Arsenal to offer Fabregas a transfer lifeline from Chelsea jeers?

Among all the delight from Arsenal fans and the taunting and gloating aimed at our rival fans from west London following the sacking of their special one Jose Mourinho by the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich, I saw one Metro report showing that some Arsenal fans had posted things on social media hailing our former captain Cesc Fabregas for his work as a ‘secret agent’ at Chelsea.

It was funny but while the notion is clearly daft, as Fabregas was one of the key players in helping Mourinho and Chelsea to the Premier League title last season, the Spaniard is being seen as one of the mail villains of the piece and a key player in Mourinho’s departure.

As reported by Sky Sports, Fabregas was targeted by the home fans during their win over Sunderland yesterday. His name was booed in the build up and he was jeered off the pitch in the second half.

So I cannot help but think his time at Chelsea may be coming to an end, opening up the possibility of a return to north London. A lot of us fans wanted Arsene Wenger to exercise our option to take him back from Barcelona, but do we still want him?

The boss said at the time that Arsenal already had players in that position, but now that Santi Cazorla has picked up a long term injury, could the Frenchman find a place for Fabregas in the Arsenal side? What do you think Gooners?

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    1. Fabregas is a traitor. What a way life can presents ironies, he was brought in by Jose and ended up being one among the bad eggs . He played a key role for Jose’s Mourinho’s departure. He should remain with shiche. We drastically moved on since. No player is greater than a club.

    2. fabregas is an Idiot………. Why he wastes his precious time waiting on Arsenal…….. Aston villa/ sunderland can offer him a LifeLine…. He can be Key! L()L

    3. If from chelsea then it has to be Hazard, but remires won’t hurt if he is ready to deputise for the mighty Le coq.

  1. I would rather splash some serious cash and get Isco instead. Had Ozil been also out I wouldn’t mind getting Fabregas on the cheap, cause his market value has dropped significantly. But Cazorla is a very different player than Fabregas. Only if Fabregas proves his loyalty to the club and manager who made him the player he is, only then I would accept his return.

  2. he was worshipped here. fans at the emirates would cheer him like they do santi now, ever since he did that blind reverse pass at 16 years old at highbury, hes been a fan favourite.

    the way he left for barca was very distasteful, but he was from there.
    but to go to one of our biggest rivals, an to a manager who did nothing but insult our manager and club….disgusting

    u will never be welcome at this club u rat

  3. Emotions aside, Fabregas is a player whose skills are in decline. I don’t want him and neither will Chelsea or any top 4 side after this season.

  4. OMG!……… Fabregas is so so Angryyyyyyyyyyy……….. Hell Lot of Thumbs down for all of us…….. Take it easy Fab Hahahaha

  5. and if there’s any player who requires a LifeLine from chelshi’s Jeers……. Its Eden Hazard …….. Wonder what happens to him at the end of the season!……will he do a fabregas on em?

  6. i think Santiago and fabrigas hate each other. when i saw them in the community shield and last league game we played with chelsea they seem distasteful. so anything that would upset santi is unacceptable. period. send him to febernache.

  7. We have really great team spirit and you want us to destroy it by signing Fabregas? Lets face it, his history shows him to be a disloyal and erratic player. The way Ozil is playing now, he is a class above Fabregas. Santi Cazorla showed how to win trophies for the club with his fabulous free kick against Hull. I don’t ever remember Fabregas stepping up when it really mattered. Both him and Van Judas can **** off with their medals in Turkey and Chelski.

  8. NO THANKS!!

    Fabregas blew his chances the day he left us. So what has happened to him at chelski is Karma my friends. His words when he joined chelski “They have an amazing squad of players and an incredible manager,” added Fabregas, who has 89 caps for Spain. “I am fully committed to this team and I can’t wait to start playing.” Haha yeah right.

  9. OT: Guardiola. What a time to leave BM! 3 PL clubs: Chelsea, MANU and MANC who have the power of spending big would be rubbing their hands now. Mourinho is also going to play a part in this but due to his reputation his role will be second fiddle. Mr. Pep, well done. You are going to be the most expensive manager ever.

  10. What’s the kid to do he went home to play for his club so what. TH went there but he is still loved. He wanted to come back but yet again our manager who won’t spend said no not CF. just like you all its a job for him. AW needs to move on and a manager PEP should come in and show us what winning is all about but again AW won’t go and that’s holding the club back

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