Arsenal to make MORE defender transfers this week?

While the Arsenal fans still await official confirmation from the club that the transfer deal to sign the Brazilian defender Gabriel Paulista from Villarreal in La Liga is complete, many of us have been wondering whether that will be the end of our transfer business for this January transfer window.

Well according to a Metro report, not by a long chalk. The report claims that Arsene Wenger is actually looking to complete two more transfers before the window closes on Monday and even more surprising is that both of them are defenders.

One, Adil Rami who currently plays for AC Milan in Serie A, has been linked with the Gunners before, while he was at Valencia. He is a powerful and experienced centre back with 26 international caps with France. Rami has been a stalwart of the Milan defence since his move last January and for £6 million would be a great addition to the Arsenal squad.

Portugal international Joao Pereira is an experienced right back who currently plays for Valencia where he spent a season and a half with Rami. The idea is that he would be top quality cover for the injured Mathieu Debuchy, but with Calum Chambers and Hector Bellerin both impressing at such a young age, not to mention Carl Jenkinson starring on loan with West Ham, I cannot see Wenger wanting to bring in another permanent right back.

However, he has fallen out of favour with the new coach and has not played all season, so maybe Wenger is thinking about a loan deal until the end of the season. That would make a lot more sense, but if we had extra cover at right back it would free up Chambers to cover in the middle.

S maybe, just maybe, one of these two transfers might happen, but if Arsenal were to sign both, I would eat my hat. Which, if any, would you like to see happen?

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    1. “Arsenal to make more defender transfers” …….. In the space of how many days ?…….. Don’t we just love mathematics? L()L

    2. By the looks of things, yes. We have Debuchy, Bellerin, Chambers, Flamini(can play fullback) who can fill in well at RB. And it’s important not to shunt Bellerins growth.

      That said it would be a shame to see Jenko leave.

    3. Joa perreirra on a 6month deal makes sense perminently? He can cover rb and lb pretty well especially with debuchy injury prone season.

      Rami isn’t good enough he has already peaked and isn’t worthy of a starting place here. With Gabriel we are filled for this position.

      Gruesscrutz has been terrible this year and is arguably the biggest under performer at Dortmund this season.he mainly plays left mid but can play on either full back positions.

  1. Nah!! i think we are done with the back line. Would welcome an addition to the CDM though in the summer to have a real competition for that place.

  2. The Joao Pereira rumor doesn’t make sense, we already have 2 fit rightbacks at the moment. A loaned in CB would make more sense but please not Rami, he isn’t good enough for AC Milan why would he be for AFC?

  3. When we sign Paulista, we will not need another centre back. Mert is 30 and Koscielny is 29, our future centre backs will be a partnership of Paulista and Chambers, as for right backs, Debuchy is 30, he’s a temporary solution, next season I’d send Bellerin out on loan and have Jenkinson and Debuchy battling for a right back spot with Chambers a backup centre back and right back if needs be. I really want Jenkinson to have a future with Arsenal, I’ve always rated him and he’s proving his worth and showing what he can do with regular game time, what else does he need to do to break into our first team? Would be a shame to see him go…

    1. I agree with you Matt about Jenkinson, not so sure about sending Bellerin out on loan..I like them BOTH and hope to see both at the club next year

  4. I’ve also figured that Wenger has got something BIG planned for the summer, getting rid of Campbell, Podolski and Sanogo, three forwards… I reckon he’s paving the way for Akpom to break through and I believe he will bring in a top top striker in the summer, funny how as soon as we send three forwards out on loan, rumours come flying out left right and centre about Benzema, Suarez and Cavani. Think about it though, the teams like Chelski, City, United have three or four good strikers. I’d love our strike force next season to realistically be, Benzema, Giroud, Welbeck and Akpom if we can tie Akpom down to a new contract.

    1. Nah, not Benzema, too similar to Giroud.
      Suarez is a racist, diving, biting SOB.
      Cavani would add something special to our front line.

      1. Say what you want about Chewy Suarez, he’s a deadly striker, his anticipation is top, and I rate him an a great striker and would love to have him on my team 🙂

    2. His plan was to free Arsenal of Poldis 100k salary which means more money to Stan. This being linked to some certain plan is sheer imgaginary thinking.

  5. Its so sweet and nice to see people say “no more defenders!” or am I having another hallucination??
    Wish a time could come when we say “enough!” in all positions 🙁 🙁 🙁
    #i don’t know which hashtag to put here
    #love pythagoras

    1. how’d I love to use say #nomoretrophies in 2022 when we have won 6BPL titles, 5 FA cups, 3 league cups and 4 champions league trophies back to back, wouldn’t that be nice for a change #gunningforourdreams….sigh.

  6. This is the kind of rumour u see in caughtoffside. I will rather trust caughtoffside than I do the Metro…

  7. I don’t understand why we would need another experienced RB unless we are getting rid of Jenkison and making Chambers something else like CD or DM.

    We already have Debuchy, Chambers and Bellerin.
    If there is anything we could add to it’s a LB because we just have Gibbs and Monreal. Sometimes we have to use Flamini at LB.

    However, “IF” Wenger gets another defender or 2, you will Not get a complaint from me.

    I’m sick of complaining
    I just want to win.

    Rooting for Sheffield United tonight
    Mash the Spuds

  8. Ozil is now in a straight competition with Rosicky
    Ramsey is now in a straight competition with Cazorla

    Which duo would you go for?

    1. In this order:
      Cazorla, Rosicky, Ramsey, and Ozil … Ozil needs to stop this lazy, delicate and not-interested way of playing, yes he is the record signing of Arsenal but he is not the best player we have

  9. What would actually make me happy would be Arsenal going for players who would turn us into a better side.

    Players like Coquelin, Paulista are players who are good players, but they wont take us a step further.

    The thing about Arsenal is that we have the meanings of becoming champions and a force in the world, bue due poletics we chose not to. In the end of the day to become great you must take a risk and invest, but Arsenal is playing the save card and play it clean and cheap and hope for minor success.

    1. Completely agree. These players are good players and actually crucial this season to stay in the top 4.
      However, if we want to higher ambitions like winning the PL and CL (not just simply wanting top 4), these players should really be supersubs to better players. At the moment Flamini is sub to Coquelin. That’s not good enough for next season

      Another example are Giroud and Welbeck. We need a top striker with Giroud and Welbeck as subs and concentrate on League Cup and FA Cup, while top striker can focus on PL and CL. Every year we are plagued with injuries so more depth the better.
      Look at depth of strikers of other teams (all ahead of us)
      Chelski: Costa, Remy, Drogba
      City: Aguero, Dzeko, Bony, Jovetic
      United: RVP, Rooney, Falcao (also looking into add Cavani or Benzema)

      Arsenal: Giroud, Welbeck and Akpom

      That Maybe good enough for 4th place but not for PL and CL.

      Need more ambitious signings

      1. You have it down as Giroud Welbeck and Akpom, fair enough but do you really think going into a game against che manu manc that Wenger would go with Akpom instead of Sanchez or Walcott.

      2. Impressive list on paper – not so impressive when you break it down. Plenty of history and impressive records but need to stop being seduced by names. Only 2 of the 9 have done anything of note this season. Surprised you think Remy and Drogba is “depth”. A 26 year old Drogba maybe – at 36, nah. Remy, Mourinho obviously hates him. Man C need 4 strikers on the books just to have an outside chance of getting one on the pitch each week. Why would you want to include Jovetic in your “scary” list – 11 goals in 2 years?! Giroud has a better league return than “top striker” Dzeko. RVP, Rooney and Falcao – I’ll wait until they turn it on this season but totally underwhelming to date. Not sure what you think constitutes a “striker” – I think you need to start being a bit more flexible in the matter. If you can’t accommodate Sanchez and Walcott in that list then for consistency you would have to say Real Madrid have no depth whatsoever with only Benzeman as a regular and poor old Barca don’t even have a recognised centre forward.

    2. I never understand “Fans” who never understood that between 2005-2013 winning trophies was just a bonus and not an actual aim due to crippling debt. You don’t go on a race track before fixing your car, and the more insurance you need to pay for then the longer it will take to fix your car. It took Man Cit 3 years to win their first trophy, took Chelsea 7 years to win UCL, meanwhile it only took us ONE season to win a trophy after the announcement of no more debt and purchase of Ozil. You’ll notice that Arsenal have been doing the impossible for years and now we’re finally reaping rewards just be patient.

      1. Have patience is something you have been hearing and saying a lot during your life i bet. It was bad management from our side which made us not get close in winning anything.

        What Arsenal have done in the past years is simple criminal. But no worrys at least Fabregas is winning something big for us, right? Right.

        1. Last 11 years net spend:

          Man C £560M
          Chelsea £585M
          Man U £315M
          L’Pool £237M
          Arsenal £69M (this includes Ozil and Sanchez signings)

          Forgot for just one nanosecond the various reasons why we have spent less, as some point in time you will have to accept that the simplest way to win the league is to spend more – just explain why not winning the PL in such adverse circumstances has been “criminal”. In case you hadn’t noticed but the 3 highest spending clubs have won the league for last 11 seasons. Our net spend is half that of Villa – go figure.

  10. Lb is still a worry for me. Gibbs doesn’t seem to stay fit every season and Monreal despite having a good season lacks pace which could cost us just like Mertesaker. I would say GK, LB, CDM
    and ST in the summer is needed. GK only if Szczesny is sold.

    1. Id love if we could get Valencias speedy young lb, a similar player to Bellerin on the far side would give us some good balance instead of our back line changing with the weather. I admit to not seeing much all of him but when a teenage foreign player is rated at over fifteen mil then it usually means there is definitely something there to be worked with.

  11. With Fabregas a doubt for this weekend and a possible ban for Costa. The Chelski vs Shitty game could be interesting and help us.

    Villa game is a MUST win. No excuses acceptable

    I’m not sure which I’d prefer: A Shitty win or a draw?

  12. he won’t buy any more we all no this. he has given our captaina new 1 year deal and i think its fair as all he has had is shit since he has been here. i don’t think AW has place him in his right place since he has been an arsenal player. but why give him just 1 year when we have that lanky sick note still at arsenal yep AD great player i think coz i can’t remember the last time he played

  13. Let’s live up to the vulture tag and get the kid from Palermo …. Looks real quality…. Can sell the whippet to lpool when they sell sterling to madrid

  14. You guys are still WEEPING and crying, We just signed a LB/FB. Stop the damn weeping and complaining !

    Jeeebuz! If Wenger signs Messi you will still be crying he did not get Christiano.

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