Arsenal to make sensible offer that may be too good to reject

Over the last 24 hours speculation has picked up that Arsenal are determined to sign Celtic defender Kieran Tierney and the rumours have taken a positive turn where the Gunners are concerned.

Yesterday we reported that Arsenal was prepared to offer one of four players to the hoops to sweeten any deal, however, the list of names included three youngsters in addition to Carl Jenkinson and it was the inclusion of the three players that was a little concerning.

Wind the clock forward and it is now being reported that Arsenal will offer just Carl Jenkinson and cash in a bid to persuade Celtic to sell.

That is far better, as we explained yesterday it would have been a mistake to include our own young stars in any potential deal but offering just Jenkinson makes far more sense for both clubs.

Celtic manager Neil Lennon is said to be an admirer of the Arsenal outcast and hopes of a deal being achieved have risen.

It would suit Jenkinson because there would be far more opportunities for first team football, it suits Celtic because they get an experienced player as well as cash and it suits us because we land one of the best players in Scottish football.

Obviously, this could all change but as things right now what Arsenal are reported to be ready to offer looks like it could be too good for Celtic to reject.


  1. why don’t we try to get their CB Boyata as well he is a class defender and would be such an improvement to some of our so called defenders

  2. Let’s be honest here-Arsenal could offer Pat Rice to Celtic and he would still perform better than most do in what has become Third Rate Football Nation.Tierney looks a very good prospect and reports suggest he is Scotland’s best player over Robertson.Says a lot about a nation when two Left Backs are all you have.
    As far as Celtic’s concerned they have no money so need this deal to happen.The fact Jenkinson is considered good enough for them shows their level.Any chance we could get Iwobi up there as part of the deal?Or is that hoping for too much?

    1. Have no money? Clearly you know little. Celtic are on of the few British clubs not in debt and don’t need to sell. Obviously every player has a price but if anyone wants Tierney, they’ll have to pay up. Nobody will be getting him on the cheap.

      1. PAL-You have more money than any other Scottish Club.You most likely are not in debt.But the standard in Scotland is similar to Championship Level.Its nowhere near Premiere League standard and never will be.And you most likely do not need to sell Tierney.But there’s a reason all the better players you have had at the Club recently have left and that’s simply because they need to move to the Big Leagues in Europe to earn the money and to progress their careers.Tierney no different.Just accept Celtic are a big fish in a pond of absolute mediocrity.Always will be.And Gerard is the one you should be looking out for.He closed that gap a bit quickly did he not?

        1. Celtic have to be self sufficient in that league where the TV revenue is 10 shillings and 6 pence for winning the title, it is only a small percentage of the real amount that is spent on the Scottish distillaries and I dont mean the oil ones……the whisky ones as scot infants need all the nutrition which comes from a wee dram ………….lets face it the boys need it as they are to grow up wearing skirts like their dads whilst their mums work on oil refinery platforms in the north sea.

    2. Celtic have no money , are you on drugs, celtic just live within their means since we dont get the millions in tv revenue all you english clubs get..If celtic had the same money coming in like arsenal have well you would be eating your words..Arsenal are not all that in fact if celtic had the cash injection from tv rights like your team have Glasgow Celtic would be leaps and bounds infront of your mickey mouse club..9 trophies on the bounce..Phil you are in fairy land but most of you arsenal fans are the same…Do you think you will win any trophies this year….

      1. We won’t win trophies this year but we don’t play in a 1 league team ..
        While Celtic have a great history they are pretty much a league one team in English league terms

      2. But that’s it isn’t it?You play in a League that is of no interest to anyone outside of Scotland.Celtic play four games per season that are worthwhile and that’s it.Who else tunes in to Scottish football?Nobody that’s who.A third rate League with the players to match.Every now and then a good player like Tierney is produced and for the sake of his career he needs to move to a Club that will pay him what he is worth.Do Celtic have the funds to match what he will be offered at Arsenal?Of course not.Why?Because nobody watches Scottish Football and that’s because it simply is not a competitive standard.
        So Celtic will continue to live within their means while the rest of the footballing world moves on leaving them even further behind.Just accept the facts.

    3. Why bash on Iwoby? He’s still too young that and he can become an awesome player. Give him a season or two and if he shows zero improvement, I’d say get rid of him. Before that, I’d rather sit and watch the situation develop. Remember Ramsey and how much the fans hated on him (myself included)?

      1. Because iwobi is trash
        He’s 23 not going to get any better and he’s wasting a spot in this arsenal team .
        I would release him from his contract and be done with it .
        If he stays in this squad then we will be fighting for 5th or 6th place again .
        If only we had a player like Zaha in his place we wouldn’t be in this mess .

        1. how old is AMN and Lingard ,just checking .trash was a better player than Ozil .take this however you may like since bellerin no academy player has put in the numbers Iwobi has .its just fact and he is one of our desirable players commercially and age wise
          We saw Zaha in man utd what good was he there .
          some arsenal fans are delusional .
          We lack structure simple and short .
          What is really bothering me is the transition of our youth .

          1. Imagine getting paid 30 k a week for playing like iwobi ,I would put that money to better use .
            And please show me these magical numbers you talk of …

      2. He’s already had a “season or FOUR” and not proven himself yet. Probably never will either.

  3. The lack of knowledge from the posts here are mind blowing ! If you actually think you will get him for less than 30m you are living in cuckoo land . The boy is a star !

    1. I guarantee Celtic do not get £30m for Tierney from us or anybody or any other Club.Why?Celtic are not a big enough Football Club to dictate transfer fees to Premiere League Clubs.FFS Arsenal probably pay Ozil per season more than Celtic can afford to pay their whole squad.
      Accept the fact that Scottish Football is a minor League in terms of World Football and always will be.

        1. Probably some Sweaty Sock who continues to believe Scottish Football is anything other than a joke in real footballing terms

        1. Now why have you bought Ozil into this
          I know you have a crush on iwobi but don’t make it so obvious,it’s a little weird .now run along and go polish that poster of him that you have stuck on you’re wall

  4. I agree if you call people delusional for thinking Iwobi Is good enough…my point is what will you be called for stucking you nose in Ozil Ass with his series of Scqullashi performance… Iwobi is the most productive attacker we have he puts in effort he can still improve if he works harder his only flaws is getting the ball in the back of the net which can still improve, Remember Serge Gnabry?… He’s won Bayern player of the year… A player whom Arsenal sees as not good enough…

      1. “Sticking your nose”. There I’ve helped you with your spelling.

        Note: “you’re” = “you are”. 🙂

        1. That’s my phone mate if “you are” = you’re trying to be clever …
          But I think I got my point across to someone Who was trying To have a pop at me .

    1. Websites that forget whom I am replying to cause me great distress too.

      I guess that was my fault by forgetting to enter the mandatory fields, then hitting the back arrow to correct, then hitting the ‘Post Comment’ button assuming it would remember whom I was relying too >:(

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