Arsenal to miss out on Klopp as new manager?

I am not one of the many Arsenal fans that cannot wait for the club to replace Arsene Wenger as the man in charge. I have had my moans about the Frenchman but also feel that he has done a remarkable job in difficult circumstances for the last 10 years.

But even the fans that think Wenger fully deserved his new Arsenal contract after a good title challenge for most of last season and an FA cup trophy for us to celebrate, are already looking to the future knowing that it will be sooner rather than later that the club has to find the man to replace the Prof at the top.

And a large number of Gooners are firmly in favour of that man being Jurgen Klopp, the charismatic German coach of Borussia Dortmund. But according to an article in the Daily Mail, Arsenal are in danger of missing out on Klopp and seeing the 47-year old manage another club as the report suggests that he may be getting towards the end of his tenure at the Westfalenstadion.

This is not because they are due to sack him, even though an awful start to the season has seen them drop to a lowly 15th place in the Bundesliga, just two points above the relegation places. And this poor league form should not put off Arsenal either, because Klopp has still managed to get his injury ravaged squad to produce great games and results in the Champions League, including the destruction of Wenger’s Gunners.

That poor form may be the reason he is ready to leave though, as Dortmund’s chances of challenging Bayern Munich on the domestic front seem to fade every year, especially as their rivals keep pinching their best players. So unless Klopp somehow manages a drastic turnaround in the league or leads his players to a Champions League triumph, the suggestion is that he could soon be ready for pastures new.

And that means that unless Arsenal are willing to sack Wenger or persuade him to hand over the reins and move upstairs, we could miss out on Klopp as our new manager. What do you think Gooners?

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  1. Drew says:

    klopp would be great but we all know that wenger will never get the sack and his pride won’t allow him to resign. i judge wenger by his actions so lets see if he gets the combative DM that we need in january, as well as a CB.

  2. Sumo says:

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    1. ethangooner says:

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    2. admin says:

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  3. fed-up gunner says:

    I believe. Arsene could hv klopp in his mind n he. Cld move up 2. A new role n KloP cld come in as manager; he cld b an ambassador like. Fergie

  4. Hafiz Rahman says:

    klopp? his side is relagating….i rather have simone

  5. davidnz says:

    There is only one man
    to manage Arsenal
    bringing back the glory days.
    HaHaHafiz Rarkmon 🙂

  6. andyarsenal05 says:

    Wow really? Klopp? I wonder how the so called Arsenal fans would feel if we were 2 points of relegation. If it was Wenger everybody would say Wenger out but Klopp doing it, sure bring him in.

  7. cheeterspotter says:

    Simone for me to.
    Arsene is past his sell buy day.

  8. Big Gun says:

    People always say no player or manager is bigger than the club, but with Arsenal there is an exception. Arsene Wenger has done far more positive than negative for this club, on and especially off field in a financial sense. This is why Wenger will see his contract out and there is a good chance if he does well in the next 3 years (wins another trophy or two) his contract will be renewed. I really do not understand why certain fans are calling for his head because if you look at a club like City, they have spent a hell of a lot more than us and have a far better squad on paper, yet are only 3 points ahead of us so far this season.

    I understand frustrations are aimed more at Wenger’s so called tactical ineptness and lack of wins against the bigger teams, but we must remember that we have just recently exited a financial lull and ARE in the process of building a great squad. Is Pellegirini tactically inept for winning the league last season but only 6 points behind leaders Chelsea this season? The answer is no, and the same should apply to Wenger. We won two trophies last season, signed some quality players in Sanchez, Chambers and Debuchy (thanks to Arsene) so let us give our longest standing manager some props until his contract expires. If Wenger continues to win more trophies, I see no need to replace him.

    1. esther5561 says:

      Big Gun.
      I hear what you are saying and if you believe that Wenger has done great things move him upstairs because on the field he is out of touch, his tactics are wrong you dont buy a great player and then play him in the wrong position, he is a great player because he plays in his correct position.
      Buying one great player a season and not strengthening the squad is not smart but clearly designed to appease the fans and avoid spending really big.
      It is time for him to go and my guess is that this season we will not get into the top 4 then what. What will the excuses be, because there is always an excuse with Wenger.

      1. The Analyzer says:

        By the way which player is being played out of position? I hope its not Ozil you are talking about because that claim is utter rubbish coming from mentally bankrupt pundits. Ozil’s heat map shows that he spends more time on the leftside of the atracking half than anywhere on the pitch. So that is his natural play whether is on the number 10 role. In the German team he plays there and was instrumental to their world cup success. Since Ozil got injured German has been struggling, losing against Poland and being held by one of the UK national teams.

        Coming to the issue of strengthening this is one useless world favoured by mentally bankrupt pundits, hence I will not waste my time on it.

      2. Big Gun says:

        I agree with you to an extent, anything under top 4 from here on is failure, in fact we should be winning a trophy here and there in the next few years. We have the financial backing now, there is no reason for Wenger not to keep strengthening the squad and going for gold. His next goal is to sign a world class DM and another CB in January. If he does that then he is definitely on the right track. Wenger’s actions might sometimes be mysterious to us, like when he plays certain players out of position, but then again he has been a manager for longer than some of us have even been alive and has more accolades than most managers out there, so I give him the benefit of the doubt.

    2. goldfish27 says:

      Only “If” he can win trophy u side but I don’t see him like a winning couch anymore from his tactics, formation, favouritism and choice of player is far from winning….Wenger out

  9. Budd says:

    We will not miss Klopp. We don’t really miss Klopp right now. There are more trouble in Dortmund than at Arsenal these days, why don’t you blame Klopp for these?

  10. muffdiver says:

    Simeone is a nut job. Alot of our players couldnt hack his style of coaching. He is a genius in his own right but…
    ur talking about replacing a librarian with a bulldog!

    Klopp ive always liked . Tactically sound. Young. Charismatic, shrewd in adapting his squad.

    But there are other managers out there. Look at what Southampton have been doing with koeman- quite incredible

    1. bomber says:

      Why do you like Klopp if you hate Wenger? Klopp is Wenger…he plays players out of position all of the time…he doesn’t rely on ‘tactics’ Dortmund play the same style regardless of opposition. Klopp is use to seeing his best players move away from the club…Kagawa, Sahin, Gotze…etc…etc.

      Do you watch Football?

  11. Kojima says:

    This klopp rumour is so annoying, i mean seriously, whats up with arsenal fans??? Klopp this klopp that, what proof is there that he will be better? The man u all want to replace wenger is doing much worse than wenger in the league, where is the improvement? The man u want so much to save arsenal doesnt match up to feats that wenger achieved that u all undermine.
    1) his team lost the creative am and star striker and cant seem to win a league match, wenger suffered that so many times, cesc, nasri, henry and van persie but still we are competitive. Compare their league standings and pick who is doing better
    2) his team is plagued with injuries just as arsenal, compare their league standings both and tell me who is doing a better job handling the situation
    3) how good do u think he is at arranging squads, yh u did the first time but other than that… Back to wenger, after the invincibles (set 1) there was song-cesc-nasri (set 2) and now there is arteta-ramsey-ozil (set 3), thats 3 sets of midfields wenger has arranged in 10 yrs, let that sink in, wenger has arranged 3 sets of midfielders in 3 yrs for our club, i will really like any other manager to do that with the same club with limited funds and stay in the top 4 in any league.
    Bottom line is, u can insult wenger and pick the coach of ur dreams to coach arsenal but certainly not klopp, its really annoying. This has been in defence of wenger. #peace

    1. esther5561 says:

      Klopp is young and has creative ideas he will work the team a lot better than Wenger. His position has been very difficult as B Munich has a Monopoly on players and constantly takes all the great players from other German teams. Look how Wenger struggles to buy players he cant spend the money other teams can. Until the rules of football really change the game is going only one way the richest teams will be the best.

      1. arsenal207 says:

        May i remind you how many core players left Arsenal for Man City? Did Munich buy the same amount???

  12. The Analyzer says:

    This is one of the worst articles I have read on this site. The article is based on three speculative and unfounded points, viz: Arsenal have to replace Wenger sooner than later, majority of Arsenal fans want Klopp as the next Arsenal manager, and Klopp is about to join another club.

    Wenger signed a three year contract in may 2014, therefore he has 2years 7 months remaining on his contract. In the past Wenger has been given three year contract extension which he has been seeing through. There is no reason he will not see out this current contract. If he is given another extension it will take him to 71 years. Fergusson retired at that age. It is possible that Wenger may want to retire at around that age. So from the look of things Wenger is at Arsenal for between 3 to six years from now. Hardly the wenger have to be replaced sooner than later.

    Arsenal has millions fans worldwide. Can you tell me how you came to the conclusion that the majority of the millions of Arsenal fans want Klopp as the next Arsenal manager? The fact that some twenty or so fans who patronize this site keep on mentioning Klopp’s name does not translate into a majority voice. In 2011/2012 season a pettion was put out to force Wenger out. After 12 months the pettition only had a thousand signatories despite a cloud of negativity on a number of Arsenal blogs. What that means is that only a handful of fans moan and turn to social media platforms to moan. The sober and measured ones rarely comment on social media platforms. This has reeulted in moaners think they are the alpha and omega of on matters Arsenal.

    From the look of things Klopp is likely to be sacked than join another club. So to claim the latter is not only misleafing but utter dishonesty. You realize that if you state the more likely questions will be asked as to why you wanted a failed manager in a less competitive league, while rejecting a manager whose signature is being sought by top top clubs in the world.

    Moaners may fall for your cheap reasoning but you can not full the sober and measured ones.

  13. Hilz says:

    Dream on Gooners, dream on…

  14. LoCkAy says:

    What is that story about Paul Clement lined up to be Arsenal next manager?
    Apparently, just apparently, Wenger might have given his approval…!!
    I doubt it, but again, I have always said that the board will allow Wenger to name his successor.

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