Arsenal to make more money as midfielder closes in on a four-year deal

Arsenal is set to earn a financial windfall as they close in on offloading Lucas Torreira.

The midfielder has spent the last two campaigns away from the club after he was made surplus to requirements by Mikel Arteta.

The Spanish manager needs money in the next transfer window and would be delighted to hear Torreira is leaving.

The Uruguayan is spending this season on loan at Fiorentina and it has been a successful campaign for him.

However, his return to form will not earn him a place in the current Arsenal team. Instead, he will move to Florence permanently.

Corriere Dello Sport, as reported by Sport Witness, claims the Italians have been working on their offer to Arsenal for his signature.

He will join them for around €15m, a fee both clubs agreed on before he embarked on his temporary spell there this season.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Torreira was one of our best players when he first moved to the club, so it is good to see him playing regularly.

The former Sampdoria man just doesn’t fit our current system. Making €15m from his sale is a good piece of business for us and we can use that money to fund our spending this summer.

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      1. Ken some people make light of really poor decisions made by this club. Its damning and damaging.

        1. Was about to say the same
          9million loss
          On a player by all accounts is playing at a high standard ,surely we should be asking for more.
          Good CMs go for around 30-40 million in this day an age .
          Another player who as excelled at a different club .

        2. Buying Torriera for £26 mil and selling him for 15 mil euros is in no way a good deal, good business or windfall.

  1. I agree we have not recouped what we paid for him,so how is it good business?🤔

    1. I believe, if I remember correctly, we paid around£27mill or slightly more for him. A bad buy and we need to cut our losses on all bad buys, BY SELLING FOR WHATEVER WE CAN GET.

      1. Bad business for who?

        Why do so many people think they are financial wizards and have so much interest in Stan Kroenkes finances?

        I doubt there is one person on here who has made as much money as him. Whilst Arsenal keep posting losses he pays no UK tax. When will people get that?

        1. It has nothing to do with not paying or paying tax (and Arsenal are one of the highest payers) but the ability to do good business so we can get better players, within the model we use. If you constantly lose money on players like we do, you die eventually. Only 10 years ago we had over 150 mil in the cash tin, that has gone and we are posting losses and it was before covid this started, long before. Dont pretend its ok.

  2. Why remain keen on bringing morata to arsenal when he thinks london is a jungle made out of concrete.

    1. We should not touch Morata with a long stick, maybe Barcelona would be a better fit, am told they are planning an overhaul

  3. well i disagree and think its gud business, since no1 want these guys or wane pay for them.
    we can always keep him on the bench and pay him for the next few years hes signed to us and see if thats better business.

    so weldone just showed us how youl help arsenal waste money.

    1. Adrian – What tosh!!!
      Nobody wants him? Yet here we are discussing his transfer to a club willing to pay upwards of £14,000,000 for him.
      Yet another loss in the transfer market, with Guendouzi and Mavs to follow – while it’s rumoured we will accept about a third of the price we paid for Pepe and £27,000,000 man Saliba has yet to play a competitive PL game.

      I wonder if you spend your money in the same way you like to spend kronkie’s?

      1. We have to cut our losses on this one, the writer maybe just provoking a response

  4. You’re absolutely right @ken1945. We only pay lip service to self-sustainability by selling valuable assets below market price….over and over again: an alarming and worrying trend. But, in the end, who really care’s. It’s just Kroenke’s money.

    1. RFrancis 👍
      Never have I seen this club lose such much money from mismanagement of their assets.
      We were told when Arsene left that the regime would be top notch , absolute bull crap .
      Edu and Arteta remind me of laurel and hardy .

  5. Not too bad business; we are not missing him in the team, not paying part of his wages and we got something. You don’t gain from your business always. Players that are not better than the ones we have or that are not ready to be on the bench like holding and MO should be allowed to leave.

  6. Whether the club makes profit or lose, it doesn’t concern me because the management has suffered us (the fans) a lot in the name of making profit for some years now and thereby not competing well for trophies. My major concern as a fan is for us to win trophies especially EPL and UCL, simple.

  7. Can it not also mean that some of our expensively acquired assets were not worth what was paid for them?
    £72 m for Pepe? £72m!
    Saliba at nearly €30m and a talent but not yet proven here and still so young? Our home grown youngsters have been introduced slowly so I can’t get myself in a dither over Saliba right now. Nor can I over Torreira who wasn’t at all bad but neither was he that great for the buying and selling figures to matter so much as they do to so many.
    Saliba was a punt at his age. £50m on White was also a bit steep but he was at least adapted to the premier league
    Managers come and go and some players benefit and others lose out, and then move on to pastures new successfully or otherwise
    Assuming Arteta is still manager come the start of the new season then it will be possible to see what he and Edu are aiming for. Until then it is all conjecture

    1. Sue P Arsenal football club Arteta/Edu included with all before them ( it isnt just aimed at them) they had nothing to do with the purchace of Pepe or Torriera are responsible for bad asset management. Badly using players, devaluing them by doing so is still going on. Arteta and Edu gave Auba a massive payrise, misused him and got rid of him. Saliba probably hasn’t lost value but he has been utilised badly. Leno, because we sold the wrong keeper (martinez) is worth less because we devalued him because of the way we took him out of the team. Mari, was a waste of money and we are getting peanuts for him. We are getting peanuts for Mavropanos because we under valued and under sold him. Gouendouzis
      situation was handled badly and we have under sold him. We could have got 20 mil for AMN but we KEPT him and now he is virtually worthless after loaning him out after one of his best performances in an Arsenal shirt. Granted Torriera was a little bit out of their hands but before this present regime, we have struggled to get good money for players with the exception of Ox and iwobi, whom we did actually manage to mug both teams. I can go on about Gnabry and others but the article is about Saliba and i personally think buying White and jettisoning Saliba was not necessary. I dont think White is any better than Saliba and i dont get his treatment.

      1. @ Reggie….. I think you can’t eat your cake and hav it… You will be one of those that said Arsenal should not sell AMN then buh now you are blaming the Management for not taking #20mil… I think some fans are hypocrite and just comment to suit their motives….. If Arsenal sell a player, you guys will complain, if they don’t buy and leave those players in the team ,u guys will still complain ….

        1. I actually said at the time 20 mil was a good deal, especially if he wasn’t a regular. It doesn’t matter what occurrence happen someone will always disagree with something that is life. It doesn’t alter the fact we didn’t do the right thing.

        2. Yes some fans, no all fans are hypocrites, where their opinions are concerned but dont accuse people of something, when you haven’t a clue what you are on about.

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