Arsenal to play not 100% Ozil against up for it Everton?

Let me just out something out there for the Arsenal fans who have been moaning about Mesut Ozil all week and blaming the German international for our loss at Watford last Saturday. Ozil may have failed to secure the points just before the penalty that turned the tide, but it was a save, not a miss.

Ozil was in the right place to score a crucial goal and has not played for ages. The likes of Walcott and all miss chances like that all the time and they are strikers while Ozil is not. As soon as he came on he produced a killer ball that could have led to the second goal and so what I am saying is that he does have an ability to create chances that most other Arsenal players do not.

But there is that idea that Ozil is not fully committed to the Arsenal cause and only Wenger can decide whether this is true and, if so, whether he can afford to play Ozil against an under pressure Everton who are bound to be up for it.

The Toffees may be in poor form and struggling for confidence but they will put the effort in and that is why carrying a passenger, if that is what Ozil would be, might be a luxury and a risk we should not take. What do you think Gooners? And if it is a no, who should replace him in the Arsenal side on Sunday?



  1. The problem with the fans,is they dances pundits tunes,and those pundits are Neville,keown,carragher,shaka hislop,all are defenders they only think the best player is defender.let’s assume ozil becomes more of s defensive minded than creative,what would arsenal gain??if we put ourselves in position of Watford,westbrom etc,defending all the time that’s it.but arsenal should realize their class,arsenal is an attacking team,how can you attack without oezil??you like sideway passing,of elneny,Ramsey,xaka,and one meter passes of Iwobi,leaving lacazette starving??this is nonsense,arsenal need mesut oezil,to create and we need to be effecient, in front of goal,if we score most of our chances,we will better side,and that’s the thing lacking in this one mentions in the past four games arsenal scored five goals,four of them set pieces,.can you win trophies with set pieces??.ozil is never a problem,blame the manager who doesn’t create hunger,and aggrieveness to its players,and those mediocre players, around oezil and Sanchez.Ramsey,elneny,coquellin,Iwobi,all are not arsenals standard.

    1. ozil is leaving to utd. Why would arsene play him? and in all honesty we shouldn’t be bothered about the epl. We don’t stand a chance on any front. Top 4 is not going to happen guys. Our best bet is winning the europa. We lose both ozil and alexis in january. This is a slow and steady decline of a club. Wonderfully done so as to give the fans just enough hope throughout but at the same time get them used to mediocrity which would eventually convert the club into a stoke city type team, perfect for kroenke to rake in the bucks.
      Our future level of signings are players like, Andy carroll, gibbs, adam, the occasional payet, jay rodriguez etc: best case we end up with a super star like adam lallana..
      Thats our future. I would not let any new football fan support arsenal. It is a club without ambition that is the issue. I don’t care if we don’t win shit, but not wanting to is an issue. Look at liverpool, over the years have they ever shown lack of ambition? never. Look at the way they have always stood up and fought the big clubs and tried their level best against the small ones.

  2. If you ever watched Spain games against Albania or Italy in the World Cup qualification, you would see how Spain’s attacking midfielders and playmakers played. Isco, Thiago and Silva pressurized, chased and tackled their opponents, to force them to make mistakes.

    Arsenal need attacking midfielders like them, not Ozil type, because Arsenal’s system is bad defensively and not creative. If Spain, a team full with skillful footballers, could benefit from hardworking attacking midfielders like Isco, Thiago and Silva, let alone Arsenal.

    Currently Arsenal need players that are fully committed to the club and spirited. I think Wilshere should be tried to start in the Premier League and work with Sanchez.

  3. No matter how much I like Wilshere, I think he shouldn’t start the Everton game coz of his injury record. Playing him twice a week will be a big risk.

    1. ‘Nanny’ Wenger will probably agree with you – and take Lacazette off before the end too. These are grown men and very fit and athletic – stop treating them like giggly schoolgirls.

  4. We have to get back to this Tottenham having turned tables on us. Do these people live in an asylum. We have them beaten to a pulp when it comes to making the CL, they’re mash. We win cups while we’ve been making that comp. They finish one season ahead of us while we are beating Manchester city and Chelsea to the cup, and the tables have tuned. That’s absolute nonce, can you hear yourselves. A team winning ugly is better than any type of team winning nothing. A progressive manager, Poch lol, who cant progress to winning, get the f**k out of here.

    1. I don’t agree, Tottenham shows better entertainment in the last couple of years, since Pochettino managed them. From the way they are playing currently, I predict they would finish above Arsenal again.

      They might not be able to get a major trophy in this season, because sometimes Pochettino uses pragmatic tactics, like when they played in Bernabeu stadium. But most of the time they showed entertaining football shows, full of high skills and open play goals.

      I watch football matches to be entertained, not to cheer for someone else’s glory. But I’m sure most fans that have been supporting Arsenal for more than ten years would feel very attached to Arsenal.

      1. GotNOidea – Pragmatic, pragmatic, pragmatic, pragmatic! How many more times are you going to stuff your new word down our throats? Please define pragmatic as it appertains to a football team – perhaps give us lists of what YOU consider to be pragmatic and non-pragmatic teams. I see you avoided this question from me a month or so ago when you first learned your new word. Do you think you impress us by using such a meaningless word? Maybe a few of the 12 year olds who seem to come on here pretty often, but not anyone who actually knows what they’re doing. Here’s a new word for you – pathetic!

  5. We should have cashed in on Ozil and Sanchez in the summer, neither were going to sign new contracts and look like going in January for a lot less than we probably could have received and reinvested. Our transfer policy is a farce. We sadly are a club in decline and have been for years, everything is smoke and mirrors with the fans. No disrespect to Wenger but I don’t feel he’s ruthless enough (maybe his age) and as pundits have said before everything is just too nice at Arsenal .

  6. Fickle arsenal fans at it again. Slagging Tottenham off saying we are a better team and they dont win trophies just makes you look sad, pathetic and jealous. When Sanchez leaves in January nobody from our first 11 would get in that Tottenham team and thats the god honest truth.

  7. I am going to say this and God help me if am right.

    To solve a problem you need to understand its source. Cut the source of the problem and it wont persist. That is how you cure problems.

    Arsenal is infested with money hungry Board and a manager who would care less. We cry and scream about this day and night not knowing that we are actually the source of this problem – yes- we the fans because we are the source of that money they greed.

    Cut the source of the problem! Why on earth do we still visit the stadiums for games? Why do we still buy merchandise?

    We still want to watch games like Watford’s?

    If you are one of those that still pay the cash for the team, or anything around it, you are the source of our continued decline. You want the lazy american and the Board to leave, deny them what keeps them here.

    Anyway, easier said than done. I have supported Arsenal for many years now, I have never even been to the UK. So you cant tell me you must attend games to watch them.


  8. Told you all Aaron Mooy would have a better season than Özil. Season so far,

    Mooy – 4 goals, 6 assists
    Özil – 0 goals, 0 assists

    How can a player in his first PL season, playing for Huddersfield, have better statistics (you Özil fans like your statistics) than the ‘Assist King’?

    Easy. It comes down to hard work and playing for the team. You can’t blame the players around Özil for him playing bad, that is a cop out and I’m sure Özil has better players in front of him than Mooy! Mooy had 7 tackles resulting in winning possession back against Man U. Özil would be lucky to have that many in 4 years at Arsenal.

    Özil is the most overrated player in the world.

  9. Overrated player in the world indeed. This Man U and Barca rumours are just meant to twist the arm of Wenger. Maurinho wont condone this kind of attitude from Ozil. Maurinho likes hard workers, not passengers.
    Let Ozil leave even for free, I dont mind. I will only miss Sanchez

  10. No place for Ozil against Everton until he proves himself in the pitch. We dont want to play with 10men

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