Arsenal to offer Cavani transfer lifeline from PSG?

Arsenal fans really have no idea what the transfer plans of Arsene Wenger and the Arsenal board will be when the winter transfer window rolls around in January. I am still none the wiser about what happened in the previous window this summer to be honest.

After making a profit when most Arsenal fans were expecting perhaps the biggest spending window ever from the club, you would hope that January will see the boss do what he should have done in the summer. That may involve another attempt to sign the young France international star Thomas Lemar from Monaco, but we did not have much luck with him last time.

However, if Wenger is looking to bolster the Arsenal front line he could do a lot worse than get in touch with another French club PSG, who reports claim could be about to sell their Uruguayan centre forward Edinson Cavani after the public falling out the striker has had with his new team mate Neymar.

As reported by the Daily Mail, PSG’s summer signing from Barcelona who they smashed the world transfer record to get has thrown his dummy out of the pram after a couple of seemingly innocuous on field incidents got out of control.

Clearly PSG are not going to offload the Brazilian so that could spell the end for Cavani, whi I reckon would be a great addition to the Arsenal team. Could Arsenal be the club to make the most of this silly row do you think?


Updated: September 20, 2017 — 11:14 pm


  1. That means selling Lacazette then. Obviously, that isn’t happening!

  2. i guess arsenal should give a lifeline to my dad too.

  3. We need an extra winger.

  4. this was me telling future to deluded Wengerite fans.
    September 9, 2017 at 5:41 am

    next match ( Bournemouth) Arsenal will draw or win. Next 5/6 matches Arsenal will win convincingly. In the meantime utd will win most of them.1st Arsenal disaster time is Decemember 20 to january 1st. Next disaster month is march. In April Arsenal will ne 15 to 20 points far from united.
    Repeat the cycle next year, replace utd with city/chelsea/liverpool.
    Repeat the cycle until Wenger passes away naturally

    1. I don’t know what year you think you’re in at the moment. Prepare yourself, it’s still sep 2017 dude.

  5. Maybe we can dangle a carrot in the shape of Sanchez in front of PSG in January.

  6. During the spat with Cavani, Neymar was probably thinking “where was this guy when I tore PSG apart at Camp Nou last CL knock out stage”

    It was easy for Messi to allow a young wide eyed Neymar to blossom at Barca. Cavani on the other hand has inherited a mature confident highly decorated Neymar, they just need ti reign in their egos and do their job. No point mentioning Arsenal here.

    By the way I just read an article suggesting that Arsenal is finally set to snap up Benzema…. Now that his release clause is set at 1 billion Euros.. Hmmmm smart move.

    1. l read that too and i was like hahahaha!!!. Those guys need a new profession journalism is not their calling.

      1. I think he signed a contract.

  7. Say Tomorrow U get a news stating.. Messi fights with Suarez.. so that means Suarez to Arsenal.. Ronaldo fights with Bale.. Bale to Arsenal.. Lewa fights with Robben.. Robben to Arsenal.. Dybala fights with Higuan.. Higuan to Arsenal.. Hazard fights with Morata.. Morata to Arsenal.. and so on…. What a Team We gonna have in near future!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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