Arsenal to press on for transfer of Man City star?

If these latest Arsenal transfer rumours are right, then the Gunners are one of a number of teams that are interested in the transfer of the out of favour Man City star Yaya Toure, who seems to have been completely frozen out by their new manager Pep Guardiola.

According to a Daily Star report, Arsenal and Man United are the Premier League clubs looking at the powerful midfielder and there is interest in abroad as well. Toure’s current contract at the Etihad runs out at the end of this season and the report reveals that the player’s agent thinks he will them leave.

But Dimitri Seluk has been saying all sorts of things about Guardiola and apparently his client will not be getting back into the City side unless apologies are forthcoming, which seems unlikely. Surely both Pep and Yaya would rather get this sorted as soon as possible, so any club wanting the 33-year old will be looking at the January transfer window.

If Arsenal are serious I think we could beat Man United and Mourinho to him, as City will prefer to deal with us instead of their local rivals and the money involved is not going to be a lot. Toure is a proven asset in the Premier League and even at 33 I think he could do a job for us, especially if any more Gunners pick up an injury between now and January.

Would you want Wenger to press on with this Arsenal transfer?


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  1. Kostafi says:

    He’ll be 34 at the end of the season… What contribution will he be making except denying our array of midfielders a chance to blossom. The story is a non-starter in my opinion.

  2. Wilshegz says:

    I see nothing wrong in signing Yaya and giving him a 1year contract, he is still a very good player that could help as back up/competition for Cazorla in the CM role.

    we do have many CMs but only one deeplying playmaker.
    Elneny,Coquelin are DMs, Ramsey is box-to-box, Xhaka is a bit of DM, box-to-box n deeplying playmaker but he cnt open up defences the way Cazorla does not just with his passes but also movement n dribbles.

    so i’ll take YayaToure on a year contract.

    we could also do with an upgrade in LeftBack

    1. muda says:

      On which in sane wages??? He’s on a wage more than what we are currently struggling to pay to Sanchez and Ozil.
      If we are to sign any CM, then I think it has to be someone who’s at his peak or a very exciting young talent.

  3. atid says:

    With Mertesacker and Welbeck needing to return to the already full 25 man squad, I would be interested to know who other than Debuchy (for Mertesacker) and Sanogo (for Welbeck) you would omit from the squad.

    Toure is already unhappy at city bcos he is not in their champions league squad of only 20 players. I doubt he would want to be left out of our squad containing 25 players.

    Then add to that in the summer the loan players and 1995 born players that could return or qualify as an a list or over 21 player next season I just don’t see any space for him.

    1. Wilshegz says:

      thatz why it ll be a one year contract. we saw how our title challenge capitulated last season after Cazorla got injured, although Giroud’s goal drought also contributed
      what happens if Cazorla gets injured this season again?
      aside Wilshere who is on loan, we have no like-for-like replacement.

      1. Wilshegz says:

        the only down-side I see is that he wnt be available in January and start of February due to AFCON.

  4. stubill says:

    This is in the Daily Star lol!

    Why would we want a washed up primadonna, who sulks when he doesn’t get his own way, only turns up when he feels like it, would demand high wages, and could cause problems in the dressing room. Plus the fact his agent is a complete helmet.

    So it’s a big fat “no” from me.

    1. Wilshegz says:

      first of, YayaToure is not ‘washed up’ and I dnt how he sulks when he doesn’t get his way.
      the problem is with Pep not Yaya… why would he leave Yaya outta the 25man list in Man.City and not play him at all, not even in EFL.
      imagine leaving Ozil outta 25man list, not even on the bench in the league and not a chance in the EFL cup.
      I mean even Emiliano Martinez, Maitland Niles, Jeff play EFL cup games.
      do u think if it was Ozil or Alexis that got such treatment they ll react any differently or their agents ll be happy about it.

  5. gbengress says:

    Despite the fact that I dont want him, he is not going to AFCON because he has retired from international football

    1. Wilshegz says:

      See, even better. this season we MUST win the league. which means we must guard against the loss of a player that is too key and can mean a run of poor results.
      If Cazorla gets injured or fatigued we doomed

      1. Kostafi says:

        He doesn’t bring anything but petulance which can upset the balance of our team. We don’t need him- not at this stage of his career or in this semi washed up state anyway. We don’t need him or his agent distracting from what we are trying to achieve- birthday cakes, apologies and all that malarkey. We cant afford a player who switches on when he fancies it as he did when we beat City at home last season. He is an old luxury item who should go quietly (and richly as he and his agent crave) into retirement in the middle east, China or USA.

  6. GoonAR says:

    No way. Let him go to MLS or China.

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