Arsenal to play safe in Munich and go for broke at the Emirates?

Arsenal have an awful record against Bayern Munich in the Champions League, especially in recent years, but Arsene Wenger honestly believes that the Gunners can win through this time around if we can get a decent result over in Germany.”Yes, we’ve had bad experiences against them,” Le Prof said. “But I feel that this is a good opportunity.

“We have won there before and we play the first game away from home, so it’s important we protect the second game because I feel that to have a chance to qualify in the second leg, that will be very important. We go there not high, but to defend well as a team.”

It was important that we managed to beat a dour Hull side at the weekend to give us a bit of confidence back after successive defeats in the League, and the clean sheet will also be a boost as we prepare to repel the assault of Bayern in Munich, but Wenger also admitted that he needs Mesut Ozil to also regain his confidence ahead of the massive game in the Allianz Arena. “It’s time for him to score again,” he said. “Maybe he will find confidence back as well, because he misses chances. He is missing the chances that don’t look unfeasible for him.”

“I felt he didn’t feel confident against Hull. It’s always a problem because you think he can deliver something special, but it’s true that technically he missed things [against Hull] that he is not used to.”

With Alexis Sanchez in his usual irresistible form, we will also need Ozil at the top of his game against his fellow countrymen. We will need everyone to defend like hell and Ozil and Alexis to take advantage of any breakaway chances we get.

It sounds like Wenger would be happy with a 0-0 in the first leg? Would you?



  1. Pablo Picaso says:

    Teams that have beaten Bayern, Barca, or Real Madrid have actually had a go at them.

    This lives them confused as they are not used to such. I am not proposing we go all out attack like headless chickens but I am saying we should have a good balance between defence and attack and this might give us a good chance. We can draw nil nil in Germany and Bayern smashes us 3 nil at the Emirates. We have seen this story so many times.

    Our defence and midfield are not cut out to shut shop for 90 minutes, we might as well do all we can to get some very important away goes.

  2. arsenal_canada says:

    As a said the other day, drop ozil and put the ox in between coq and xhaka in a 433. Perez/Walcott and welbeck either side of Sanchez. If we wanna win or draw we will need a hard working performance, no one can be strolling around expecting the others to make up for it. We can do this if we put in a quality shift from the FIRST minute.

    1. galen says:

      Totally agree. Some one bold enough to do the right thing.

  3. Dee@ease says:

    Arsenal fans must stop being delusional we are not going to beat Bayern

    1. galen says:

      We can be atleast competitive if we have the balls to play the right team, good tactics and play on the break. Play a midfield 3 of

      Elneny , Xhaka and OX or Coquelin Xhaka and OX. defend in numbers and counter with pace. Small teams like Burnly are doing that. we can do that too.

      But we need to pick the right team.

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Cech, Bellerin, Monreal, Koscielny, Mustafi, Coquelin, Xhaka, Ozil, Lucas, Walcott, Alexis

    1. galen says:

      @ Arsenal girl

      Idea’s like this are the reason we shall win nothing this season.

      How many bad games does Ozil need before he gets droped? So we should bench OX who has been our only good player and yet play Ozil in another big game so it looks as if we arte playing with 10 Men vs 11 bayern Players.

      Even when sanchez is poor he is still fighting. You can tell he is trying. Ozil just can’t be Arse reaLLY. I don’t care about Price tags or twitter following or him having a beautiful song.

      I swear i rather have




      IF Ozil plays and starts walking on the pitch, then missing chances or not tracking back and blaming his team mates, we shall get a good beating.

  5. summerbreez says:

    I would go with a midfield of something like for the first half but in compact formation and then change it around for the second half depending on energy levels and knocks
    ox elneny
    Xhaka for ozil but move the ox to where Sanchez is LUcas in for elneny and have an attacking formation looking like in an inter changing front 3
    Coquelin Xhaka
    LUcas welbeck sanches

  6. Fatboy Gooney says:

    History shows us that we play better away from home, in Europe.
    We should go all out attack in the first leg and then park the tricycle in the return leg… I wonder if Mo has a second hand Bus for sale??

  7. optimisticgooner says:

    Away game first is an oppurtunity take hold of the fixture by making use of away goals rules.
    Plaf safe and attack at home? No way. Get 1 goal at Allianz arena and it will count as 2 when we play at emirates.

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