1. I think the doomsday merchants are still blinded to the fact that we already have a world class striker in our midst – Sanchez. On track at half way point to 30 goals in a season – frankly don’t care what label people need to pin on him. Maybe what they are meaning when they talk about a striker is the standard 6’3″ good in the air, direct No.9, the classic centre forward. So Sanchez doesn’t tick all their boxes as to what a “striker” is. Even seen him casually labelled a “winger” on here – totally clueless, Mertesacker is as much a winger as Alexis. Put simply, if Sanchez is not a striker than nor is Suarez, Aguero and Messi. Yesterday Wenger put in him a more central role and even though I can’t stand the guy, the supreme archetypal No.9 striker that is Shearer couldn’t help but praise and admire Sanchez’s intelligence and ability in the central role.

    1. I would propose Martinez as no.1, I like what I have seen of him. He can grow into a De Hea

  8. Question for people saying that we don’t need a world class striker

    When was the last time a team won the Premier League without a Top striker?

    Has to be in the 90’s. In 2000s-2010s:
    Van Nistleroy
    – this year either Costa, Aguero, or Falcao and RVP
    will be part of the Premier League champions NOT Giroud and Welbeck
    Yes we need a defender and defensive midfielder but you win trophies with goals. Even the best defense lets in goals.

    We can’t win with Giroud/Welbeck. They are good but not good enough

    Mourinho knew that he needed Costa. Van Gaal knew he needed Falcao in addition to RVP and Rooney. Goals, Goals, Goals. That’s what we NEED

    So don’t be eager to dismiss the idea of a top striker.

    1. You could equally ask when was the last time anyone won the PL with a dodgy defence/GK? All of those teams had a decent defensive set up. All those teams had balanced and properly functioning midfields. If you put Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic, Evra and Van der Sar or Cole, Terry, Cahill, Ivanovic and Cech behind our best front 6 then we would be in the hunt for more trophies. And why would you include Tevez, Aguero and Bergkamp – all secondary strikers, in your list but choose to not mention Alexis?? He is deployed by AW as a striker – jeez, look at his heat map, watch him play and take note of his 16 goals by New Year and where he has scored those goals from on the pitch. Cavani is way down our list of priorities and with a fully fit squad, scoring goals is our least pressing problem.

  9. Yes we need the back 4 and DM together with a world class custodian. But having a strong backyard can only assure us to be in the top but not the lead. We can’t afford to overload Sanchez. He time to recover too. To sign another striker is a must. Hope we got it now. Opportunity come onces. Hope Wenger will sign the the back 4 + the custodian, a DM and a striker.

  10. We cannot keep relying on Sanchez to score all our goals. I am not sold on Giroud and Welbeck either. Giroud has proven to be useful but not the goal scoring machine we need. Welbeck needs to start being more direct and selfish and shoot more often, right now he floats around the pitch and doesn’t really do anything prolific. United have Rooney, RvP, Falcao, Chelsea have Costa, Drogba, Remy. City have Aguero, Djeko and Jovetic – Arsenal should have at least one CF better than any of of those but we don’t – perhaps Giroud and Welbeck are on par with Remy but that’s about it.

    But first and foremost, I would agree with most of you that strengthening our defense should be our main focus before anything else. So far, Coquelin is doing a fantastic job as holding mid and I would rotate him with Arteta when necessary. In Jan, Arsene should invest heavily into a top top CB, Kompany, Cahill quality. If we can spend 42m on Ozil and 32m on Sanchez – attacking players, why can we not do the same for our defense?

    The days of being cheap are over Wenger, Arsenal have the financial collateral now there is no more excuses to penny pinch and buy cheap players.

    1. Is Falcao that good. Sometimes money does not speak. Where did Harry Kane come from, oh the youth academy. Cahill was not top when they bought him. Always spend spend spend and throwing names around.

    2. Why can’t or shouldn’t we rely on Sanchez? Man City are allowed to rely on Aguero and Chelsea on Costa – what is different about their predicament? For better or worse we play a different way to most teams and we have more players capable of 10+ goals per season than all of them. But agree on where our focus should be – defence.

  11. Cavani not going anywhere. All bullsh!t. Newspaper spin. Liverpool can’t spend their way out as Uefa FFP will be hanging over them.

    Here is the quote from Liverpool March 2014 – Liverpool managing director Ian Ayre insists the club are heading in the right direction off the pitch despite recording a loss of £49.8 million and seeing their net debt rise by 31% to £114m in their latest accounts.

    Yes a loss of almost £50 mil. And now they going to buy Cavani for £62 mil and pay for his enormous wages. It will not happen. We also know Cavani will not go to Arsenal.

    1. Hafiz is messing with you – Yengooner, does it all the time. He is pointing out, in an ironic way, our often delusional obsession with particular players and quick-fix answers to whatever problem AFC may be experiencing at any one time.

  12. As has been said, we need defensive solidity more than we need goal scorers. With defensive solidity, the attacking players wouldn’t be tracking back as much as they are now and would therefore score plenty of goals…it’s all about team balance. Easily said, but not easily created in real life!

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