Arsenal to offer Liverpool striker transfer if Alexis quits?

A striker with all the qualities that the Arsenal and Chile international star possesses is not an easy thing to find, so if the Arsenal transfer rumours suggesting that the former Barcelona forward may decide not to accept the offer of a new contract this season, when his current deal will enter its final year, Arsene Wenger may have to try to find one.

At the same time as the Alexis Rumours, Metro is reporting the story that the Liverpool and England striker Daniel Sturridge may also be looking for a new club as Jurgen Klopp has given him little time on the pitch this season and seems to prefer the likes of Firmino and Origi.

Can you see where I am going with this Gooners? What do you think of the idea of Sturridge coming in to replace Sanchez? He perhaps does not offer the same tireless work rate and that burning South American style desire, but he is a class act with great technical ability, pace and finishing power.

The 27-year old is entering his peak years as a player but is still young enough for Wenger to be able to improve his game. THe main concern for me would be his recent injury history, as Arsenal have had more than enough players in the treatment room in recent years.

If Sturridge can prove his fitness, though, do you think he could be the player to replace Alexis if he does leave?


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  1. Budd says:

    I very much doubt that any EPL club will sell to any other EPL club if they are directly competing for title/UCL spot.

  2. Incarnate says:

    I’d pay Alexis 300K a week if I had to. Two goals in a match he was not even expected to feature in? This guy’s passion is on a different level…. what were you saying about Sturridge again?

  3. Arsenal goonz says:

    No no and no.Alexis all the way,break the bank to extended his contract

  4. Kumagaya says:

    Bob ill bring him in to partner alexis. At time alexis can play 10tole as he can drop deep n create and sturidge can stay upfron. Iheard OG plans to move on. Anyway sturidge is better than Sanogo

  5. Arturitou says:

    we cannot sell Alexis Sanchez, he is one of the best player in the world and if we are going to win some silverware this and upcoming seasons I believe he needs to be part of it, he may be almost irreplaceable.

    1. Olivier's toe says:

      I’m thinking that Alexis doesn’t care about money any more.
      He wants trophies and if we dont win anything this year he will find a club that will…

  6. Jansen says:

    Under no circumstances should we allow Alexis to leave. Pay him what he wants.

    Not only are we unlikely to find a replacement who can offer the same or more, we are also unlikely to be willing to pay the enormous transfer price required for a player equal to Sanchez. Didn’t Higauin cast 80 million?

    Losing Sanchez will also make it harder to attract top players. Top players want to play with other top players, Alexis and Ozil fit that image, Giroud and Walcott don’t.

    1. Olivier's toe says:

      Walcott is admired by people like Pep Guardiola and Lionel Messi.
      It’s his injury record that is the problem.

    2. proffetic says:

      Agreed. Get shut of Mertesacker and give Alexis the £80,ooo a week being wasted on him. I rate Alexis above Ozil, give him what he wants and more.

  7. Break-on-through says:

    At the time che sold Sturridge I thought we should’ve went for him. Now I think we need to aim allot higher. He’s a good goal scorer but maybe a little one dimensional. We need someone who can play with back to goal and run in behind. I’m not seeing an obvious choice out there though. We’re gonna have to be great in snapping one up just before the cusp. We nearly did that with Aubemayang, but blinked at the last moment.

  8. citrenoogeht says:

    Keeping Alexis Sanchez is a no brainer. However, signing another striker is more complicated than picking him up because he is at odds with his parent club. Daniel Sturridge will not come cheap and other players in his price range would need to be considered. Let’s think about this rationally.

    1) Daniel Sturridge has certain things going for him: he is English, he knows the premier league and as striker I would rate him as a 7 out of 10. His negatives are he is injury prone, he displays poor decision making skills, never seems to quite settled at any of the clubs that he has been at and at times selfish on the pitch (even for a striker).

    2) Pierre Emerick Aubameyang’s positives are: he is very quick, he is a team player, no long term injury concerns, plays on the last man and is direct and as a striker I would rate him as a 8 out of 10. His negatives are: he is untried and tested in the premier league, he is foreign, he would be more expensive than Sturridge and he has muted a preference to go to Real Madrid.

    3) Alexandre Lacazette’s positives are: he is 25yrs old, he is quick, technically gifted, team player, he is French (although foreign, he could assimilate more easily), he does not feature regularly on international duty, and as a striker I would rate him as a 7 out of 10. His negatives are: he is untried and tested in the premier league and has a patchy injury record.

    4) Antoine Griezmann’s positives are: he is 25yrs old, he is quick, technically gifted, team player, he is French (although foreign, he could assimilate more easily) and as a striker I would rate him as a 8 out of 10. His negatives are: he would be significantly more expensive than the others and he is untried and tested in the premier league.

    I personally cannot see Wenger going into the transfer market this January, after all he has only just bought Lucus Pirez (who remains largely untried and untested) and Welbeck is due to come back shortly, but if he were to go into the market, for me the best option would be bring in Lacazette.

    1. HairyCustard says:

      Can’t really rate Sturridge as one level below Griezmann and Aubameyang, they’re a different class. Sturridge 6.5, Laca 7, Aubam 8.5, Griez 8.5

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