Arsenal to play hardball with Koscielny over transfer fee

If the latest reports are to be believed, Arsenal are not going to give their disgraced captain Laurent Koscielny a free transfer and will, in fact, be demanding a significant transfer fee.

According to the Evening Standard Arsenal will demand €10 Million for the 33-year-old who still has 12 months left on his contract.

It seems the tough stance is being driven by the anger felt at the club towards the Frenchman, in particular, manager Unai Emery.

However, there is a way out open to Koscielny and that is if he decides to buy his contract out.

This is a total mess and from a personal standpoint, I am fully behind the club and the position they are taking.

For too long Arsenal have been held over the barrel by players and the time had to come when they said enough is enough.

I simply do not care about the length of service any players put in because they get paid a massive amount of money, they do not play for free and in return, we demand their total loyalty and best efforts.

Koscielny has failed on at least one of those criteria, probably both.

I do understand that some fans feel he should be treated better and I respect that viewpoint but disagree with it passionately.

I cannot feel sympathy for any player that we have made a multimillionaire when we are stuck in the Europa League, behind Tottenham and a future that is hardly bright.

Arsenal is not a charity, it is a football club and players are assets, that maybe a harsh attitude but having a softer attitude in the past has contributed to the mess we are in today.


  1. I dont understand why Admin keeps saying the club is in a MESS maybe coz we are not bidding for MESSI. There is a way the club is run and this is a personal problem ofa very committed and loyal individual. There must be more to the story. And let’s not get MESSI.

  2. @Phil
    I think you have a serious problem with me.I do not need to explain myself to you because you have already made up your mind.What I don’t like is how abusive you frame your comments.Im a bit shocked because you say you are old yet you act like you aren’t.Dont reply to my transfer posts if you don’t take me seriously.You seem to have an agenda hence you’ve chosen to be intentionally ignorant.You keep mentioning all wrong calls but what of the right ones??You claiming Arsenal remain secretive about their business means absolutely nothing as it’s people who make it secretive and people reveal secrets either from staff within the club or even agents.Stop living in the past and live in the 21st Century where information is gotten from many sources.You think I’m naive but you’re even more naive to accept that stance without even trying to find out for yourself how true it is.One day it will bevome clearer to many.I can keep coming back at you if you continue spout nonsense in your replies to me.As I said I’m willing to give you a proper talk but the manner of your replies shows it’s not needed.Please stop the nonsense else you will regret it

    1. Yet again you are contradicting yourself Kev and making yourself look ever more foolish-what right calls? They are there for everyone to see not just you? How about the wrong details you spout?Keeping the Tierney deal quiet because of not upsetting Celtic fans.How dobyou explain that nonsense?The deal is done you said.No it isn’t.How do you explain that?He passed his medical you said.HE WAS HAVING A HERNIA OPERATION.How do you explain that?
      You are no wiser than anyone else and you know it.Atecyouvon the Clubs payroll in the negotiating team?No.But the crap you spout out seems as though you believe you are.
      You have made yourself a delusional bore.You no NOTHING that is not out there for all to see.
      And your last comment-“Else you will regret it”.Really? What are you going to do?Hit me with your My Little Pony school satchel?The one with the rainbows on?
      Just about sums you up PAL.
      I think most tolerate you because of the laugh you give them and nothing more.Nobody takes you seriously.Its about time you stopped believing your own daydreams

      1. Dont be stupid.You’re being naive and your comment shows that you’re also ignorant or at least you choose to do so.I have said it here on several occasions that I do not have sources within the club but follow ITK’s on Twitter and have stated several times my news is from Twitter.I couldnt care less if you think Arsenal is secretive which sysyemically they are but once it involves people things will be leaked and many years from now info will be like sand.I do not need to explain anything to you because you’ve already made up your mind to spout rubbish.I couldn’t care less about those that laugh at me because that’s just all part of life.It doesn’t matterand they know nothing about me, my life and career.What matters here is that you’re coming at me but in a way you’ve already made up your mind.You don’t warrant an explanation because you’re coming to me with nonsense.The fact that you believe I have had some right and many wrong also contradicts your argument which send to prove that ITK’s all spout nonsense which is ignorant on your part because nonsense isn’t right.You warrant absolutely no explanation for me and btw I haven’t forced you or anyone to take my news as truth.It’s because you’re as stupid as you claim I am that you follow my news and even have records of my right and wrongs.I would’ve thought you’d have been wiser and ignored but once again you fall short.We can go on and on all day.I always make time for those who need to learn sense before telling people about sense

        1. Kev, less of the “stupid” words please, let’s not allow this to get too personal, argue passionately by all means and stand your corner but complaints are coming in and I cannot ignore them indefinitely. Same applies to Phil before you say anything. I am monitoring and Pat will soon be looking.

          1. Please check if he didnt use the word “foolish”.If you’ve known me very well I’m not the kind to attack people on the site because that goes against proper conduct.If he wanna debate he should come clean and stop all this because I ain’t putting up with this nonsense

            1. As I say, the same rules apply to both of you and foolish is just as unacceptable as stupid. Argue both of you without name calling.

        2. So let’s start with the stupid shall we?You day it’s all out there for everyone to read and as we all have always known you most certainly are not connected with anyone within the Club.So where was the information from that you informed everyone that the Tierney deal was complete and it was being kept quiet because Celtic did not want to upse their supporter?If you cannot answer this truthfully and prove where you got this information from then you have obviously fabricated this and posted because of why?
          There-This is calling you out.Tell is where you got this from or admit you made it up.

          1. Admit I made it up??Man stop being ignorant.I told you that I get my info from Twitter.Please help me to stop being repetitive.The news I got from Twitter was from a person linked with the BBC who said Arsenal and Celtic have already agreed the fee and personal terms but are using Scottish publications to bring out several bids and subsequent rejections to make it look like Celtic want to make him stay at all costs and also they know Celtic fans love Tierney and so they want to make the deal look like it’s dragging on to seem like he’s staying but he’s not.

            So far we’ve heard of four different bids from media being rejected from Tierney which is not true because it was the second bid that was accepted.Arsenal will not submit four bids for a player too.Its all made up.Notice we’ve not heard of Napoli hijacking him again when media claimed they were to hijack??Made up!
            He will be an Arsenal player like Saliba

    2. KEV, come on buddy, there is no need to threaten people on here. quite frankly , i dont know how your above comment was allowed by the admin.nobody has threatened you on here, but you are doing so to PHIL, just because he is taking you to task over your nonsensical comments.

      1. I don’t think he meant it as a threat and Phil responded well in my opinion. I am monitoring the debate and at the moment I am ok with what is going down though it is getting close to the knuckle. Kev is entitled to his opinion and so is Phil, the rest of us can use our own judgements as we see fit, I certainly do. But for now, I am satisfied no rules have been deliberately broken.

      2. The guy has been constantly spouting rubbish at me but thinks he can get away with it.If it’s going to be for the whole day then I’ll make time for this because it looks like he doesn’t want to have a conversation but rather wants to attack me

        1. All I’m asking for is for you to answer for your non-sensical posts that are so obviously made up.Answer my reply posted at 12.40pm just a few minutes ago and let’s see what you come back with.Ive a pretty good idea but let’s wait and see

          1. Man are you the boss of me?Stop being arrogant because it’s annoying.Who do you think you are that I have to answer to you?If you wanna have a good conversation I’ll give it to you but you’re just spouting as much or even more nonsense as you claim I spout.

            Where were you last season when I confirmed Lichtsteiner,Sokratis and Torreira signings and I was also called put on those then they happened

        2. So tell me where you got the info so I can check it.That should not be a problem to you so give me the link and we will all soon see.

          1. I did not save that link.That info too was a screenshot of a private chat which I’m sure wasn’t meant to be shared to others.But you know humans!
            It was shared and proven to be correct as media have on four occasions said bids for Tierney have been rejected(£15m,£17.5m,£18m,£19m all + add ons).You will see soon after his rehab.Im sure youve seen I had Saliba right.Just hold me on this though

            However, I have the links to Saliba,Tierney 2nd bid accepted,Kos wanting to leave and many others.Ask for any other thing and I shall search just to show that I’m not just a human being just wallowing in the quagma of hopelessness

  3. I appreciate his long service but business is business
    We have limited funds and every penny is important.
    If he wants to pay £10 million or close to it then that’s fine but Unlikely
    But we can’t and shouldn’t transfer him for free

      1. Who told you that arsenal
        Have limited fund?
        Even if you believe
        That. what have they
        Done with the fund
        They have..
        Or do you mean arsenal
        Have no fund

  4. I’m one of those that want Kos to be treated with respect for the long service he has given to the club. However, I can’t stand his disrespect of the club. What was he thinking asking the club to release him for free. With the amount we have lost on allowing many of his colleagues to go for free the club will be stupid to give to his demand.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly with your views concerning the unjustifiable action taken by Kocielney .He is bang out of order legally and morally and he has set a shocking example to young players who probably looked up to him.On the Arsenal “mess” situation, there has clearly been a breakdown in relations between Kocielney and the Arsenal hierarchy before our so called “captain” has effectively withdrawn his labour.Football today is a business more than a sport and as an employee of a business Kocielney should be suspended and not paid a penny more until the situation is resolved.In practical terms our money men seem to be out of touch with reality.Given his age and injury problems, to demand £10m for him is unrealistic as is their failure to submit an appropriate bid for the talented Tierney of Celtic.Our financial Management team need to get these matters resolved in the short term otherwise Arsenal will become the laughing stock of the PL.As to the war of words between Kev and Phil, gentlemen, it is time for you both to act like adults and bury the hatchet.

  5. for every fan supporting Koscienly’s disgraceful behaviour towards the Arsenal and asking us to give in to his demands because he’s been a loyal servant to the club for years.
    *played through injury and paim
    *always gave 100% everytime
    *he doesn’t moan about his “low wages”
    bla bla bla bla bla bla bla

    If Real Madrid thought Sergio Ramos hasn’t done enough to let him leave for free , then what the hell has Koscienly done for us ?
    Ramos is a 4 time champions league winner with Madrid and contributed massively each season with goals and stability in defence.
    3 times supercup winner
    4 times club world cup winner
    3 times laliga winner
    amongst many other trophies with Real madrid which he contributed massively in.
    Koscienly lost us a carling cup medal in his first season
    he’s been injury prone in recent seasons yet still get paid .

    Koscienly is good but he his massively overrated by most of our fan Base because they don’t know what a world class centre back is.

    how many points did Koscienly lost us this season ?
    Europa league final marking against Giroud was laughable at best.

    we don’t owe him anything .

    1. You compare an ambitious club like
      Real to arsenal bro. There is the
      Problem Ramos is opportuned to play
      Alongside great players year after
      Year while Kochielny sat as his co-leages
      Left for greener pastures and MONEY

      You mentioned things he cost us
      But you failed to mention who we
      Had that is better than him.He was
      Our best defender for years that
      Alone is 250k a week judging from
      How arsenal gives pay rise to it’s players

      1. You mention Ramos who is basically at war with the Real Madrid higherups, yet he still shows up the training. Even somebody as much of a snake as Ramos still has values that Koscienly lacks. This is our captain behaving like this. Stop making excuses for inexcusable behavior. If Kos has a problem, talk it out. Refusing to go on tour with the club when you are still under contract and may be here next season threatens our success.

    2. Well written VCC. The club offered him a lower basic with performance based bonuses, which he turned down, so he has to lookout for a club that can pay the transfer fee.A fee is required for all the medical treatments he has received all these years. Good, the new regime is getting tough on erring players. Kos never played like a legend and never will be one, remembered as just another Sagna or Clichy. And he never had one ounce of leadership (if only it could be weighed).Good riddance to another mediocre player, another half dozen to follow.Play the reserves this year,any ways we are not challenging for the EPL title and lets see how far we get in the League cup/FA/EL.

      1. Kos willing took his paychecks, now wants club not to get paid? Club took him from 2nd division in French league and helped make him the player he is.

        Kos mentions “loyal service” then behaves with absolute disloyalty to the club? Does he even hear himself, or does his sense of entitlement get in the way?

        He dragged club to this point; club should hold firm for transfer fee (maybe 3-5 million) and fine and suspend him. No play, no pay.

  6. If Arsenal decide they can set a good example by relegating Koscielny to the academy or by benching him, I’m eager to see the effect to the team in this season

    Nonetheless, they must get either Upamecano or Konate ASAP. I don’t think we can get a top four position with our aging CBs

  7. Koscienly hasn’t done half of what Cech did with Chelsea yet we paid 10M FOR A 33 YEAR OLD “RESERVE” GOAL KEEPER.

    our fan Base always seem to amaze me .

    well, while we are at it , we should let Bellerin leave for free also since he’s been with us for a long time also

  8. Hello Admin / Kev / Phil


    – Admin, better put a lid on this Kev V Phil battle. Its always good to have a go at each other on here all in the love of Arsenal but lately its becoming abit personal. I’ve been on here for more than 6 years now but stopped commenting because I was personally attacked and nothing happened. We almost have a Nigeria vs England (Turkey) fight on here over Iwobi and Ozil and some sensitive comments are not always put in check. Race fights always start from somewhere, and now we have people telling others they will regret it and such (sounds like threats to me).

    – Phil I perceive you as an OG on here and expect better, let Kev have his say and if you dont fancy it just laugh at it like most people do. I know you are really passionate about the club and your frustration ends up on people acting like they know it all.

    – Kev just be respectful to peoples emotions, its more than football when it comes to Arsenal for some of us. Damn if the club was more forthcoming with the dealings we wouldn’t even need people like you trying to fill the void.

    All in all we are all here because of one cause, the LOVE for ARSENAl. Let us all just get along.

    1. Phil can handle himself, I have no problem with the passionate debate between Kev and Phil and I will only step in if I deem there to be unacceptable comments, I am monitoring dont worry. I really hate to censor and hopefully, everyone will stay within the rules.

    2. I do not intend to attack anyone here and I have not asked anyone to take my post seriously.Its just that ignorance is painful to put up with.Those that may laugh do so because they believe I’m stupid but they never objectively think about whether there is a possibility that my news is correct.They call it “guessing” but thats the easy excuse to not know the truth.Yes there are people eho guess and there also those who speak the truth.Many have already made their minds up about how secretive Arsenal is secretive as a club.You think I’m a child such that I’d follow fake news 24/7???

        1. Yes I have had many wrong but those I had right should stir some questions in you.

          I remember before the start of last season I said”Ramsey has a verbal agreement with Arsenal to sign a new deal”.I was asked “how does a player verbally agree a deal and not sign?”.Other comments which followed sought to belittle intelligence as a person.Fastforward into the season Ramsey comes forward and says that he thought he had an agreement with Arsenal and can’t understand why the deal was taken off.This proved the ITK was right and couldn’t possibly have guessed info this month’s before.

          I also remember an ITK named Agentstretham who said Wilshere has verbally agreed to sign his contract but will still leave.He also got abuse from the commrnts section.Note that this was weeks before Wilshere came out with a video stating he verbally agreed to sign the contract but for x and y reason chose not to sign it.How then did the ITK guess this.All these are leaks from staff at the club but it’s a shame many will still hold on to their perception.

          1. Good god kev really? Calling Phil ignorant? “but they never objectively think about whether there is a possibility that my news is correct” and because of YOUR ignorance you dont stop to think maybe the information you have ISN’T correct. Its laughable

          2. Ok so let’s go back to Tierney and the medical-you said he flew back from Austria to have this When in reality it was for a hernia operation.Am I wrong with this?No I am not.So where did this come from?
            See the pattern emerging here?All you do is either make things up that you continually fail to substantiate with facts or recycle something that is out there for all to see for themselves.Again I am not wrong with this.
            Every transfer window is the same for every supporter at every club.Aesenal are no different from anyone in attracting pure press speculation and all you do is recycle what you read.These sites you go on earn their revenue through advertising.The more they post speculative topics the more some come to believe them.You seem to rely too much on this.
            For example how many wingers have reportedly been approached by Arsenal!Carrasco.Fraser.Zaha.Malcolm.Everton is the latest.Its a problem position.Its one we need to address urgently.In convinced the club want a winger but they would be pretty foolish if they targeted only one and then lost out on hi, wouldn’t they! So until we actually complete a signing everything else is just pure speculation.
            I happen to believe the Tierney deal will go through.I hope it does.But the Club will be negligent if alternatives are not considered don’t you think?
            Until I see a player paraded at the Emirates wearing the Shirt I never accept anything as taken for granted.Nor should you or anyone else.
            In regards Ramsey last year it was widely reported and accepted that the player wished to stay.It was forever in the press the deal was agreed.The fact the club withdrew the deal means it was nor completed.So until this was announced and the player was told he could leave there was no deal.
            That is business.Until the signature is on the dotted line there is no deal.
            You need to learn this very simple fact

          3. @Phil it will better for you to be honest with yourself before me.The time I reported on the Ramsey if people knew my news was guessed because it was reported that he’d be staying why then was I called out on how a player verbally agrees a contract and not sign it??I’m sorry but it wasn’t a guess.The Wilshere contract too proves my point.

            Tierney flew from Austria where I think Celtic went for preseason to London Cooney to discuss personal terms.This is widely even reported by media who state we have already agreed terms with him but were once again late on this info.He also had a medical too and then flew back to Austria.

          4. @Rory Johnson you’re the laughable one.
            He calls me out on those he thinks are wrong or I had wrong but isn’t able to make a proper argument about those I had right so as to prove me as spouting nonsense.I mean all the right calls were way way ahead of media but he calls it guesses because he doesn’t have any excuse

          5. Just as you never really took on board what I just said, and I’ll Happily admit you got some of those right and a pat on the back for you sir BUT..
            it doesn’t change the fact you dont stop and think “maybe the information I have isn’t correct” your just jumping in the bandwagon and assuming its iron clad in an age where fake news is rife, potentially getting peoples Hope’s up and leading to mass disappoint ment, which is not a nice thing to do to your fellow fanbase. And now exactly am I laughable lol?

          6. So from your own logic.I just read anything online and come and post it here??I’ve said several times that I have not forced anyone to take my info seriously.Infact many ignore it and just laugh at me.As for me I know what I have seen hence why I follow ITK’s.Im not a child to not know when someone is just guessing info and call ing himself an ITK.The same ITK’s who confirm many wrong are the same who get many wrong.Its normal and I prefer them over media who are too late and even lie better than the ITK’S

  9. So arsenal want to keep a 34 years old injury prone player who won’t play many games and still get payed, whom in 12 months will be a free agent,so first more money wasted,do they really expect to get 10M for him? farcical!if they were to let him go even for a small fee that would free up money and a place for a new player also he was loyal to us for 9 years never asked for a raise,he signed his contracts with no problems like he said he was grateful,even though big clubs came for him,he,s been on 90K/week a joke compared to how much other players were earning compared to him, also big he were greedy he would stay with us he’ll never earn as much in France especially after taxes,for many years he watched the club selling its best players but stayed, didn’t complain so he is no traitor either,the club is wrong on every levels, they’ll lose financially and sportif level ghey have thé chance to free a place for a new player but no, looks like to me they won’t be buying more players if they don,t need a free place for another player!am I missing something??

    1. Tissiam, the simple answer to you is YES you are missing something…quite a lot actually.

      1. He signed a legally binding contract with TThe Arsenal Football Club.
      2. He was obviously happy with whatever his contract contained, including his salary…a “reported salary” as only the club, his agent, the player and the taxman know what is in it.
      3. During his career (in my opinion a very good and loyal one) he was injured and received top treatment and received his salary…as his contract PROBABLY stated.
      4. Other players have seen their clubs sell their better players, did they go on strike? Because that is what he is doing isn’t it?
      5. If we let him go for free or buy out his contract, what does that tell any other player within the club, no matter what length of time they have been under contract?
      6. It seems he want a free transfer, Why? Could itso that he can obtain a signing on fee?
      7. Have you considered that, if we let him go for free and he signs for a club in the europa league and we get drawn against them?

      So it seems you have missed something as we are a football club, not a charity shop.
      Anyone who tries to condone his actions against our club, its supporters and his fellow players, really need to see the bbigger picture…by the way, I believe Kos was a great player and servant to the club and wished this had never happened.

      1. I agree with you about the contract,but they want 10M for a 34 years old with one year left when they sell/sold younger players for less who had a resale value, Serge gnarly sold for 8M,by the way like in any European league in france except 2 may be 3 clubs have money to spare,no other French clubs can afford to pay 10M for him on top o his wages so forget about the signing fee because Ii doubt psg, Lyon even Monaco, Marseille are after him, who said he is after a free transfer?I doubt it the problem is that French clubs after him can barely afford him but if you want to keep him instead of getting a new player and lose money good luck!

        1. Tissiam, I would have been quite happy to see Kos stay, judg on his performances last season and compared to the likes of Mustafi.

          I also see the point you make regarding our transfer policies and agree with you…it is farcical to be honest. That’s why your last comment about getting a new player very questionable in the present climate!!!

          But the Kos situation goes beyond this…we have a player who quite happily signed a contract that has one more year left on it.

          The club felt that he was able to perform for that period, but now find the player holding the club to ransom by going on strike to force, it seems, a move back to France.

          It may be that the club have done something wrong, but until the player comes out with his reasons, he hasn’t a leg to stand on…both morally and legally in my opinion.

    Either he buys out his contract or let the buying club pay the transfer fee, else relegate him to the bench to see out the remainder of his contract. We paid £10m for an over 30yrs old Cech, who had his best days with Chelsea. I liked Koscielny, but he’s not been a great captain & I’ve never rated him highly as a defender.
    Guide Arsenal to a PL or CL, and maybe, just maybe you can begin to be entitled…
    This is AFC, not kfc.

    1. AFC indeed where mediocre
      Players are welcomed
      And given world class wages
      Tell me how many better
      Defenders we have had during
      Kochielny’s time at the club
      I didn’t rate him to be world
      Class but he was our best in
      His position for years that alone
      IS enough..

      1. NONNY, let’s presume that all you say is true…so what?

        He signed a contract, accepted all the goodies, probably became a millionare during his time at the club and you say he should now take his hand out of the cookie jar, wash his hands of the club and just walk away because he was a great defender?

        Perhaps the club has learnt from previous players holding the club to ransom and I certainly don’t give my hard earned pension money to the club in order for a millionare player to go on strike to get his own way.

      2. Thank you! no wonder nobody wants to buy our players if they expect 10M for a 34 years old injury prone player with 12 months left,how much do they want for Mustafi 60M then?

  11. Read several articles saying Ziyech wants to come here badly but Emery isn’t interested at all.

    Sad if true

  12. Really we should in allow him go for free.i use to respect him but from now on no way,let them pay d 10million other wise we keep him rosty on d bench .

  13. This Koscielny suddenly wanting to leave Arsenal this summer issue has to be resolved by the club Chiefs as soon as they can. So that whatever be the case at the end of the matter that has now looked to have turned to a saga is being resolved to not leave the club in short-changed position.

    If Koscielny wants out of the Emirates Stadium at this stage of his Arsenal career that has seen him at the club playing for 9 years should be accepted by the club which I think it has been done. But the born of contention is Arsenal don’t want to release Koscielny as free agent while he still has a year to run on his deal at the club on which he can be traded by the club for cash.

    Arsenal signed Koscielny by paying money to get him. And they have fulfil their own part of the contractual obligation with him by paying him his weekly wages regularly when due. Therefore, with a year to run on his contract at the club, Koscielny must show respect to Arsenal to either stay at the club continuing playing faithfully for Arsenal until his contract has expired next season. Or let the club he wants to join submit an acceptable bid to Arsenal to sign this summer. The other alternative which Koscielny could explore to leave the club this summer will be to buy out his contract at Arsenal and leaves as has been suggested on this site by Admini Martin.

    If I were Koscielny, I would have traveled with the Arsenal squad that flew to USA to begin their pre-season games. But not make an open issue of his wanting to leave Arsenal this summer to develop to a bad blood between Arsenal bosses and himself. Being the captain of the club means Koscielny is saddled with the responsibility to lead the Gunners by setting a good example that will give him respect before them. On no account should Koscielny throws all the respects he has at the club to the woods because of contract extension money getting that he wanted giving to him. Money that he has already made significantly at the club should not lead him to loose his respect and honour at the club to the extent of forcing his bosses at Arsenal to contemplate disciplining him maybe by imposing a fine of some of his weekly wages on him for his flagrant act of insubordination refusing to join the Arsenal team squad that traveled to the USA last Thursday.

  14. If you guys are going to pressure the club to cancel Koscielny’s contract and release him, you better pressure Ozil as well to cancel his contract and release the club. In both scenarios people jumped into bed with each other without much thought and now regret it deeply. Whoever wants to break the contract first will have to pay, simple.

    1. So who, at the club, is regretting the contract between The Arsenal and Ozil?

      The club haven’t put him up for sale, ozil has confirmed he will see his contract out, his name is sung at both home and away games, he hasn’t refused to go to the states, he hasn’t gone on strike and The Arsenal have no problem with him…so who actually wants or needs to break the agreed contract?

      Perhaps those fans who just don’t like him…simple.

  15. When a player plays for Arsenal without his heart and lacks desire, we criticize and ask them to “get out”. When a player says he wants to leave cos his heart is no longer here due to Arsenal’s lack of vision and ambition (which is so obvious by our transfer activities or lack of activities) we criticize and call him all manner of names. Tell me if you’ll prefer a Mustafi like performance by Kos all through this season and then leave for free at the end or an honest approach asking out before the season begins. Mind you reports have it that he was told last season that he could get his request for a terminated contract if we fail to make it to CL and now we’re refusing to honour our word(if the reports are true). Finally I’m disappointed in Arsenal for bringing such a sensitive issue to the public immediately it happened. Kos kept it in house but our unreasonable board brought it to public domain immediately without first trying to handle it in house. What a reasonable head of football would have done was to make a statement saying our captain won’t be heading to the USA due to some personal reasons and we’re hoping to resolve it and make him join the squad as soon as possible. Our defence is not getting any better and Kos knows that the only way he can keep playing for 3 more years with less risk of serious injury is either with a strong CB partner or in a less demanding league and I respect him for being honest. Yes he’s the captain but it’s high time we got a captain who turns against the rubbish being done upstairs

    1. Spot on…
      Leave those people
      At arsenal Kochielny
      Was never a world class
      Centre back but he was
      A complete gentleman
      Arsenal just don’t want
      To spend it’s as simple
      As that even if they get
      The money from Bordeaux
      The chances of reinvesting
      It is 15% why can’t we let this
      Guy be

  16. First, its absolutely incredulous the way Kos is behaving. To flatly refuse to go on tour is nothing short of disrespectful however the main point to take from this debacle is that if Arsenal is so adamant to keep a 34 year old center back for another year given all the problems we have in defense, then it is clear they had no intention of signing a central defender. This club is now competing with Leicester, Wolves and Everton rather than Man City and Liverpool. It really proves how far this once mighty and respected club as fallen but I fear us supporters are in for a lot more suffering as long as Kronke remains owner.

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