Should Arsenal offer this Man United star a transfer lifeline?

Even though Arsenal have just recently signed the young English defender Cohen Bramall and the manager already has two very good first team options, the position of left back is one of the ones that comes up more than most in the various Arsenal transfer rumours rolling around the football media.

So reading between the lines it appears to me that Arsene Wenger may well be preparing to lose either Nacho Monreal, who has been often linked with a return to Spain and La Liga, or Kieran Gibbs who is thought to be keen to play a lot more regular football and may be ready to move if it does not come with the Gunners.

If this is so then the boss should be very interested in the latest Man United transfer runours, with The Independent reporting that Jose Mourinho has given up on the England international and is ready to sell the former Southampton left back.

Apparently he has lost patience with Shaw’s lack of progress but I think Wenger could be the man to help the talented defender realise his full potential. After all his record with young left backs is second to none, having brought on both Ashley Cole and Gael Clichy as well as Gibbs.

What do you think Gooners? Should Arsenal offer this Man United outcast a transfer lifeline as we did with Danny Welbeck?



  1. Midkemma says:

    I hope the writer didn’t forget who is ManUTDs manager, the same guy who threw a hissy fit when Roman sold us Cech, a player who he thought was past his best…

    You think we would be able to buy Shaw from UTD?

    We could buy both Gaya and Rodrigrez for the same type of money and they both have equally good potential.

    Forget about everything for a moment and think about just this..
    Jose Mouriniho.

    Now who thinks we have a chance of getting Shaw?

    1. Ozzy AFC says:

      WHY?? would anyone think tis would EVER be a good idea anyway??

  2. ButtFlaps says:

    NO TANKS! Shaw not good options! I prefer ROGRIGEZ

  3. Ozzy AFC says:

    Jaysus H Samuel are you guys reading this and swallowing it?
    has it been sooooooo long since we were really linked with anyone of real quality that now we are regularly linked with the likes of Luke Shaw ??????
    We are pretty deficient in midfield and Santi Cazorla is NOT getting any younger, Arron Ramsey is never gonna get any better for us, ect ect and we’re discussing Luke F@cking Shaw???? while the team he’s playing for are discussing Antoine Greizman ????
    besides does anyone really believe that Maureen will sell us anyone ?? he wouldn’t even sell us the grounds mans dog FFS. While our competition speak of Griezman eizman and other world class players, WE, speak of Luke Shaw ha ha ha what a load of cobblers the club has become.

  4. Jansen says:

    If money was not an issue and the funds we would spend on Shaw would not mean we compromise on a world class striker/winger than Shaw could be interesting.

    Having said that, it is not a great sign that Shaw failed to impress either LVG or Mourinho.

    Wenger has not really developed young players in the same way he used to in my humble opinion.
    It feels the progress of Gibbs has stalled a few years ago, and if I am honest, it doesn’t feel like other young players have developed to their potential (Ox, Ramsey, Theo).

    On the other hand Kos (was not young when he joined) has developed into the WC CD IMO and Giroud has improved since his arrival. Credit where credit is due.

    Although it is way too early to tell, Bellerin could become a WC defender in a few years. It will also be interesting to see how Iwobi develops since he also appears a special talent. Will his progress slow, like Ox’s did a few years ago, or will he take noticeable steps each season.

  5. Bobbyraz says:

    The most important signings we need to make is Alexis and ozil, if we loose this two there’s gonna be a whole lot of trouble for our club, i fear we will never replace them with the same quality if they leave.

  6. kelleson says:

    No….. Arsenal is not a refuge centre for all rejected players from other clubs. We need the best

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