Arsenal to make £12million from their new partnership

The Gunners have been one of the most successful English teams in the last two campaigns, coming close to becoming champions in the summer. They have maintained their excellent form in the current campaign and have become an attractive brand.

As Mikel Arteta’s team performs well, more companies are eager to become partners with the club. ZC Rubber is the latest addition to the list of partners, contributing a substantial amount to Arsenal’s coffers.

According to a report on Football Insider, the latest partnership deal is valued at around £12 million and will run until the end of the 2026/27 season. The Gunners stand to make approximately £4 million per season until the agreement concludes in 2027.

This represents a new income stream for Mikel Arteta’s side, and they will undoubtedly welcome additional partnerships to further enhance their financial standing.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Our performance on the pitch is why we have remained attractive to new partners.

As long as the club keeps investing in the playing squad, we expect them to continue winning and remain inside the top four.

This will earn us even more sponsors with more money to offer as partners.

Watch the amazing highlights of Luton v Arsenal here…

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    1. Or play with a bouncy bouncy rubber ball as Bobbie Vee would say GB?!?!

      OT GB If you go into Google, they are showing pictures of houses who’s back gardens are part of the stand when we played at Woolwich, steps and all.

      1. Yes Ken I’ve seen them, my son is really into the history of our great club and showed me them, also took me to Woolwich in the summer and to Dial Square, some great history there.

  1. When we get Mbappe, the sponsorship deals are going to hit the roof. They may be enough to pay his wages!

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