Arsenal to play their festive period matches after clubs agree not to postpone matches

Some Premier League clubs have been ravaged by coronavirus infections and this has seen several matches in the competition postponed.

Clubs like Tottenham have more than a game in hand on the teams above them and there had been suggestions that the league should be paused for a few weeks.

Clubs in the competition met today to determine the next step to take and the BBC reports they have decided to keep playing.

The festive period is packed full with matches as usual and some games could have been suspended so clubs with covid outbreaks can recover and rejoin the competition.

However, the clubs believe they should continue. They also agreed that a club can fulfil its fixture if they have up to 13 fit players and a goalkeeper.

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The current pandemic is already causing problems for the clubs in it and the organisers would struggle if more matches are postponed.

They haven’t rescheduled some matches that have been called off and more cancellations may occur, but halting the whole league isn’t the best idea.

There is no guarantee that the covid cases would not go up if the league is suspended because the players will keep interacting with other members of the public.

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  1. 90 confirmed cases as of an hour ago that’s more than double weeks record number.
    I give it it a week and see it all postponed ,impossible to play matches when players staff alike are coming down with it .

  2. Postponing fixture would be fine but how long for? No-one knows what’s going to happen In the coming months, also this could lead to fixture pile ups at the end of the season.
    The season is due to finish 22nd May. My thoughts are, if we have to postpone fixtures, perhaps we could scrap the, IMO, useless EUFA Nations league which is due to re-start on June 2nd and extend the league season though out June.

  3. How long are we going to live with the idea of a positive case as something meaningful? How many of the general population would show positive if tested once a week? If vaccinated, and symptom free, which it seems as if most every case is, then move on and play. This has to start being viewed through a different lens than 2020, especially if this version is going to circulate in this manner, and is virtually a cold. If not, we’ll be doing this 5 years from now as well.

  4. The double vaccination of all players and staff is essential to limit the spread. That said, I agree with the idea that postponing games is no solution as it would lead to pile up of games at the end of the season. As stated, if teams have about 13 fit players and a GK, one should go ahead with the games.

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