Arsenal to pay £40m for Atletico Madrid star? Get real…

The latest Arsenal transfer rumours linking Arsene Wenger with a possible mo0ve for the young Atletico Madrid and Uruguay international defender Jose Gimenez just serve to highlight once again the problems that our manager has been talking about in his quest for new players in the summer transfer window.

Now I am not saying that Gimenez would not improve the Arsenal squad, although to be perfectly honest I do not know a lot about him, but the £40 million price tag that the Daily Mail are reporting is simply crazy. The reason we are being linked with Gimenez in the first place is supposed to be that Wenger is not willing to match the £30 million valuation that Spanish club Valencia have slapped on their German international centre back Shkodran Mustafi, so I do not understand why we would then pay more for a player with less experience.

At 21-years old Gimenez has more international caps than the 25-year old Mustafi but Wenger has spoken about the need for experience to cover for Gabriel and Mertesacker and I just cannot see him signing another defender the same age as Calum Chambers, can you?

The report claims that we have begun talks with Madrid over his transfer but I will eat my hat if this transfer deal happens.


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  1. There’s just no way Arsenal will fork out £40m for Gimenez when they can’t even agree a fee with Valencia for Mustafi who’s cheaper at about £25m

    1. Let the transfer window slam close so we can be saved the pain and depression of the heartless manager called Wenger and the self-serving Arsenal Board! He should for now go ahead with his window-shopping nonsense!

  2. Knowing Wenger, he might just pull off another midfield signing (that we are not lacking)…while avoiding the urgent Striker and CD positions.

    Someone is obviously lying to us the fans. It’s either Wenger, or the Board, or both.
    Nothing can be hidden forever though.

    1. ha! loads has been hidden forever….

      tupacs killer
      davy jones locker
      britney spears nipple

      i could go on…..

  3. Mustafi and Gimenez are smokescreens for West Brom to lower their valuation of our real target Johnny “The Great” Evans , from £13 mils to mere bargain £12 mils + 1 pound

  4. If you ask me he is worth it, he is an internatioanl with uruguay and i seen him play with both uruguay and ATM, soo he is actually really that good, but being only 21 years old I really doubt it if ATM would sell him even at that tag price

  5. We all want a striker and CB….Wenger will sign another midfielder and then make us mad all over again..

    Can’t remember the last time we had such negativity amongst the fans but rightly so at this point. They call us the patient ones..

    I will continue to support the team but someday we will see Arsenal in a whole new level.. Until then, let’s see what happens in the window and this season..

  6. If it took over 1-2 week to negotiate and sign Holding, you can imagine how long it would take to sign a player that costs over £20m+.

    When Wenger and co play ‘poker’, they moves the chips one at a time instead of stacks. Other teams obviously see through this and stay adamant about the asking price.

  7. Why not overspend in a summer for once. Last summer only £10m was used, so there are unused money for that summer which should be carried over to this year.

  8. When I say the man is senile and has lost it some sycophant will come and give their support. They will even go to the extent of making excuses for him. He knows CD but would rather go for a younger player he does not know well that is Ludacris. Except it’s the same old story stalling for time before the window closes. Well relegation Arsenal here you go.

  9. Bob, if we should take his name for anything, I can assure all Arsenal fans that Arsenal will not sign any Lose Gimenez. Not at that high transfer fee of £40m will Arsenal sign a 21 year old Argentine centre-back from Ateletico Madrid however talented he the Lose maybe.

    If the Boss cannot find the right quality CHB at reasonable price he wants to buy him at the market this summer, I think it will be better if he postpones his search for a new top grade CHB for Arsenal till the winter window. When if the needs be he can still attempt to sign.

    We have our 2 young cenre- backs of Calum Chambers and Rob Holding to count on them to efficiently do the CB job for us until Gabriel who is on a short sideline injury is back and Mertasacker the longer sidelined with injury is also back by the turn of the year. It has been noted that both Debuchy and Monreal can as well play at centr- back for Arsenal. So therefore, it can’t be said we are acutely short at CB. There are opinions available for the Boss to deploy to that position if to call off the paying above the odds bluff by some clubs Arsenal are being subjected to in the transfer market.

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