Arsenal to pay £572,000 a week to Europa League rejects

Arsenal have left four players out of their Europa League squad for the upcoming fixtures, with the quartet earning a wage of £572,000 per week.

Mesut Ozil earns over half of that amount (£350,000 per week*), with him the biggest-named exclusion from the selection, while the likes of Sokratis, William Saliba and Gabriel Martinelli make up the rest of the list.

The Brazilian was left out due to injury, with the forward not expected to return to action in 2020, and his exclusion is more than acceptable, despite his £90,000 per week wage*.

Sokratis represents the second-biggest wage left out the playing squad, earning £92,000 per week*, with our club having failed to offload him before the close of the transfer window on Monday evening.

Saliba (£40,000 per week*) is the last remaining exclusion, with the defender having failed to convince Mikel Arteta that he is ready for first-team action so far this term, although him being left out could well lead to the defender joining a Championship club on loan.

The decision to leave Ozil out will come as a shock to some, with an extended use of squad members regularly picking up minutes in the competition, with some members of the fanbase believing he could have had a chance to break into the manager’s plans during the campaign, something that looks unlikely now.

Shkodran Mustafi had been linked with a move during the summer window, but finds himself in Arteta’s squad or the Europa, and I for one wouldn’t be shocked if he picked up plenty of minutes if our use of a back three continues, although reverting to a back-four could well end his hopes of regular action.

Arsenal’s Europa League squad in full (as reported by SkySports)
Goalkeepers: Bernd Leno, Runar Runarsson, Matt Macey, James Hillson, Dejan Iliev

Defenders: Hector Bellerin, Gabriel, Rob Holding, Cedric Soares, Shkodran Mustafi, Calum Chambers, Pablo Mari, David Luiz, Sead Kolasinac, Kieran Tierney

Midfielders: Dani Ceballos, Willian, Ainsley Maitland-Niles, Thomas Partey, Mohamed Elneny, Granit Xhaka

Forwards: Alexandre Lacazette, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Nicolas Pepe

Is this the final nail in the coffin for Ozil? Could Arsenal really find no way of offloading the German this summer?

*All wages taken from


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    1. Ozil differs with the club on a matter of principle and he, Ozil, has been proven right. For being right, he gets banished. This will come back to bite, like Giroud in the Arsenal v. Chelsea Europa Cup final. Presently there is not a single player at the club that is as deft on the ball as Ozil. The club has really cut its nose to spite its face. How childish! I am sure some future potential principled recruit will use the Ozil treatment as to whether to join the club or not.

    1. @Grandad classed as homegrown, as well as ESR & Willock so they can be additional to the 25 due to age & homegrown status

      1. What is interesting we only added 7 homegrown players so the squad is only 24, we even added 4 keepers just to swell the numbers, so Macey, Hillson, Iliev, Bellerin, Holding, Chambers, AMN all homegrown & any academy players that were under 21 before Jan 1st 2020 so we can include Nketiah, Nelson, Willock & ESR plus any other players from within our academy who’ve been there/here longer than 2 years since the age of 16 or above, so plenty of cover in the early rounds

  1. Nah I ain’t shocked Ozil’s name wa left of of the Europa list.
    I called this long ago and accept the possibility.
    I already predicted he could be the sacrificial NH player for the EPL. I am sticking to it. Since he refuses to leave, he won’t make the squad for the EPL either.
    Sad tur of things.
    Wish things ended turned out differently for the past few years.
    All of this doesn’t help the player or club.
    Sokratis failure to leave was down to Napoli demanding ridiculous amount for Koulibaly

  2. Martinelli is on 90k a week? are you sure about that? we signed him as a 16yr old and handed him a six year deal, i doubt if he was offered that much considering he was and still is a prospect. Saliba at 40k/week sound more reasonable to me and he was already playing first team football in a top league. so i would like to know were you got that figure for Martinelli who was unknown when we signed him. I don’t think any of our young players is on that kind of money, not even Saka who renewed his contract recently.

      1. He signed a new contract ,not sure how much but I’m sure it was a whole lot more than his original one .

        1. I don’t think are going to be that stupid anymore handing out these ridiculous wages to people okay players anymore.

          We are living through that nightmare struggling to get rid of average players on ridiculous wages in our sqad.

  3. Sokratis wage is ridiculous. Another poor transfer. Guy was on the decline. For all the praise Sven seems to get, Sokratis was his signing.

    1. I could be wrong but I thought Sven
      recommended Diallo and Soyuncu,
      both who were young starlets
      impressing in the BL at the time.
      LC ended up paying around the
      same $$ for the young Turk who
      publically made overtures for AFC
      to sign him. Another SMMFH

  4. The Portuguese transfer window is still open until 26th October & I think Russian is still open for a week or so, who knows we could still get rid of both, Ozil is perfect to go to USA if we supplement his wages, cuz he isn’t getting game time this season, once that reality kicks in who knows he might try to negotiate a move away

    1. Arsenal will pay him for nothing If I was Edu or whoever who is in charge in the offloading dept. I will loan him to Cruz Azul Fc jaja and offer to pay 250k or more of his salary, and Buy me Otavio from Porto, Stay put for more weirdest transfer ideas.

  5. Gotta feel for Mesut. Many people don’t care but in 5 years time when we look back at this situation, we won’t be too proud of our opinions towards him and nothing much would change from the decision to not play him. It’s totally unnecessary and morally wrong. I can say with all sincerity that if by chance mesut was English he wouldn’t be treated in this manner. Sometimes we need searching inward before complaining about not been treated equally with the likes of Manchester united, city, Chelsea and Liverpool.

    1. Bollocks! How long would Mezut Ozil have lasted at any of the clubs you mentioned and apart from Alexis Sanchez how many have paid as well?
      Sanchez took a transfer to Inter Milan at a greatly reduced wage to play football.

        1. I watched how the greatest player I ever saw wear the Arsenal shirt, Dennis Bergkamp was treated in his last year. Being over 30 (36) he was only given one year extensions and at the end of 2005/06 Bergkamp retired, when he was not given any guarantee of playing time by Arsene Wenger. He could have gone to other clubs in the UK and Europe, but wouldn’t play for another club.
          Bergkamp always expressed his dismay at sitting on the bench as an unused substitute that season, when Arsenal lost 2-1 to Barcelona in the Champions League Final. He always believed he could have made a difference in that game.

    2. The decision to leave him out has nothing to do with his ability for sure…we’ll know what transpired someday.

    3. There is nothing morally wrong with not playing a player who the manager feels doesn’t add enough value to the squad. This at some point happens to the majority of players in their careers and is not confined just to Ozil. Neither, may I say has his ethnicity or nationality have any bearing at all on opinions held.

      1. Nonsense.
        He played every single game for Arteta before the wage issue. It’s clear the idiots above Arteta want to prove a point that you do not deprive Stan of his hard earned cash.

            1. I sometimes think if i just read comments and didn’t reply then I’d be better off
              You have mastered the art of keeping the vast majority on your side. A commendable achievement

              1. Honestly Sue sometimes certain comments rile me that much I have to leave a reply… the rest of the time I’d rather just have a laugh/banter… life’s too short to be a miserable sod (& btw I’m not implying you’re one 😁)

    4. Did you see how United and the British media did with Rooney on his £300,000 a week?
      He was consistently being pelted by United fans for being a money grabbing shrek. But he had the pride to move to Everton and later to the MLS.

      But when it comes to our resident elder on £350,000 a week, he is just happy to scrounge and squeeze out as much as he can from our club while giving us substandard performances season in season out.

  6. So we only have just one player close to a creative midfielder in ceballos yet ozil is out!? I don’t get it coz we used to have d likes of santi wilshere Song Ramsey even ozil not to mention d days of cesc nasri rosicky etc at our disposal. I just hope things go well till we sign a proper number 10 coz this is not d arsenal I signed up for life with

  7. It comes as no surprise to me he has been left out and i have no problem with it as it allows space for the next generation of the squad to come in.
    I didn’t see Saka on the list.

      1. But Bellerin, Holding, Chambers and Maitland-Niles are on the list and their homegrown. I’m sure all the usual faces will be in the squad. It’s confusing how it’s compiled.

          1. Could be SueP. We can be sure he’ll be in the squad. With this team we can go deep into the competition. As long as we don’t play negative tactics.

    1. As someone who is a tea lover Tea, I appreciate your frustration concerning the absence of ball playing alternatives to Ozil.However I think we all have to recognise that the game has changed quite a bit in the last 5 years with the emphasis changing to energy and athleticism in midfield rather than the dependence on pure technical skill.Creativity is now coming from different areas of the team and Liverpool are an example of what can be achieved with rampaging full backs and wingers and without a truly creative midfielder.Time for another brew!

  8. Patrick, with all due respect.
    And your point is ……ffs, haven’t we had enough of this circus?

  9. Shrewsbury Town have signed Deyan Iliev.
    Does that mean another name can be added to the list after it’s been submitted or is there one player down from the submitted list now?

    1. We don’t have another homegrown club trained player over the age of 21 to replace him with.

      The reason Hillson is on there is because he is an A Lister association trained but with less than 2 years at the club.

      Clear as Mud eh?

  10. Why am I not surprise that Ozil is not picked?
    So you think all of a sudden Ozil will be picked when he wasn’t picked after lockdown?

    And to people saying Ozil is the only creative midfielder in the team is bullock, yes might be the best of the bunch but what about the other attribute that the other poses? Modern game doesn’t feed Ozil type of player cos they will become liability.
    Name me a modern 10 with only creative attributes. (Even David Silva, De bruyne, Alcantara, Modric etc slide tackles and contest for arial dues even if they don’t win it a times)

    And to people saying Ozil shouldn’t have pay for Gunnersaurus salary are making me laugh cos I believe Ozil has the right to do whatever he likes(though some players can do that without going to broadcast it on media)

    And I see many Ozil fan saying Arsenal are not doing good to Ozil because he wasn’t played…
    Did Arsenal refuse to pay Ozil?
    The same can be said for Sokratis.
    Arsenal can decide to give you 1B weekly and decide to loan you out. It’s there money.
    Many people are even trying to come at Arteta by saying he is no saint.
    You people demand for a prove where Arteta said, Ozil was lazy and not doing his best to get to the team but I never see one of you drop a prove where it states Ozil was not use cos he refuse paycut and the prove where the Board named Ozil as 1 of the 3players who refuse paycut(just media)
    Many people were talking about Ozil been creative(without Assist) cos of his chances created but they forgot to mention Willian has better stat than him in chances created.

    And to people who critise whatever Ozil does(paying someone salary), please leave him alone, he’s doing what he seems best.(He’s a good man at heart, just is footballing years leaving him)

    1. And to those people blaming the board, for sacking employees, it seems you’ve never handle a business of your own before.
      Sentiment and emotions kills business. Family members has nothing to do with business.
      If Kronkes was emotion, I know he won’t be a billionaire now.
      He did what was best for his business.

  11. please, its time we cut him some slack, he was once our hero no matter what may be the problem. I am sorry he will leave us a “villain” instead of being celebrated. Before we forget, Arsenal gave him the contract he is currently enjoying, He did not steal it.

  12. Why are certain players not on the list?

    Clubs have only submitted a List A squad for the Europa League.
    UEFA rules state that clubs must submit two lists of players for their Europa League registration.

    The first one, List A, is the squad list that was submitted this week and contains a number of rules.
    These include having a minimum of eight places for locally trained players – although the maximum number of players in their squad is reduced should these numbers not be met.
    Locally trained means players that have been trained by their club or another club in the same nation for at least three years between the age of 15 and 21.
    Four of these players must have been trained at the club they are being registered for.
    Younger players, however, do not need to be registered on List A.
    Instead, there is a List B for players born in 1999 or after who have been eligible to play for their club for at least two years since their 15th birthday.
    That means Saka, who was born in 2000, will feature on that list instead.
    There are no limits to the amount of players that can be registered on a List B, provided they meet the eligibility criteria.
    That means the likes of Eddie Nketiah, Reiss Nelson, Joe Willock and Emile Smith-Rowe can also be named on List B.

    1. Correct, other players left out include
      Akinola, Dinzeyi, Lewis, Ideho, Moller, Flores none of who can be on the list either

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