Arsenal plot surprise transfer swoop for Cavani

Well this would be a typical Wenger move wouldn’t it? With all and sundry expecting the Arsenal boss to make his move for the Real Madrid and France striker Karim Benzema, or at least hope he becomes available in the last few days of the summer transfer window, Wenger could have had them all barking up the wrong tree all the time.

Because The Telegraph is reporting that the big name transfer target for the Gunners is actually Edinson Cavani.

The report claims that Wenger is ready to make his move after becoming aware that PSG could be willing to sell as the Uruguayan international and the manager Laurent Blanc have reached a new low in their relationship. Cavani would not be cheap but we could certainly afford him and give him the main centre forward role that he has been missing with the French champions.

This sounds like exactly the sort of big name transfer that the fans have been calling for and just the sort of boost that the dressing room could do with after the shocking start to the season we suffered against West Ham on Sunday. The only Arsenal player that might not be so keen is Olivier Giroud, especially as he has just signed a new contract extension.

So would you be happy if this Arsenal transfer rumour is true?

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  1. Here we go again! Another newspaper trying to makes sales using the Arsenal transfer rumor strategy. We have seen too many of it over the past couple of years. But will not really mind having Cavani though, he would be a much better target man than Giroud plus he is sharper in his finishing, faster on the run and good in the air. But would Wenger buy? i doubt it!

    1. All this rumours are one big bollox!

      What we need is a new chief executive to makes us more money money money!

      1. When I was much younger, I believed with a cape on, I could jump off the roof of any building and just fly away like super teddy. Thank God I never tried it. #ArsenalRumours

    2. we arsenal fans have done nothing wrong to deserve all these torture and mental strain .please if any transfer rumours.keep them to yourself.we better see things happen but stop the rumours.In this window alone we have been liknked with all the CMs and the STRIKERS in the world but all we got is a Cech.if I gave you the list its please let’s say all we want but ignore rumors that give us expectations just to give us more discourages and disappointments .

    3. with wenger at the helm of business and players transfer……. WE ARE NEVER A SERIOUS TEAM….. Do we even have/set a target?

      1. We don’t have a target, we have targets and we always miss (bad aiming).

        Cavani is 28, not so bad.

    4. Exactly. HERE WE GO AGAIN. VICIOUS CIRCLE — We have a strong run at end of season – Fans get optimistic for the new season — Wenger makes a few or no signings leaving the team 1 or 2 persons from genuine title shot —- We start the season poorly —- High speculation about who to buy — Wenger makes a panic buy or no buy — End of season 3rd or 4th.


      SOME DAY OUR LUCK WILL RUN OUT FOR 3RD OR 4TH. If you start the season aiming for 1st or 2nd you could land on 3rd or 4th if you fall short. IF THE CLUBS THINKS THIRD OR FOURTH IS A GOOD AMBITION, WE RISK DROPPING OUT OF TOP 4.

  2. Before we even think about getting new players in, Wenger needs to use the ones we have and make the starting line up deliver to the fullest potential we have.

    Wit this i mean.
    No Giroud as a Striekr but Walcott.
    No awerage Ramsey on the wings, but instead actuall players who play on the wings.
    More Paulista and less Merti.
    No Santi on the Wings.

    Only then lets think about getting new players in.

    1. You remember Santi as our #10? He was super magical and he scored goals. I mean he could shoot and score and we were fast upfront!!!

  3. @ks-gunner, this is wenger were talking about – Loyalty and making money above anything else. He wont change unfortunatley much to the annoyance of the majority of fans.

    its the same issues every year Arsenal have a soft underbelly and we Always get exposed as soon as teams rough it up abit.

    Disgusted by the weekend performance i just really feel for all the fans who pay a hell of a lot of money to go watch these prima donnas.


  4. There should be legal actions against media, newspapers, agents or anyone spreading such rumours……you can’t just play with the feelings and emotions of fans for their clubs… hurts so much…..!!

    1. Hahaha ??

      wtf! Is wrong with you? ?
      That’s their job … to sell stories,
      It doesn’t matter if it is true or not!

      You should be used to this, if you have been supporting Arsenal for the last decade ?

      1. I don’t have a problem with papers like the telegraph printing and posting lies, I have a problem with just arsenal reposting them. You click a just arsenal article only to discover the source is telegraph or daily star. If the article said the source of the rumour was from the telegraph or daily star in the title we wouldn’t bother click the article. Just arsenal are just as guilty of getting our hopes up if not more since they know the articles from those sources are bollocks but they put them up for us to read regardless.

  5. Cavani would be a good signing.
    He is a very good striker.

    He hasnt been at his best in SG but not at his worst. And last time Wenger bought a striker under performing aat his forme club it went just great.

    Would sound also as a Wenger move, more tan the Benzema one.

  6. I can’t see wenger signing any big names in this window,
    So do your blood pressure a favor and stop building up your hopes!
    Wenger obviously thought that he only needed cech to boost our chances of challenging for the league.
    That’s why he signed him up Quick,

    What makes me laugh is how the media jumped on the bandwagon…
    Even Ian Wright was banging on about how we will be crowned champions with Cech in between the sticks
    But after the west ham game… Wright said” we are a million miles away from winning the premier league” ?

    F##k what everyone says or thinks,
    This defeat hurt everyone at the club
    And Arsenal always bounce back and I am expecting them to put a long unbeaten run together ??

    1. FatBoy, if you watch the other teams, you’d see this season is made of steel: POINTs WON’T COME EASY!!!

    2. Yeah, it seems a bit stupid that one defeat can be the difference between possible winners and being a million miles away. Every three points must add up to one million miles. Chelsea are only three hundred and thirty odd thousand miles ahead ..COYG we can pull that back at least.

  7. OG is not the world class we want but he’s putting in all his best compared to others in the team. I’ve always criticized him but I’ve been watching games with a clear mind and seriously, our midfielders are pain to watch in big games. No passion, no hunger. None of the big names we crave for will Excell with the attitude of the team

  8. Mark my Words Arsenal will end up with nothing this season and it will be all down to Wenger.
    He is a penny pincher won’t pay what is needed to bring in a top quality Striker. I am sick of the same old same old every season from Wenger. Everyone even the dogs on the street all know that Arsenal need a Top Quality Striker but Wenger can’t see this. WENGER OUT.

    1. “Mark my Words Arsenal will end up with nothing this season and it will be all down to Wenger.”

      We say this every season yet we’ve won 2 back to back FA Cups and 2 back to back community shields, beating the most recent champions. Why can’t we go on to getting more silverware this season or finish higher than third? Surely, we can’t predict the whole season off the back of our first game?

  9. As ridiculous as this rumour sounds, this makes more sense than benzema, in the sense that if madrid sell benzema, they would only have pop star jesse as their only out and out striker. Bale and Ronaldo would probably fill in admirably but who would play wide for them, seems too thin for a club of Real’s stature. Where PSG would still have ibra, lavezzi, and bahebek, with moura, di maria, pastore filling the wings. I am trying to be hypothetical in a crazy situation … but I have fried my brain this transfer season 🙂

  10. the manager, they need him because Zlatan is regularly injured and require Ednison to take up the ST role in his absence. So this rumor will only make sense if PSG plan to sign a replacement for CavanI.

    Same goes with Benzema. Real Madrid have to find someone to replace Benz before they can even think of selling him. See how they struggled last season with him injured? Really would be dumb on Madrid’s part to give him up.

  11. I am indifferent to Arsenal signing Edison Gavani. But what is of serious concern to me now is, let the Boss gets the Gunners back to their feet properly to collect all the 3 points that will be at stake for the taking in another Sunday early kick-off match at Selhurst Park as the Eagles host the Gunners in a Barclays premier League game. I am not in the transfer mood. But I am certainly in the mood to see the Gunners revived and win all their next 3 Premier League games before the International break. Maybe after then, I could still agitate for the signing of a top quality left back of a 6 footer plus, that can deal successful with aerial ball threats incursing into the Gunners’ box. I am putting on hold my agitation for the signing of a top quality natural right winger to see what Premier League stuff will Alex Iwobi will be madeoff if the Boss will be magnanimous to start him against Crystal Palace. And also see what state recovery would Jack Wilshere be as he’s played at right wing. If Welbeck returns, the Boss should play him centrally along with Giroud and Walcott. I will be pleased if the Boss starts Walcott for Palace as striker. Selven Bilic played young Reece Oxford as a DM for the Hammers and it was successful. There are 2 good youngsters of Iwobi & Adelaide in the Gunners first team at the moment. The Boss should please not send them out on Loan until he has fully tested them by given them some Premier league games to play to see if they have made the grades. The Gunners’ starts for the Place game is not a difficult one to successful do. But I’ll wait until after the Boss press conference before I dabble into doing my own starts.

  12. Stop wasting space on complete BS. Cavani isn’t coming (he is a has been anyway) and neither is any other striker. Arsenal are not paying for Cavani or Benezema. Why torture yourselves with fairy tales?

  13. its very hard to report arsenal transfers the media find it easy linking us with every player out there.what happened to muzzi ozcan,giullianeli???
    Cavani wont come cheap atleast 55m and with wenger penny pinching.I think wenger is not in a hurry to sign benzema just because he doesnt like to be pushed

  14. You come to JustArsenal, you see the faces of all those beautiful girls advertising dating sites, then you forget what exactly the article you had read was all about and you drop a comment that’s off topic. Damn!!!

  15. We don’t need a striker. Walcott and Welbeck can do the job up front, with Giroud coming on as an impact substitute. However, I would like to see an extra defensive midfielder though. If we don’t play central midfielders on the wings, I think we should be fine.

  16. I told people here that goalkeeping wasn’t our problem, Even Szczęsny’s father said that and we all ridiculed him. With Martesacker at the back we are forever weak, He is tall and should dominate aerial balls but he actually hide them! I don’t know why he is still a 1st choice. I also wonder why we extended Arteta’s contract? We basically need to phase mart out, buy a new DM and Striker and we are good to go! For how long will the Boss cover for Marte?

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